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12" Vinyl D 11.05.19
vinyl only! the third release in line of the two producers own imprint 10years. on one side each, we find stripped down rolling scandinavian machine music, released on 250 hand stamped vinyls.
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12" Vinyl D 20.02.17
this 200 copy, vinyl only release is the first on 10years, a brand new and celebratory project between two long time friends, per hammar & maya lourenço aka parallax deep. channeling their trippier and more hypnotic works, the label will start with a split, limited run 12inch that marks ten years of friendship and then promises to develop into a great outlet for floor facing house and techno. per hammar goes first with the irresistible the expedition for mrs. gustavsson, a deep and fluid house cut with lots of little imperfections, crackles and bubbles adding character to a slick and stripped back groove. atmospheric and warm, soul infused and heady, it cannot fail to get connoisseurs on their toes. ‘parallax deep’ then offers a similarly rubbery and deep roller in periscope. this one is more electronic and minimal and finds the artist orchestrating myriad synthetic sounds into a bubbling track that is subtly curious and full of late night freakiness. support by traumer, nima gorji, bella sarris, brett jacobs, io mulen, truncate, raresh etc
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