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12" 10.09.20
the next installment of irenic is an ep by parallax deep. stockholm s under bron resident delivers three minimalistic grooves, perfect for those deeper early morning moments.
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12" 11.05.19
vinyl only! the third release in line of the two producers own imprint 10years. on one side each, we find stripped down rolling scandinavian machine music, released on 250 hand stamped vinyls.
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12" 04.05.18
second release on 10years, by parallax deep. 3 original cuts by parallax deep + per hammars variant. 250 copies hand stamped 12 inch vinyl only release.
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12" 20.04.18
stockholm-based label maraton is back with its second release. the ep includes two originals by soundscape master parallax deep. on the b side youll find a hypnotizing rework by romanian producer stoi. vinyl only release
MRT 002
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12" 20.02.17
this 200 copy, vinyl only release is the first on 10years, a brand new and celebratory project between two long time friends, per hammar & maya lourenço aka parallax deep. channeling their trippier and more hypnotic works, the label will start with a split, limited run 12inch that marks ten years of friendship and then promises to develop into a great outlet for floor facing house and techno. per hammar goes first with the irresistible the expedition for mrs. gustavsson, a deep and fluid house cut with lots of little imperfections, crackles and bubbles adding character to a slick and stripped back groove. atmospheric and warm, soul infused and heady, it cannot fail to get connoisseurs on their toes. ‘parallax deep’ then offers a similarly rubbery and deep roller in periscope. this one is more electronic and minimal and finds the artist orchestrating myriad synthetic sounds into a bubbling track that is subtly curious and full of late night freakiness. support by traumer, nima gorji, bella sarris, brett jacobs, io mulen, truncate, raresh etc
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12" UK 13.07.18
la based independent experimental techno label halocyan is back with part 2 of the third man s incredible procession e.p. ‘parallax opens up proceedings drawing you in with its phased paranoid techno soundscapes. on the flip side the deep is exactly that, an immersive layering of synth textures and detuned organs. to close out the e.p. nightflight takes you on a nocturnal tip combing swelling pads, dreamy arps and melancholic detroit flavoured synth lines to great effect. 180g cyan blue 12- vinyl with laser-etched tracklist in double sleeves and a deluxe pvc wallet with flap. the outer sleeve is embossed with die cut over-sized centres, 2 spot uv stickers and a cyan metallic foil stamp.
Halocyan Records
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9.66 EUR *
12" 13.07.15
limited edition of 300, handstamped
O*RS FBRT 2203
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8.18 EUR *
1983 - 2008 DISCO MODERNISM (CD)
cd NL 28.10.08
its time for a celebration! fred ventura is 25 years active in the music bizz and that must be celebrated with a nice anniversary collection with some of our favorite tracks he did! a limited edition cd release with 12 tracks produced by fred together with guys such as i-f, mauro farina, alden tyrell, roberto turatti and others. classic tracks from the very obscure love theme from flexxy ball to the master piece with i-f i cut my heart out and a previously unreleased track with ajello! this could be to much good fun and heartache for many. but if you are in for a little cruising with your vintage bmw 3 series or opel manta on the sunny boulevard of rimini, scheveningen, las palmas or san tropez. this is the perfect sound track! 25 years of classic timeless dance music by fred ventura and friends!
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