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12" Vinyl lp UK 14.02.19
ltd 2019 repress - sprung up from his much-fêted clubnight of the same name, bradley zero has enlisted fellow peckham local al dobson jr to inaugurate rhythm section international with this: rye lane volume 1, an 11 track mini-lp stuffed to the rafters with summery goodness. the importance of location on rye lane volume 1 appears both tantamount and inconsequential: many of the titles on offer dot specific points of reference on the map (peru, grenada, cameroon, columbia, peckhams rye lane), but dobson jr does his best to melt these heterogeneous influences down into something definably his own
Rhythm Section International
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2x12" Vinyl D 12.02.19
heavyweight 180 gram double vinyl release with 84 page book included.
Cmon Tigre
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12" Vinyl UK 11.02.19
Low Company
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2x12" Vinyl lp BE 05.12.18
limited edition double vinyl lp of voetvolk - bring it to our senses. hand numbered edition of 500 copies with colour printed inner sleeves. pressed on heavy 180 gram black vinyl, download code included.
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12" Vinyl lp BE 30.11.18
belgian stand-up comedian xander de ryck live in brugge, 13th april 2018. the vinyl lp is housed in a gatefold sleeve.
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TWO (2LP + MP3)
2x12" Vinyl D 28.11.18
love makes the world go around. “two”, the second album by the soul session, is full of love. ralph kiefer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer from south germany embarks on a stylistically diverse journey into soul, jazz, funk and world music. being a highly respected session musician in the jazz as well as the crossover scene, kiefer made a serious impact in 2011 with “one”, the first soul session album. “one” was built on a solid backbeat of soul, hip hop and funk, while “two” now takes a step further into a spiritual and eclectic dimension. “quantraversa” featuring the voice of las vegas based neo-soul queen georgia anne muldrow is the mind- blowing opener of this album, a truly deep and intense rhythmic statement. quantraversa is a word which you will not find in any dictionary, but that is not the point, says ralph kiefer. “this album is a journey to the inner self. the recording process was like meditation. i often started with a loop, or an idea for a melody. it evolved from there and i simply let it happen. when i involved the lyricists and vocalists, my drafts sometimes took a completely different paths and ended in something unexpected and beautifully new.” the double vinyl is housed in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Agogo Records

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CD (EUR 16.99)
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12" Vinyl D 28.11.18
the new york downtown producer/composer returns with his first new album in 3 years!
eighteen: the year of release, 2018. eighteen: the age at which i first used a synthesizer. in creating eighteen i worked independently in the studio, initially building up tracks with synthesizers and found sounds recorded in my daily comings and goings. after working with the tracks over a period of months, i shared them with a few musicians, who added their own instrumental layers. though working independently, we all shared a similar working process: working in our personal recording spaces, as opposed to larger recording studios.
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ADONAI (180G LP + MP3)
12" Vinyl D 19.10.18
quest, transit, chaos, mutation, transfiguration, ascension and illumination. these are some of the steps followed in the journey of life that are embodied on each track of the album adonai. the solo debut of the multi-instrumentalist composer marco paul condenses a career of more than ten years, in which, the search for the truth of oneself and authentic sound has traveled and nurtured from different genres and cultures. adonai is an odyssey that combines sounds and images of the earthly and oneiric worlds: an audiovisual work that opens several windows to the different perceptions of the facts that make up the life of the human being. the 180 gram vinyl includes a download code.
Forbidden Colours
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2x12" Vinyl UK 16.10.18
2lp , full sleeve, as always with hell yeah, the next release comes from an artist label boss marco fell utterly in love with before forming a close musical relationship. his name is calm, and this summer he releases his eighth studio album, by your side. it is an effortlessly evocative long player and magical ten track trip into soothing sonic waters, glistening harmonies and horizontal rhythms. calm is legendary japanese artist fukagawa kiyotaka, someone who has been making deep house, ambient and downtempo grooves since the late nighties, and always teasing spine tingling emotions out of his machines. his last album—2015 s from my window—cast a real spell on marco and encouraged him to reach out. the pair eventually hooked up in tokyo and found real musical kinship while playing records together.
Hell Yeah
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2x12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
with zebra, the fourth arp longplayer, ny-based artist / producer / dj, alexis georgopoulos, has boldly stepped into vastly new musical territory – blurring the lines between electronic and acoustic, between the experimental impulse and the addictive pop sensibility. reaching across genres — colliding modern composition with post-pop structures, dub techniques and three-dimensional geometries — georgopoulos creates a delirious mélange of sound, spellbinding in its range. the 45rpm deluxe double vinyl includes a download code.
Mexican Summer
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2x12" Vinyl D 05.10.18
ein schlussakt voller dissonanzen, spannungen und unklarheiten mit süchtig machendem potenzial. das 180 gramm doppel-vinyl enthält auch den bonus-track “the secrets of solo piano iii”.
Gentle Threat
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12" Vinyl D 05.10.18
following the success of the debut album ‘endless’, released in 2017, the multi-instrumentalist and composer from abruzzo, italy is ready for his next step with ‘exile’, his second studio album and his second release with 7k!, the label launched by the historic berlin label !k7 dedica- ted to modern classical, ambient, and experimental music.
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12" Vinyl UK 19.09.18
aleksandir is next up for church with a six track mini lp.
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
ismo laakso s very well produced and spaceously mixed ofelia (from 1996-99) is a blend of industrial, avant garde, modern classic, bleeps and clicks. the narrative of this album sometimes undefinably blurs the lines between recorded material & samples, and also juxtapose the main grooves with highly psychedelic sound effects and (beautiful) melodies.
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12" Vinyl UK 06.09.18
2018 repress .. emotional rescue and woo once again come together, this time to reissue their masterpiece, the previously cassette-only album into the heart of love. a joyous, uplifting ode to love in all its forms, the trials and tribulations and ultimately the triumphs are all encapsulted in woo s unique soundscapes. of all the myriad of released and unreleased woo recordings, into the heart of love is without a doubt their most complete and cohesive body of work. full of woos quirky analogue dub electronics, there is also a very english sense of folk. with more vocals then their other albums, the structure and softness of mood quintessentially comes from the mother isle.
ERC 019
Emotional Rescue
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12" Vinyl D 05.09.18
for this ep, jófríður Ákadóttir has re-recorded some of the finest songs from her bands and solo-projects (jfdr, samaris, pascal pinon) with new string arrangements. these versions have a simple, inherent beauty that is juxtaposed with their seething, stark intensity.
to replace the original arrangements with strings was originally planned as a one-off event: when preparing a pascal pinon performance in portugal, jófríður asked nyc-based composer ian davis to help her re-arrange four tracks. after the show jófríður realized that the material deserved to be captured.
MORR 160
Morr Muisic
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12" Vinyl D 31.08.18
poolside began as a recording project in a converted los angeles backyard pool house in early 2011, producing sunny tracks of subaquatic indie dance music in this makeshift recording studio. surfacing first in the form of a youtube video for the catchy track do you believe? poolside were soon gaining local and national attention, with djs like james murphy of lcd soundsystem, techno legend derrick may, and disco don todd terje spinning these tracks at events and a growing online following. throughout 2011 poolside continued making waves with a sound called daytime disco through tracks like their cover of neil youngs harvest moon and original tunes. in 2012 poolside worked on a remix for longtime disco punks the rapture and held fans over with a new single and video for a song called slow down as they prepared to release their debut album. that album, pacific standard time, was self-released in july of 2012. after the albums release, remixes for artists like matthew dear, little dragon and fools gold soon followed, as well as rehearsing and touring with a live band and doing dj sets around the world. as thoughts turned to a second album, poolside went on ice for a year to regroup, beginning to work in earnest on another album in the fall of 2016. while still revolving around the sunny, laid-back disco sound of pst, these sessions yielded the additions of up-tempo dance songs and more guitars, and generally more fleshed-out arrangements. poolside surprise released their second album heat in 2017. poolside have over 1.5 million monthly listeners on spotify and have fans all over the world. they are currently on tour as a live band.

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CD (EUR 13.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 10.08.18
schwarze 12inch standard vinyl in farbiger hülle mit sticker. das englische erfolgsduo maribou state veröffentlicht eine 12inch mit club-versionen der beiden ersten singles ihres im september erscheinenden albums kingdoms in colour! featuring khruangbin!
Counter Records
B1: Turnmills
B2: Turnmills (Club Mix)
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12" Vinyl lp D 30.07.18
a brand new original soundtrack from nicolas godin (one half of the french iconic duo air) which he composed for the 2nd season of au service de la france (in english a very secret service), a tv series produced by arte following the adventures of different spies during the 60s and which will be released on netflix
Because Music
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2x12" Vinyl D 30.07.18
japans mule musiq present second edition of the midnight in tokyo series, showcasing their countrys capital and its propensity for audio-visual dystopia.
Studio Mule 6 LP
Studio Mule

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CD (EUR 13.99)
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12" Vinyl lp UK 26.07.18
the boundary-pushing colombian group returns to soundway records with another unique album: dreamy psych-folk, blending traditional latin rock with tropicalia, and lush string and choral arrangements. meridian brothers’ sound is a huge palette of influences and inspirations. drawing from traditional latin rock (including colombian, argentinian and mexican) as well as brazilian tropicalia, for this album alvarez incorporates string instruments - in particular the cello, both bowed and plucked - a timbre rarely used in his previous works.
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12" Vinyl D 26.07.18
farväl falkenberg is an album by erik enocksson and a soundtrack to the movie of the same name. it is 10 years old this year and in celebration of that posh isolation is rereleasing it in a remastered version with new artwork, giving it its first widespread lp release to date.
Posh Isolation
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12" Vinyl lp UK 26.07.18
“ample profanity” is composer laurie tompkins and cellist oliver coates collaborative debut: coagulated gristle surfacing from a beal, brooklyn-brown, ray v, bangs, gan, rugs and works acid bath. the ep collects 5 pieces composed by laurie and then co-edited and performed with olly. the former plays keys, tape player, and samples, the latter cello with effects. both sing. here is grazed, contorted classicism, here post-binge hallucinations, here gunky funk. the vinyl release includesd a download code.
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12" Vinyl lp UK 10.07.18
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12" Vinyl D 18.06.18
lockwood - escape to the red mountain
after the sampler and the studio58 album, lemonade proudly presents their newest press of fruits, the great story of lockwood s -escape to the red mountains- ep. after blue heron got featured on the sampler, lockwood s debut ep on lemonade is here and it s a pure escape from reality. with influences from jazz, house, garage & ambient, lockwood tells their story about a boy s adventure of becoming a man.

various artists - who the fuck is cup of tea?
some bleeps & bloops, cats in space & broken rhythms. expect some astral travellin, speakers not handlin, dance floor tremblin vibrations. come and enjoy our greenery, we <3 to share.
Cup Of Tea
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3x12" Vinyl D 15.06.18
scissor and thread is proud to present leland the debut album by francis harris. this long anticipated lp is a requiem to the artists father, released to coincide with the second anniversary of his passing. the album, harris most expansive work to date, features danish vocalist gry on three tracks including lostfound, the first single and video which was remixed by mathew herbert and debuted on pitchfork. also featured throughout are emil abramyan, whose poignant performance on cello evokes comparison to arthur russell, and greg paulus (no regular play/matthew dear band), whose improvisational free jazz inspired trumpet accents converse thoughtfully with harris own tonal melodies performed on piano and guitar. determined to produce electronic music with warmth and true dynamic range, harris recorded and mixed leland at jsm studios on an analog ssl and then enlisted legendary engineer joe lambert to master the project. leland has been featured on pitchfork, magnet, ghetto blaster, aol spinner, urb, mixmag,, and the village voice, amongst many others. leland will be available in a limited edition triple lp set with free mp3 download!
Scissor & Thread
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12" Vinyl NL 15.06.18
ziggy zeitgeist has become a staple of the australian music scene. touring and recording with melbourne nu-soul/ future-jazz collective, ‘30/70’ has enabled zeitgeist to forge new frontiers in improvisation and drum-set application. zeitgeist has stepped up to the role of bandleader in the debut self-titled album zeitgeist freedom energy exchange.
WMR 013
Wax Museum Records
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12" Vinyl D 13.06.18
midnight conversation is the new italian project inspired by the new school of funk, jazz and broken beat written and composed by mattia trani and giuseppe maffei. a collection of their favorite works made in the past two years between bologna and berlin.
Midnight Conversation
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7" Vinyl UK 04.06.18
Bongo Joe
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12" Vinyl lp UK 31.05.18
memories — places, vacancies, allusions — are fundamental characters in mary lattimore’s evocative craft. inside her music, wordless narratives, indefinite travelogues, and braided events skew into something enchantingly new. the los angeles-based harpist recorded her breakout 2016 album, at the dam, during stops along a road trip across america, letting the serene landscapes of joshua tree and marfa, texas color her compositions. in 2017, she presented collected pieces, a tape compiling sounds from her past life in philadelphia: odes to the east coast, burning motels, and beach town convenience stores. in 2018, from a restorative station — a redwood barn, nestled in the hills above san francisco s golden gate bridge — emanates hundreds of days, her second full-length lp with ghostly international. the record sojourns between silences and speech, between microcosmic daily scenes and macrocosmic universal understandings, between being alien in promising new places and feeling torn from old native havens. it’s an expansive new chapter in lattimore’s story, and an expression of mystified gratitude. a study in how ordinary components helix together to create an extraordinary world.
Ghostly International
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 30.05.18
nichts passt besser zu dieser aussage auf diese wundervoll zusammengestellte und verzaubernde musikselektion, die, wie auch jeder agnes obel-song, ruhe und frieden ausstrahlt. es ist die entschleunigte antithese zur rush hour, wie ein zugefrorener see an einem sonntagmorgen. agnes obel verbindet songs der enigmatischen jamaikanerin nora dean (eine duke reid produktion) mit dem kargen, bitterbösen -party girl- von michelle gurevich, das den gleichnamigen französischen film inspirierte. wehmütige stimmen von the bulgarian folklore choir, nina simone, ray davies und agnes selbst treffen auf mehr oder weniger elektronische tracks von yello, can und der griechischen kultkomponistin lena platonos. garniert wird die kollektion mit neuem agnes obel-material wie den dänischen song -glemmer du-, die vertonung von inger christensens -poem for death-, sowie den song -bee dance-. die doppel-lp erscheint als limitierte 180g pressung mit allen 19 ausgespielten tracks, audiophil auf halber geschwindigkeit gemastered, inkl. bonus-download-code mit allen tracks (einmal komplett ausgespielt, einmal als mixset) in wav/mp3-formaten, im gatefold mit antistatischen innentaschen plus kunstdruck in 12- größe.
Late Night Tales
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12" Vinyl NL 25.05.18
rickard jäverling, born and raised in borlange, sweden, and now living and working in stockholm is a wayward and productive musician. besides releasing material under his own name, jäverling is/has been part of constellations such as dodens dal, liljor and jäverling von euler. album 3, released on hoga nord rekords is his third solo album. album 3 breathes psychedelia, dub, swedish folk, progg and continental vintage electronic music. the songs on this album are in a way like a compilation of short stories rather than chapters in a novel. the common factor in this album is jäverlings exquisitely worked out melodies and the warm, round production but the songs can, due to the rich storytelling qualities of each one of them, almost be regarded as small albums of their own! the music made by richard jäverling is an embrace, a relative with a house by the swedish west coast or a day off, midweek in april. this album is inviting and calming but also as solid and mighty as a dalecarlian beech tree.
Hoga Nord Rekords
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2012-2017 (2LP)
2x12" Vinyl D 18.05.18
aal record on other people. pressed on to wax due to popular demand.
Other People
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl UK 16.05.18
exclusive rsd blue vinyl edition of original album + bonus tracks + remixes. deluxe sleeve gatefold, matt varnish, hot foil (blue). the blue notebooks is one of max richters most successful albums to date and it was originally composed in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of iraq. richter has described it as a protest album about iraq, a mediation on violence both the violence that i had personally experienced around me as a child and the violence of war, at the utter futility of so much armed conflict. the album was recorded about a week after mass protests against the war. it features readings from franz kafka s the blue octavo notebooks and czes&#322,,,,,,,aw mi&#322,,,,,,,oszs hymn of the pearl and unattainable earth. both readings are by the british actress tilda swinton.
Deutsche Grammophon

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Vinyl (EUR 35.99)
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2x12" Vinyl UK 15.05.18
back in 90s san francisco scott, gavin and robbie hardkiss helped pioneer the american underground scene with their club nights, warehouse parties and groundbreaking record label. they forged a new direction for dance music with a string of vinyl releases by hawke, god within, little wing and rabbit in the moon, culminating in the seminal compilation delusions of grandeur released in 1995. delusions of grandeur made the billboard dance charts, went to no.1 on the rolling stone alternative album chart and launched the international dj/production careers of the hardkiss brothers. in 2018 to celebrate the 20th anniversary, the album was remastered and re-released with this new vinyl.
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12" Vinyl UK 15.05.18
sent from a nearby star system, from one world to ours. wondering the streets with misguided importance. how du is new to our planet, but does not yet know why he is here, only that he must heal himself and all those he meets in order to find his home. an inherent feeling that he has arrived to protect and serve others from the deepest patterns of evil overwhelms him. evil that spreads through the mind in conscious frequencies of the brain. areas we call the shadow realms of oneself. unable to communicate in the correct language his correspondence with earth people can only be transmitted through sound and melody. music is his language and his tool. this is the landing. deep garage with a minimal spin and a broken beat format. a story in sounds. best served on the rocks. shouts to the bristol crew. banoffee x
Banoffee Pies Records
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2x12" Vinyl D 15.05.18
15 years - the anniversary special edition of max richter’s “the blue notebooks”. includes previously unreleased bonus tracks and remixes. the double vinyl lp is housed in a gatefold sleeve.
Deutsche Grammophon

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Deluxe Edition (EUR 36.99)
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12" Vinyl NL 09.05.18
good emotional sounds from japan.
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12" Vinyl UK 08.05.18
instrumental hip-hop / electronica album für fans von flying lotus und kode9 - sowie dem ein oder anderen burial release. pitchfork sagt: “…on a mission to gather up the best elements of a half-century of revolutionary black music and launch them into a utopian sci-fi alternate dimension of his own devising.”
Leaving Records
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12" Vinyl D 26.04.18
fires of quidel is the culmination of son swaggas first year as a band, a year spent refining their music, building connections as bandmembers and friends, and finally recording at greenfield studios with analog gear to bring their sound to life. with this album son swagga present themselves to the world and showcase the passion they bring to music as well as the individual talents of the bandmembers.
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12" Vinyl NL 25.04.18
after last year s track garrol on the paerels compilation for island trips, tammo hesselink aka melatonin man is back with cruise control love. the title track is a ravey disco jam, based around an acidic bass-line, that soundtracked many of our afterhours already. the b-side sees the release of 2 newer cuts - breaky beats and trancy melodies of this young talent with much more to come.
Nous klaer Audio
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12" Vinyl lp UK 20.04.18
180gr pressing , the now legendary abbey road version of “the isness” was the originally conceived version before last minute wholesale changes resulted in new tracks, different mixes and/or edits appearing in a wholly different order for the commercial release of “the isness” in 2002. the abbey road version had been initially promo’d to ecstatic reviews, receiving an unprecedented 6/5 stars from mixmag “it’s like a beam of white light from heaven”.
Jumpin N Pumpin
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12" Vinyl D 17.04.18
“yuxtaposición” is a recently unearthed treasure recorded by a tight italian trio in miami during the early seventies. until now, this music has only been heard in office backgrounds, tv commercials and movie soundtracks. but the perseverance of an admirer brought about its first-ever release on the italian schema label. imagine hearing a 1972-era cal tjader quartet without cal tjader and you get an idea of what to expect. it’s slightly latin, lightly funky and truly enjoyable. “yuxtaposición” offers enough to interest a jazz listener. but the sounds heard in these 35 minutes are really better appreciated as mood music. lead man, cabildo, composer of all ten tunes here, has a knack for writing jazzy little hooks that launch his tasty, well-crafted keyboard solos. often alternating fender rhodes and piano within the same song, his playing maintains a hypnotic command that recalls bob james’ cti style. electric bassist bobby fares and percussionist max ronnie make subtle, supportive contributions that serve only to enhance cabildo’s sound. there’s a funny thing about yuxtaposición too. it’s kind of like developing an addiction. you may not pay much attention to it at first. but before you know it, you’re hooked. you need to hear it to be satisfied. a very nice surprise.
Schema Easy Series
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12" Vinyl UK 13.04.18
sacred summits returns after a two-year hiatus with an album of interpretations of the music of eric satie by acclaimed composer morgan fisher. active for over 50 years morgans career has moved from 60s number one hit wonders love affair, to 70s rocknroll keyboardist in mott the hoople, before finally on to 80s ambient, improvisation and soundtracks, working with the likes of yoko ono, haroumi hosono and dip in the pool. based in japan since the mid-80s, fishers long-standing admiration for erik satie (1866- 1925) led to these inside satie recordings. satie’s unique work as a precursor to artistic movements such as minimalism, surrealism and repetitive music are acknowledged but for long periods he was not given the accolades his music warranted. a strange, eccentric, surreal man, he was never as acclaimed as the established masters, but influenced not only the likes of debussy but also many of the dada artists. on this album morgan played his music freely after just a brief look at the scores. recorded in just three days, it features piano, melodica, synthesisers, and morgans favoured tape delay system. inside satie is one of the first albums i recorded in japan shortly after moving here in 1985. in three days i improvised on several of my favourite satie themes. mostly i played piano as well as the rich, analog-sounding yamaha gs-1 (precursor of the dx-7), and sometimes used long tape delays to build layers of sound. all the pieces were recorded in single takes no overdubs (no time!).
Sacred Summits
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7" Vinyl UK 11.04.18
having recently signed to brownswood recordings, announced via new track ‘i’ll be on your mind’, skinny pelembe’s first single proper for the london imprint, ‘spit / swallow’ spans pastoral pop, psychedelic textures and hip-hop-tipped, chopped and spliced guitar, interlacings samples with rolling drum breaks and echoed falsettos. b-side ‘toy shooter’ follows in similar fashion, bridging psych-rock exaltation with beat-head, synth-jamming production.
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12" Vinyl D 09.04.18
tartelet records is 10. to celebrate a decade in the cut, they re out a home run of new material from label mainstays & fresh signings in 2018. to kick things off, the label is enormously proud to set free endless light –– a new record from oakland newcomer space ghost.
coming on like a brainchild to dam funk & mutant beat dance, ghost s sound falls off the shelf between a number of distinct reference points: lone s early tropical synaesthetics, the modern funk of funkosphere, the intimate tapes out of ppu. in a sea of soundcloud copycats, he s a revelation.
endless light is a record with an open hand: an instantly appealing sound from a new producer with a highly-tuned ear. born of his collection of antique synths & drum machines, the space ghost experience channels a deep heritage of 1980s funk minimalism & analogue boogie. velvet pads, hood-rat sleaze & heaped spoonfuls of soul.
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12" Vinyl US 29.03.18
vision songs vol. 1 (1984) is the laraaji album like no other, located at the intersection of new age and gospel. it is both his outlier and magnum opus, the feel-good diy tape of the century. discovered busking in washington square park by brian eno in the late 70s, engagement with the eternal flow has led laraaji to, seemingly by magic, emerge as the most beloved avatar of the unstoppable new age music revival of recent years. now vision songs rewrites laraaji’s musical history. unlike the many instrumental, free form albums upon which his reputation was built, this is an album of songs, with lyrics, verses, choruses. vision songs is literally a revelation -- of a master songwriter whose unbelievably catchy best compositions such as “we shall be lifted”, “all of a sudden”, and “is this clear?” belong in any great american songbook. casio synth jams recorded at spiritual retreat guest rooms and a tiny bedroom on the upper west side, lysergicallyspectacular anthems for a continually arriving new moment, “channeled,” as laraaji states in the album’s eloquent liner notes, “from the sky,” previously available in an edition of 100 cassettes sold at yoga retreats and on the streets of new york city, vision songs is humbly offered on vinyl, cd, and streaming for the very first time. this is where this is going on, this is where this is taking place, this is how this is going on. is this very clear?
Numero Group
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 28.03.18
16 classic tracks that include guest appearances by david byrne, perry farrell and the flaming lips. a kaleidoscopic swirl of psychedelia, dub, indian, rock, brazilian, easy-listening and other worldly influences.
ESL Music
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12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
Pearly Whites
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12" Vinyl lp D 15.03.18
les adventures de president bongo is a unique work that will reveal itself over the next seven years, give or take, in the form of 24 lp s. what is a groove? it is something that goes on and on, not changing much seemingly, like the growth rings exposed when you cut and fell a tree. it is no coincidence that tree rings resemble the spiral track of a record: they re both grooves of a sort.

a groove is a routine, a life lived. it may not always seem like much – a cup of bitter coffee, another day spent under the flickering fluorescent lights of an office, an overly long queue at the check-out of a suffocating supermarket. but it is also the scent of slightly burnt meat and birch by a gently flowing stream under a pink sunset, a silver fog clearing without notice to expose a starry sky and its familiar twinkling constellations, an impenetrable smile on a crowded morning train. it is the pattern exposed on the tree stump. a proper groove has ups and downs, it has drama. a good groove is a good story, a transmission into the future.
Broadcast 14
Radio Bongo
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23.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 14.03.18
this is a collaboration between producer nostalgia 77, synth wizard matthew bourne and maverick drummer tim giles. drum machines and acoustic drums, synths, filters and echos. an irreverent homage to the radiophonic workshops, pierre henri & their kin.
Impossible Ark Records
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16.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 13.03.18
garden city movement bestehend aus roy avital, yoav saar und johnny sharoni haben eine reihe von sounds aufgenommen, die alle spiegel ihrer diversen kulturellen welten darstellen, ausgehend von art-pop über experimental house bis hin zu sich abwechselnden angeordneten vibes. seit ihrer gründung 2013 hat das trio zwei eps sowie eine 12inch (in kollaboration mit the vinyl factory) heraus gebracht, mit move on 2014 den mtv best music video award in israel gewonnen (zudem als best music video beim l.a. film festival nominiert) sowie diverse chart-hits in ihrem heimatland landen können. dazu gesellen sich viele touren weltweit, u.a. mit bonobo, caribou und alt-j. ihr video zu shes so untouchable- wurde im september 2017 beim raindance film festival in london gezeigt. die 18(!) tracks auf apollonia schlagen einen düsteren lyrischen ton an. manch süß-saurer ton trägt die bittere botschaft eines sich schleichend abzeichnenden endes einer beziehung und die darauf folgende depression, einsamkeit sowie missbrauch. diese melancholische fusion kennzeichnet das sehr emotionale album als moderne soul musik und erdet es in der realen welt.
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12" Vinyl lp UK 13.03.18
privately pressed to lp in 1978 under the name j. jasmine and made especially for the ann arbor film festival, with artistic collaboration from the festival’s founder and once group artist, george manupelli, my new music is the debut album by jacqueline humbert and david rosenboom. featuring a cast of mills college personalities like david behrman and sam ashley on backup vocal duties, this song cycle is at every turn boundary-pushing and gender-busting, yet still hilarious, sweet, and genuine, all delivered in a post-genre, art-song, cabaret musical style that happens to boast some serious avant-garde chops, courtesy of rosenboom. if it weren’t so spot on, you’d swear it was a guilty pleasure. as j. jasmine writes, my new music is a collection of personal stories and private desires, exposed, articulated, performed and dedicated to the hope that one person’s fantasies can contribute to another person’s freedom. get lost in j. jasmine’s world for a little long while, and be free.
Unseen Worlds
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12" Vinyl D 07.03.18
jaki liebezeit, der masterdrummer, hatte seine freude an der tatsache, dass der trommelbau seit menschengedenken sich nicht wesentlich verändert hat. ob ein fell jetzt mit schnüren oder mit schrauben auf dem kessel gespannt wird, ob es ein natur- oder plastikfell ist - das prinzip bleibt dasselbe: beide umschließen einen hohlraum, ohne den es keinen klang gäbe (man stelle sich eine trommel vor, die innen drin mit lehm gefüllt wäre.) so ähnlich ist auch die rhythmus-auffassung. das Überflüssige fällt weg. dir leere mitte erscheint. das unsichtbare ist das entscheidende. alle stücke auf der zweiten ep von drums off chaos kreisen um diese leere mitte. im zentrum ist - nichts. hier geht es um abstrakte, groovende trommel-musik. die rhythmen sind so weit auf ihren elementaren kern reduziert, dass sie zwar eindeutig singulär, aber auch allgemeingütig verstanden werden können. es kommt etwas zum vorschein, das allgemeinen gesetzen wie gravitation, ergonomik und akustik folgt. „spiel, was die trommel will,“ war einer von jakis sätzen. das hat drums off chaos sich mit ihm zusammen zu herzen genommen. im zentrum stehen rhythmen, die auf einfachen zahlenverhälnissen gründen, um ihren reichtum aus sich selbst heraus zu entfalten.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.03.18
the grand, sweeping sonic explorations of “pretoria”, from john matthias and jay auborn’s 2017 album “race to zero”, are given new life on this four-track remix ep.
moon gangs (better known as william young, keyboardist in bristol-based electronic outfit beak>) takes the reins first, delivering a thunderous take on the original’s faster-paced second half. typically of the artist, the track builds and builds in intensity, climaxing with an apocalypse of emotional, layered synths.
bristol’s cuts strips back the elements for a much darker reworking. a single, repeating piano note echoes into wide, open space alongside the original’s antique violins before clattering percussion and synths enter the mix for the most foreboding turn of the release.
closing the ep, former mogwai member john cummings also bases his reinterpretation around the original’s piano. but where cuts leans on moody darkness, cummings take is more upbeat, courtesy of a driving four to the floor kick and fidgety, high-pitched piano.
Village Green
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 28.02.18
almost a millennium ago, the italian poet, dante alighieri offered the indelible axiom: “heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from the eternal.” in the centuries since, almost every strain of logic has been upended, save for the inextricable connection tethering beauty and timelessness. anenon’s tongue is a beautiful album. that’s an adjective whose meaning has practically been obliterated by hallmark prose and hyperbolic idiocy. but occasionally, a work of art digs deep enough to excavate the underlying meaning that existed in antiquity and figures to persist until we’re soil and dust. this is beauty materialized through the abstract articulation of love, loss, fear, addiction, confidence, longing, hope, and sadness. at its best, the infinite array of human emotions swirled and distilled into sound. sound becomes melody, harmony, and rhythm. the medium happens to be music, but it could really be anything. pure expression. tools mean nothing more and nothing less than palette and color.
limited edition of 500 copies on translucent vinyl,.
Friends Of Friends
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21.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.02.18
lp maxime daoud, a much sought after musician accompanying forever pavot and his brother adrien soleiman, has released under the alias ojard a first album of soft and delicate instrumental vignettes. if euphonie calls for cinematographic comparisons (vladimir cosma, basil kirchin), the minimalism of the arrangements, the simplicity of the melodies conjure up to erik saties furniture music and brian enos thinking music.
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12" Vinyl NL 22.02.18
Duality Research
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 22.02.18
soul food taqueria continued tommy guerrero’s blissful guitar soul but represented a step forward with its polished production and greater complexity of instrumentation. denied the promotion it deserved upon release, it flew under the radar. it is now the most wanted record of guerrero’s wondrous back catalogue. this fresh limited edition has been remastered, cut on to heavyweight double vinyl and is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket.
Be With Records
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26.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.02.18
instrumentalkompositionen. mit dem in den siebzigerjahren beginnenden siegeszug elektronischer tanzmusik hat sich der remix als produktionsmethode fest im musikbusiness etabliert. dabei ist die kunstform, bereits vorhandenes material neu und vor allem ganz persönlich zu interpretieren, ein phänomen, das es erstens schon vorher und zweitens in der klassischen musik gab. der new yorker pianist bruce brubaker ist ein künstler, der seine gesamte karriere diesem konzept gewidmet hat. er wurde dafür bekannt, stücke anderer künstler nicht nur nachzuspielen, sondern in deren kompositionen seine persönlichkeit originär einzuschreiben, so dass sie eine neue, einzigartige form annehmen. zu seinen besonderen stärken zählt die interpretation der musik von philip glass. auf seinem album -codex- geht brubaker einen schritt weiter, indem er gleich zwei originale auf künstlerisch editierende weise miteinander in dialog bringt. zum einen werke aus der -codex faenza-, einer erst in den 1930ern wiederentdeckten sammlung mit instrumentalmusik für orgel, klavier und harfe aus dem frühen 15. jahrhundert, zum anderen stücke aus terry rileys 1964 veröffentlichter zusammenstellung -keyboard study no. 2-.
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12" Vinyl + mp3 BE 07.02.18
lp + lyrics sheet + download code. on their new album current, madensuyu manage to reassert and to surprise at the same time. its ten tracks are reminiscent of the duos entrancing thoroughness and intensity, but the band also introduces defining new elements.
Unday Records
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12" Vinyl D 07.02.18
von der ostsee inspiriertes debüt zwischen neoklassik, ambient und elektronik. erscheint auf 180 gramm vinyl, downloadcode inklusive.
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22.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
having been an electronic activist in marseille for more two decades and more, dj oil is now a firm staple of lddlm. following the rain ep released in the summer 2016, here is the first 2018 outing from us: the already bubbling heritage ep. heritage has been an ivan smagghe (and a few others) secret weapon for more than a year now, a strange sampladelic track featuring a full marcus garvey speech. a subtle yet powerful appropriation of early house cliches, the hit has one feet in tradition, one feet in political modernity. the ep comes with two more warped cuts: the slow guitar swamp of brouillage and the system 01/mckenna influenced may be. psychedelics and sun. a second 12inch by dj oil will follow shortly, doubled with a full digital release of the two eps with digital extras. expect new releases from our camp by rheinzand, init, johnson and more
Les Disques De La Mort
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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
apollo presents a sublime mini album from melbourne duo albrecht labrooy aka sean la brooy and alex albrecht which will appeal to fans of suzanne kraft, tornado wallace and dawn of midi. the release is inspired by a visit to the beautiful wilson s promontory, a remote national park on the south east coast of australia. the tracklisting runs from morning through to nightime and tries to capture the feeling of each snapshot in time. their music is a delicate fusion of ambient electronic textures, live instrumentation and field recordings gauzy guitar melodies, dreamy synth arpeggios and throbbing rthymic pulses that feels equally at home in outdoor amphitheatres as well as dark nightclubs alternating between their cosmic/balearic deep house and more laid back introspections, tidal rivers gorgeously lush sounds are remarkably consistent rich, warm and organic with an emphasis on atmosphere and the transportation of the listener. each track was the fruit of albrecht labrooys long improvised jamming process heavily involved in their local scene, the duo co-run the analogue attic imprint, championing this gentler side of electronic music in australia which has proven a fertile incubator for their own development, across a series of ambitious and ear catching eps, alongside local cohorts such as sleep d, rings around saturn and udmo. this involvement also extends to including local players on their recording sessions as well as their cosmic live shows. the tidal river album includes a quartet of jazz musicians including label-mate matthew hayes on bass guitar, guitarist oliver paterson, spanish cajon courtesy of joseph batrouney and night time saxophone debut by josh kelly.
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2x12" Vinyl D 30.01.18
jeff wayne’s musical version of the war of the worlds on double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
Sony Music
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12" Vinyl lp D 29.01.18
sapiens talks - jacques jacques is like no other. a cult artist already. loved or hated. jacques divides. who better to follow the exciting and passionate emmanuelle duez for this new volume of the sapiens talks? this initiative of a label usually familiar to dancefloors who promised to break the carcans of the traditional music label. asking questions about the world around us. give a voice to actors in civil and cultural life. speak to another audience. a slowdown in the frenzy of everyday life, which favours thoughts, the talks sapiens are rare moments. available on vinyl in a limited edition of 500ex. discover jacques an odd personnality. spontaneity, inspiration, sharpness, equanimity and digressions are all part of the sapiens talks 2!
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18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.01.18
art pop meets mongolian throat singing, blade runner meets walter carlos (clockwork orange), tom dissevelt and kid baltan (bowie’s favourite band) meet tame impala. the fifth album from marsmobil has been hailed by many as their best yet. with closer ties to “minx” (2006) than the last two albums, “fairytales of the supersurvivor” returns to marsmobil’s signature strength of wondrously brilliant songs (“and the fishes in the ocean”, “shadows of the inner light”) that blend off-the-wall cinemascope sounds with dazzling beats and punchy, powerful hooks to create uniquely distinctive art pop anthems. as always with marsmobil, roberto di gioia writes, plays, sings and programs everything himself. here, as on “minx”, he’s brought in support from a fabulous singer – the very wonderful amber lin, who contributes vocals on four songs. all the cover illustrations are also by di gioia.

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.99)
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 19.01.18
musik genießen - klang beurteilen! mit den hörtest-empfehlungen der stereo-redaktion. direct metal mastering, pressung auf audiophilem 180 gramm virgin vinyl.
INAK 79281 LP
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12" Vinyl UK 18.01.18
hazy acid soaked melodies melt over astral house breaks on the new release from breaker breaker. enlisting tokyo based producer and cosmopolyphonic collective member rgl for his second release on the label, machine love serves up 3 atmospherically rich cuts built to take you on a club focused cosmic excursion.
Breaker Breaker
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equipment D 03.01.18
high quality kabel für deinen sennheiser hd 25, passend für: hd25, hd25-13, hd25 ii, hd-25-13 ii, hd25 c ii und hd25-1 ii. länge 3.5m 3.5 mm stereo klinkenstecker inkl. 6.3mm adapter vergoldetet anschlüsse
Cable (40180-CSD35)
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41.99 EUR *
equipment D 03.01.18
high quality kabel für deinen sennheiser hd 25, passend für: hd25, hd25-13, hd25 ii, hd-25-13 ii, hd25 c ii und hd25-1 ii. länge 3.5m 3.5 mm stereo klinkenstecker inkl. 6.3mm adapter vergoldetet anschlüsse
Cable (40180-CMD35)
in stock
41.99 EUR *
equipment D 03.01.18
high quality kabel für deinen sennheiser hd 25, passend für: hd25, hd25-13, hd25 ii, hd-25-13 ii, hd25 c ii und hd25-1 ii. länge 3.5m 3.5 mm stereo klinkenstecker inkl. 6.3mm adapter vergoldetet anschlüsse
Cable (40180-cwd35) (6603)
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12" Vinyl JP 27.12.17
re-issued again, with new liner notes. a wonderful, rare record wrapped in a mysterious yet playful ambiance. or maybe it s just the impression that the japanese language often gives me. suiren is an odd jazz-fusion-wave tune that sounds like its boiling, waiting to burst but somehow manages to stay in control. like the nervous tick of a leg fidgeting under the table of a restaurant on a first date. yasuaki shimizu is a japanese composer, producer and saxophone player born in 1954. he worked with ryuchi sakimoto on certain arrangements, with the south korean artist nam june paik on art+sound installation pieces and even dj towa tei (of deee-lite fame). suiren was released in 1981 and is the opening title on the sought-after kakashi album and is my personal favorite on this overall brilliant record. it weaves behind new wave, jazz, fusion, ambient and experimental music.
Palto Flats

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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12" Vinyl FR 22.12.17
basse resolution presents here an ep conceived with passion by a young and promising parisian duo, loop exposure. the ep consist in in 2 tracks they made together and two tracks they made alone, under their solo alias hdv and mmmh, revealing a large spectrum in their musical influences and productions.
Basse Resolution
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12" Vinyl UK 22.12.17
beautiful exploration of traditional northern indian classical music
co-produced by mudam, luxembourg’s contemporary art museum, and shelter press
reversed board printed gatefold and innersleeve and a 16 pages full color sewn-bound booklet
Shelter Press
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25.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.12.17
c.o.w. ist ein deutsch-chinesisches produzenten-kollektiv und kunstprojekt. mit der vision neu und frisch zu sein, haben sich c.o.w. im dezember 2015 gegründet. das ziel: die musik, in der deutsche popkultur stagniert, aufzubrechen. dabei sollte nicht nur die musik, sondern auch form und gestalt einen neuen zeitgeist reflektieren. die vier erfahrenen produzenten aus deutschland und china entschließen sich dazu ihre identitäten zu gunsten der kunstfigur c.o.w. aufzulösen. mit der gründung von c.o.w. verlieren sie sich in der multimedialen welt des internets. verschmelzen im digitalen. erzeugen eine neue wirklichkeit. sie produzieren und spielen insbesondere instrumental-elektronische musik, die von jazzigen interludes bis hin zu no-brainer-beats das volle repertoire ausschöpft.
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12" Vinyl lp UK 20.12.17
purveyors of enigmatic dreamscapes and organic, danceable electronica, leeds-based, electronic-soul quartet noya rao release their debut album, icaros, on gondwana records.
Gondwana Records
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12" Vinyl lp D 20.12.17
point reeves - ein wunderschöner, aber abgelegener badeort am meer. welcher schrecken das junge paar ereilen wird, das arglos die malerische küste entlang fährt, kann niemand auch nur erahnen. denn das idyllisch wirkende fleckchen erde ist ein hort des bösen und niemand weiß, was sich hier verbirgt. hier, am strand des grauens ...
sprecher: jenny maria mayer, michael pink, lutz riedel, dirk hardegen, lutz harder, ulrike stürzbecher, eckart dux, helmut krauss, peter weis, bodo wolf, peter groeger, tino kießling, vera bunk, alexandra bauernfeind, tommi weiß
lp spieldauer ca. 51 minuten
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 19.12.17
a little bit of somethin’ is a quietly majestic gem. brimming with guerrero’s horizontal “loose grooves”, these brief but innovative instrumentals demonstrate a rich variety and, as such, comprise an lp that is aptly titled. an enchanting start-to-finish listen, it was instantly regarded as essential upon release via mo wax in 2000. it has aged remarkably well.
this fresh limited edition has been remastered, cut on to heavyweight double vinyl and is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket.
Be With Records
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25.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 19.12.17
pete tong presents ibiza classics - performed by the heritage orchestra, conducted by jules buckley. the biggest ibiza moments like you’ve never heard them before.
double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with download code included.
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12" Vinyl IT 15.12.17
eight years after moon in libra (sccd/lp 407), the new s-tone inc.s onda consolidates the partnership between stefano tirone and his longtime friend and collaborator tomaz di cunto aka toco, who co-wrote 8 of the 10 album tracks. a strongly heartfelt black rio-inspired effort, ranging from groovy brazilian soul-funk to mellow soulful chill moments, featuring historical (laura fedele, manuela ravaglioli) and new (barro, qinho, the 4maré quartet) contributes on vocals, for a very personal and original result.
A1: Sands of Time
A2: Vontade de Viver
A3: Luz da Joaca
A4: Vale do Mistério
A5: I Cant Keep up with your Love
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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
pierre bastien is a french legend that has collaborated with artists such as robert wyatt, jac berrocal and jaki liebezeit, to name just a few. he is also very well known for his compositions based on home-made mechanical instruments, designed and constructed by bastien himself. pure diy. using these instruments he would create a heady experimental mix incorporating poetry and some far-out music, all in all very intriguing and original indeed. needless to say when the notion of pierre bastien and versatile records potentially making a project together arose, it was a total honour! throw into the mix esteemed electro-acoustic composer eddie ladoire and now we ve really got something interesting. eddie and pierre met when they appeared on the same concert bill together and they decided to collaborate further with versatile being the platform for the fruits of this particular project. the original version of phantom dance is a beautiful piece where bastien plays a trumpet into some water blended with electronic drums and mellow organs lines, creating an otherworldly, subterranean jazz vibe for the freaks. suzanne kraft, the la native / amsterdam based producer turns the original into some mechanical broken funk vibes while rotterdam s oceanic delivers 2 fresh, reimagined versions. one for for the club with a strong afro beat feel while the other one is a slower affair for the after hours. both mixes bringing something new to the table. a truly original and interesting release from some very talented people, for those with open ears and open minds!
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12" Vinyl lp D 06.12.17
british left-field artist dead fader returns to parachute. the new lp, jenny 153, runs out across nine tracks and operates at the fertile juncture between classical and club music compositional structures, and examines the crossover points between the two disciplines.
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Between Buttons
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12" Vinyl UK 01.12.17
all flowers in time is the debut album from space captain, built around the themes of love and nostalgia with a pinch of bitterness and betrayal. with intricate arrangements of fluttering guitars, sparkly keyboards, and cyclical layers of background vocals, all bound together with dreamy indie-pop melodies for a sweet curve-ball of a finish, this beautifully crafted release takes the brooklyn 7 piece to new heights. extensive influences range from thundercat through amy winehouse to bon iver, but space captain are never anything but themselves, as this release shows. it sees the band moving away from the electronic and experimental sounds of their previous ep, instead taking them back to when they first formed, whilst also pushing the boundaries of their familiar r&b realm. for the band, all flowers in time quite literally signifies the flowering of their careers and the work they have put in to get there
Tru Thoughts
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coloured 12" Vinyl lp D 30.11.17
after 2016’s mini-album shady and light, composer and guitarist martyn heyne releases his first full-length record electric intervals on the new 7k! imprint. says heyne: the number of parameters that determine a recording appears to be infinite. the mood, instrument, tuning, mics, room, temperature, time of day, all contribute to sound. the magic, once captured, is impossible to recreate. this might seem a hindrance, but it’s really the whole point of recording for me.’ opener ‘carry’, for example, is a composition carefully developed over months with most of the production happening in front of the microphone. ‘wilde wide’, however, was recorded only once as an early-morning improvisation. having worked with dustin o’halloran on the emmy-winning transparent soundtrack and with clarinettist claudio puntin as part of the duo set aglow, heyne’s sound is one of simplified diversity. on his debut album he controls each melody with the precision of a veteran producer.
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18.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 29.11.17
the ocean is closed is a collaboration of music ensemble zeitkratzer with performance group she she pop.
play – according to the cultural historian johan huizinga – is a free activity carried out within certain fixed boundaries in time and space according to voluntary, but necessarily binding rules. it has no goal outside itself and is accompanied by a feeling of excitement and joy. it creates social alliances that for their part often surround themselves in a secret or set themselves off from the everyday world by means of disguise.
in the ocean is closed the “modern composition super group” (the wire) zeitkratzer and the performance collective she she pop observe each other across the limits of their own categories. they look in fascination at their “exotic“ colleagues. outside eyes and ears are interested in different things, ask the right wrong questions, misunderstand the agreements and breach basic laws.
she she pop and zeitkratzer play a concert: secret, order and ocean. they celebrate music and play per se.
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12" Vinyl D 20.11.17
die -contact- ep von produzent hans hu$tle und sängerin tahnee matthiesen ist ein atmosphärisches, dunkles und intimes werk. stark inspiriert von größen wie portishead oder darkside, erschaffen die beiden münchner psychedelische klangwelten, die durch fokussierte arrangements zu abwechslungsreichen songs geformt werden. zerbrechliche, hauchzarte stimmen stehen im wechsel mit schweren bässen und scheppernden drums.
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2x12" Vinyl D 17.11.17
brian eno’s 1977 album back on double vinyl, 180gr , incl download code
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12" Vinyl lp D 14.11.17
lp kraft sleeve, liner notes poster inlay, sticker jun fukamachi’s 1986 never-officially-released highly sought after rarity nicole lp available for the first time ever on vinyl and cd, and made in cooperation with the artist’s estate. all new liner notes by masaharu yoshioka aka the soul searcher

also available as:
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20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 10.11.17
belgian composer lieven martens moana, formerly known as dolphins into the future, interprets and re-imagines spaniard juan alberto arteche guel’s 1990 finis africae album -amazonia-, a balearic classic!
EM Records
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12" Vinyl lp UK 08.11.17
gareth sager, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and the founding member of the pop group, rip rig & panic and head announces the release of his first solo piano album. 88 tuned dreams is an extraordinary affirmation of the liberated punk ideals that have continually inspired gareth sager throughout his career. evoking a liminal world of uncanny yet warm atmospherics, the album is pervaded by impressionistic contemplation, revealing the roots of sager’s early connection to the works of erik satie, frédéric chopin and claude debussy.
Freaks R Us
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12" Vinyl UK 06.11.17
in the spirit of pioneering library music manufacturers and archives like de wolfe and kpm, red bull music academy presents a series of library music releases by academy alumni. new zealandís grayson gilmour helms the inaugural entry with his unique combination of baroque pop, electronics, and new wave sounds, accompanied by a remix from bristolian ambient and drone producer paul jebanasam. mastered at calyx and manufactured via handle with care.
Red Bull Media House GmbH
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13.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.11.17
notes by mick glossop & manuel göttsching, printed innersleeves with rehearsal and live photos, physical lp + cd only, no digital! 2015 live recording from supersense festival melbourne, previously unreleased, featuring a supergroup around manuel göttsching, ariel pink, oren ambarchi, shags chamberlain playing material from the classic ash ra tempel.

also available as:
CD (EUR 20.99)
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21.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK 02.11.17
late night music from the back seat. ‘are you anywhere‘, sophomore album from tokyo based uk native submerse blends early 90’s slow-jams and instrumental hip hop wrapped in smooth dx7 keys hybridized with his own unique sound. ‘are you anywhere’ is the second full length release from submerse on project: mooncircle with features from fellow tokyo based beat maker fitz ambro$e.
‘are you anywhere‘ comes out worldwide on limited green colored vinyl including download code.
Project Mooncircle
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22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp D 30.10.17
Hueso Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 26.10.17
light sounds dark come correct once again with another stellar 2x12” compilation, mining the depths of rare and private press documents from the past 40-odd years.
Light Sounds Dark
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25.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 18.10.17
this vibration is cast into new dimensions. liberating eros, it circles the globe, backwards and forwards, flowing to and through us. it is said the artist has a gift— suited for the erotic life of property.
on eros in arabia, richard horowitz channels this vibration and bends bandit sounds by pairing the ancient ney cane flute with the prophet-5 synthesizer. interspersed with other instruments and ideas, like echo delayed moroccan drumming and self-made magic, these elements deal in duality like the ever-shifting characteristics of the composer: the hollywood horowitz who scores films like the sheltering sky and any given sunday, and the morocco horowitz who founded the gnaoua festival in mogador, attended by 500.000 people every year.
the vinyl release includes a download code.
Freedom To Spend
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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
tyrees is an up and coming, london born and bred producer and dj with a heavy focus on breaks, bass and pads. his sound pays homage to and is an evolution of the elements that were so crucial in the uk dance music scene throughout the 90s and onwards. his love for hardcore, jungle and drum n bass of the early to mid ‘90s is principally important to the formation of his style. producers like tyrees are taking full advantage of the current wave of innovative and experimental styles of electronic dance music. with great respect and adoration, tyrees is combining percussive elements, rhythms, structures, samples and tempos from many genres and eras, creating familiar but fresh, unique and exciting sounds. aside from electronic dance music, tyrees is deeply interested in a broad spectrum of musical styles, notably the many sub-genres of jazz, soul and funk from the ‘60s and ‘70s, hip hop culture which was so heavily inspired by this music, and anything else from rock and orchestral pieces to world music and obscure osts. this obsession with music is apparent in the overall sound of his productions. “tidy” is a smooth and subtle journey through beautiful sample based pads, chopped breaks, synth lines and vocal samples. it is a gradually rising force, evolving with delicate bass and synth tones and a mysterious vocal narrative. it effortlessly transitions into a melodic latter half, concluding with a climactic, explosive drum
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12" Vinyl lp UK 09.10.17
this new compilation of old kirchin material comes as a result of the free cd i produced for hull 2017 city of culture. there was a basil kirchin “weekender” this february, three days of talks, music and events based on the life, music and world of basil kirchin.
Trunk Records
A1: Kitchen Kirchin Excerpt 1
A2: Assignment K
A3: Bells
A4: Primitive London 2
A5: Shuttered Room Effects
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