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12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
strange valleys. the 2018 full-length from starving daughters. is a progression as well as a shift in sound from the la band s already-stellar previous releases. make no doubt about it that the sound of progressive rock and psychedelia still play a big role here but there s certainly a greater influence from library music on the new lp. the starving daughters vinyl impressions blog. led by chris tillotson of the band. shared the music of chris s collection of which many were library lp s. these records seemed to have seeped into the mind. body. and souls of the whole band on this strange valleys lp. everything from the instrumentation. the attention to melody. to the track-length shows the large appreciation they have for library music. that being said. this moog-heavy. psychedelic-prog-funk. california-themed record is certainly unique and adventurous. winding through the exotic roads of strange valleys is certainly a trip well worth taking over and over again.
Forest Jams
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12" Vinyl D 19.03.18
fayze came of age in windsor. ontario. a diverse. gritty canadian city in the immediate shadow of detroit. during the 1980s. this fortunate geography placed the local scene in the inner orbit of the emergent detroit techno scene. from that starting point. fayze fell deeply in love with experimental. original sounds. today. his innovative. genre-defying soundscapes flirt occasionally with global schools like avant-pop and krautrock. but his sound is all his own. fayze s new music uses vintage analog synthesizers. which he s been collecting since the early 1990s. to build organic. textural compositions. an idiosyncratic collection of ambient. dreamy soundscapes. the album features inspired collaborations with detroit. windsor. and toronto artists. its myriad influences include aphex twin . stereolab . led zeppelin . and boards of canada . a well-travelled creative professional by day. fayze previously made music with marc houle and marshall sfalcin of king kool flipped . this is his first major solo project.
Detroit Underground
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12" Vinyl. 180 g+mp3 D 12.03.18
stimming x lambert on kryptox. stimming x lambert have done an album together: exodus! this duo debut will be released on the new berlin based kryptox label on 9th march 2018. kryptox is the new label for neo -jazz/kraut/classical music my by gomma and toy tonics founder mathias munk modica. stimming is one of the main names in german advanced techno. he first appeared to the public with cooperations with david august and solomun on diynamic records. later he did orchestral techno works and is by now one of the leading names in his genre. lambert is one of the rising starts of german neo-classical music. the pianoman with the mask. after 3 albums (some recorded with little help by niels frahm) he is selling out venues all over europe. together stimming x lambert created a new approach on postmodern. romantic. krauty electronica mixed with classical piano elements
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M.E.W. VOL. 1 (LP)
12" Vinyl lp UK 14.02.18
this album is a 80’s movies musical trip.
start the journey to “mind enhanced waves” musical vision with this first volume and finish it with the second volume which will be released in 2018.
influenced by early progressive synth rock. hard rock guitars. and minimal electronical synthy ambient with heavy beats.
Mind Enhanced Waves
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12" Vinyl D 12.02.18
luciano e valerio. giacomo e michele: odeon are the union of two couples of roman brothers who are not easily defined. take the mellow melodies of talk talk and the celestial guitar riffs of cocteau twins bound together with some heavy goblin-inspired bassline and youll be close to picturing odeons signature sound. drawing from ‘70 italian b-movies soundtracks. psychedelic rock and early 80s new wave. and combining analog synths. dreamy guitars. melancholy vocoder and drum machine-driven percussion. odeon put together a debut album that sounds fresh and classic at the same time. ethereal and mesmerizing. galaxies is the perfect soundtrack for a sonic journey through dying stars and forbidden planets.
Edizioni Mondo
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12" Vinyl lp FR 12.02.18
new ambient / krautrock / weirdo / cretin project by half member of the pilotwings from lyon : louis e bola. in collaboration with musicians geddes hadden. arthur tempo. akino karma. sound of duty free & pierre mortimer-dubation. a mix in between christian morin - aquarella and berlin school artist conrad schnitzler.
Macadam Mambo
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 05.02.18
during all my years as an active musician in different constellations i have also worked continuously with my own material. a kind of unrestricted flow of creativity that has given birth to a lot of different expressions. so listening to this album is a journey through many phases in my life. v.v.v.v.v is an album with a sound world like a kaleidoscope of moods and melodies flowing between silky kraut pop and distorted synths. claesons takes on his debut album out experiments desire and lets his kraut background form the basis and tops with modern electronic sound
Lamour Records
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I.M.A. (LP)
12" Vinyl US 02.02.18
ima (intense molecular activity) is the duo of don hunerberg (synthesizers) and andy blinx (drums and percussion). based in new york city and active between 1979 and 1982. don. a studio sound / music engineer and musician. andy an electronic clothing designer. drummer and sound reinforcement engineer at downtown clubs like max’s kansas city. mudd club and cbgb. in between doing sessions at radio city music hall studios for groups such as ramones. richard hell. sonic youth. liquid liquid. john zorn. glenn branca and many others. ima took advantage of off hours to create their own music. as far as influences go. don’s background was in electronic music and andy’s in prog rock. to produce the songs. don used his own method of creating patterns from 2-track tape loops and then edited them together on to a 24-track recorder adding more tracks of overdubs. in a very similar way that sequencers are used today.
Dark Entries
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12" Vinyl NL 26.01.18
a lot of bands are trying what the exorcist are doing. to make timeless. mind bending. dance music but they often fail in reaching all the way. the exorcist is the band that seem to exist in a dimension. much like ours but that lacks time as we know it. time is stretchable backwards and forward. and being in this dimension allows you to travel while. still staying in one place. call it time travel if you will or moving outside of time rather. the exorcist does this. also they reach our dimension.
“ii”. released on hoga nord rekords is dimension expanding and time dissolving music.
Hoga Nord Rekords
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12" Vinyl UK 18.01.18
mother of mars is the latest evolution of vito & druzzi. two new yorkers who have provided the 21st century with some of its most innovative dance music. the duo first came to fame as the rhythmic backbone of the rapture. nyc pioneers who found global fame with their angular post-punk and howling disco. since then vito & druzzi have had a prolific career as remixers and producers. producing leftfield disco killers for a range of labels including warp and throne of blood. seed 2 sky their first release as mother of mars sees the duo fuse live krautrock drums with pulsating synth loops. creating two epics of space and rhythm that owe a debt to 70s kosmische pioneers like tangerine dream.
Ransom Note
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12" Vinyl lp NL 22.12.17
like a message in a bottle. carried round by the ocean streams for decades. henrik rylander’s album “fran en obestamd plats i rummet” has floated around in the space of swedish underground music. hoga nord pulls the cork and unfolds the message that is a piece of music that was ahead of its time. sounding now 20 years after its first release in the late nineties. this album is a well-kept secret even for the most initiated music lovers in sweden! the music. influenced by flying saucer attack and other reverb/distortion drenched acts from the early nineties. harmonia and some of kraftwerks earlier works and minimalism. still sounds fresh!
rylander. a member of legendary acts such as union carbide productions and the skull defekts. has been pushing the envelope for electronic music. varying between ambient and noise. rylander’s solo works could be described as sophisticated music and “fran en obestamd plats i rummet” combines the sophisticated sides with his band oriented works that holds another kind of tension.
this record is the first release on the sub label hoga nord arkiv on which releases from the past. that hasn’t got as much attention they deserve gets re-released in an appropriate context.
Hoga Nord Rekords
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2x12" Vinyl D 01.12.17
ltd 2017 repress - metal dance vol. 1 was resident advisor no. 1 compilation of 2012! ny times pick of 2012 this collection underscores the real romance of machines. here is vol. 2.... 15 tracks auf der 2x 12 inch vinyl
Strut Records

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CD (EUR 14.99)
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12" Vinyl NL 07.11.17
this may look like just another lp. but in reality. it s a journey. i always made electronic music. but sometimes i wanted to get a musical point across that a synthesizer couldn t reach: the human touch. the perfection of imperfections. atonal experiments. the euphoria of the slightly out-of-tune fuzz guitar. so 7 years ago. my friend weytkin and me started a guitar combo to see what we could do with our collection of guitars and vintage equipment. the only machine i was 100% familiar with was the drummer: my trusty roland tr-808.- – ruud lekx (rude 66. jagdstaffel 66. lekx).
Per Musica Ad Astra
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12" Vinyl D 03.11.17
notes by mick glossop & manuel göttsching. printed innersleeves with rehearsal and live photos. physical lp + cd only. no digital! 2015 live recording from supersense festival melbourne. previously unreleased. featuring a supergroup around manuel göttsching. ariel pink. oren ambarchi. shags chamberlain playing material from the classic ash ra tempel.

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CD (EUR 20.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 01.11.17
time for something a little different from public release.
eye o is the convergence of a few bay area stalwarts—kevin woodruff. formerly of tussle. and jason schwartz - and “deux o & debut” is their first studio-recorded public offering. the five-track. fifty-minute- long lp is a weaving journey through a pastiche of styles that’re all nephews. cousins. brothers. sisters of one another. kraut-rooted motorik drums reconfigure into more complicated math-y patterns. razor-sharp dance-punk guitars stretch out and dissolve into dubby post-rock atmospherics. synth loops you’d more commonly find in house tracks get grafted onto fuzzy psychedelic breakdowns. hard rock licks lock into chunky industrial grooves.
less for dancefloor destruction and more for trippy weekenders. the instrumental record manages to both be a focused. cerebral. conceptual hunk of fat to chew on and a spaced-out. intuitive ride through the cosmos. for use during those off-kilter small hours of the night just as much as it is vision quests and introspective weekends. it’s rare that an outpouring of so much can feel so simple and sublime.
Public Release
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12" Vinyl D 02.10.17
the italian duo boot & tax got already one lp and four eps under their wings who all deliver house and techno that stands out. so far their records been published by glasgowÆs finest optimo music and meant records from paris. now the two give their debut for endless flight and release three tunes that listen to the name ôdimensionö. they all got funk. they all love mesmerising melodies. you can feel the power of disco coming in with heavy seducing strings. you can get lost in echoed drums. trippy sounds and some oriental tones. and you also can march to cosmic techno that loves krautrock without embracing it. a multi-coloured ep that spreads deepness in an uncommon sense. if moves the heart and soul profound. while staying edgy and catchy.
Endless Flight 83
Endless Flight
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12" Vinyl UK 13.09.17
june records presents rr hearse - call of oedipus. completed between 1981 and 2013. call of oedipus is a collection of solo works and collaborations of rr hearse with s/m. a.rib and mr. cricket. the tracks were recorded live at concerts on greek university campuses. squats. in studio as well as in rr hearse s bedroom. this mini lp is a never released before document of the greek underground music scene. transferred from cassettes and reel-to-reels s from rr hearse s personal archive. very limited!
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 06.09.17
prins thomas nimmt den -häxan- soundtrack der schwedischen psych-rocker dungen (zu lotte reinigers filmklassiker -die abenteuer des prinzen achmed-. 1926) auf einen trip durch psychedelische weiten und kreiert teils 17-minütige epen aus balearischer ambience. psychedelia. cosmic-grooves und krautrock.
Smalltown Supersound
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12" Vinyl UK 14.08.17
curtains up for a new power trio: bass player massimo pupillo (zu. laniakea). drummer alexandre babel (sudden infant) and caspar brÃ&#150.tzmann on guitar. as the title -live at the candy bomber studios. vol.1- indicates. this album is the first cut from an inspired recording meeting. raw energy. full focus and three instrumentalists at the peak of their skills who blend noise rock. drone and improvisation into 2 relentless epic pieces. the line-up consists of massimo pupillo. bass player in zu. laniakeaand countless other constellations anddrummer alexandre babel who is a prolific player in the experimental / contemporary field (artistic director of swiss percussion group eklekto. member ofkammerensemble neue musik berlin. soloist and has performed a.o. with otomo yoshihide and keiji haino) and a steady member of the noise band sudden infant. and last but not least there s caspar brÃ&#150.tzmann on guitar who gainedhigh reputation as one of the most radical guitarists around. admired by acclaimed artists like thurston moore (-probably one of the best guitarists i ve ever met!-)and stephen o malley. a powerful unit. recorded live in the studio by ingo krauss who had already worked with brÃ&#150.tzmann on the caspar brÃ&#150.tzmann massaker albums -der abend der schwarzen folklore- and -koksofen-.
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.17
frigio records is going back in time for its latest release. some 38 years into the past. back then a young newcastle man was experimenting with early electronic instruments and synths. mick clarke is his name and nearly forty years later he is still at it. two tracks have been borrowed from clarke s seminal games lp. each given a bit of modern boot polish from minimalrome s heinrich dressel and frigio father juanpablo.

-walls of the night- is a blissed out work of ambient prog rock abstraction. think rumbling horror score and soaring guitar strings. heinrich dressel offers a giallo dipped remix. the building bars of the original are maintained. beats added for ballast and darkened organ keys for a remake etched with murderous intent. the flip is introduced by the dreamy -time is now.- slender synthlines intertwine with gentle strings in a cerebral work. juanpablo tweaks the 1979 material. syrupy acid lines swim in meandering currents. a thick beat keeping time in murky waters of modulations and undulations.
Frigio Records
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10" Vinyl D 27.06.17
adballons (made-up word from ”advertising balloon”) was a duo formed in tokyo and active only between 1986-88. equipped with some gear (casio cz-5000. teisco s-110f. roland mc-202. roland tr-909. korg kpr-77) and influenced by the music of d.a.f. kosmonautentraum. tommi stumpff. propaganda. the flowerpot men. cassandra complex. this heat. the pop group. spk and laibach. they released just one 7” in 1987 and played some shows in local clubs before disappear and become part of the obscure and inscrutable japanese underground scene. limited to 270 copies on 10” vinyl including the four original studio. everything remastered from the original reel-to-reel tape. each copy comes with a obi strip. an insert with some photos/lyrics/credits and a numbered card.
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12" Vinyl D 22.06.17
a soundtrack for the contemporary -vinti- (defeated) with its dark and at the same time sparkling flavor of the 80s sounds between cold wave. synth pop and imaginary electronic atmospheres. this record with its horror-framed and distopic scenario (-slot machine-) reveals a content of social criticism healed through the warm and evocative indulgence of -che male c e-.
Early Sounds Recordings
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1979 (2LP)
2x12" Vinyl NL 15.06.17
thomas leer is an innovative electronic musician from port glasgow. scotland. he began singing for a local band at age 13. and was writing his own music by 18. by 1977. he had moved to london. where he fronted pressure. a clash­-esque punk group with fellow experimental scottish musician robert rental. after hearing kraftwerk. leer became interested in synthesizers – not long after. he was exploring the experimental techniques of eno. zappa. beefheart. faust. and can. in 1978. thomas released his first single. private plane / international . on his own oblique records that we reissued in 2015. 1979 is a 14-song collection spread across two pieces of vinyl clocking in at 70 minutes. leer says. 1979 was a great year for making music.
Dark Entries
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KONZERTE 1972 / 1977 (LP + CD)
12" Vinyl lp + cd D 08.06.17
keine musik im tradierten sinn. sondern intuitiv-experimentelle performancekunst.
die vinyl-lp erscheint inklusive album-cd.
Bureau B
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12" Vinyl lp D 16.05.17
weiche. zur kontemplation einladende flächensounds: elektronik-album von 1980.
Bureau B
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12" Vinyl lp + cd D 10.05.17
auf ein besseres morgen: musik für den widerstand!
die vinyl-lp erscheint inklusive album-cd.
Bureau B
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12" Vinyl lp D 26.04.17
after releasing a string of quality eps for the likes of charlois. doppellschall and permanent vacation. amsterdam based artist dollkraut (pascal pinkert) confirmed in 2014 with his debut album schimanskis black lullabies on brandt brauer fricks imprint the gym. the dutch producers back with his sophomore lp due february 24th 2017 on dischi autunno new label founded by jennifer cardini and noura labbani. holy ghost people sees dollkraut delve deeper into his recognizable lo-fi and organic sound. inspired by old movie soundtracks. creating gritty atmospheres mixed with the purest of melodies. album opens with instant hit bonnie said. where pascals vocals magically merge with the darkest of bass lines. valium continues the journey. increasing the tempo but confirming the feeling of being in a lost sci-fi movie soundtrack. on oblivian. the rhythm slows down again. allowing us to dive even more in this twisted yet candid universe.
Dischi Autunno
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coloured 12" Vinyl IT 06.03.17
remastered official re-issue on clear vinyl. limited to 350 numbered copies. both sides cut at 45rpm.
Disco Segreta
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coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK 06.03.17
limited pressing of 500 copies on pink coloured vinyl.
Deep Distance
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12" Vinyl lp D 01.02.17
unbekannte avantgarde: geräusche aus einer geheimnisvollen parallelwelt.
BB 236
Bureau B
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12" Vinyl US 22.12.16
philipp läufer (the prolific leader of the acclaimed bleib modern project) & theo zeitner signs this precious and absolutely surprising debut mini album of their new side project ivy s void. between joy division and bauhaus sound the 6 tracks included are a wild orgasm of pure shoegaze and wavy post punk with glorious raw synth touches. this deluxe special edition includes a 30×15 poster the oraculo says this is surely a future super classic.
Oraculo Records
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12" Vinyl lp D 29.11.16
wiederveröffentlichung des legendären debüts von 1986.
heute gilt der 1960 in berlin geborene bernd kistenmacher als ein zentraler vertreter der zweiten berliner schule der elektronischen musik. doch der anfang war steinig. erst ein vom mund abgesparter korg mono/poly legte 1982 den grundstein für kistenmachers karriere.
Bureau B
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ISRAELS / RHYTHMUS (1980-1985) (2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl lp NL 20.09.16
the omnibus band was founded by jarda zajpt and petr dikan in 1979 in czechoslovakia. having met at the electronic high school. electronics was their field of expertise. over time. petr dikan constructed several sound devices such as the Šílený fridrich (Šf. crazy frederick) keyboard and the vsd (všude samý dráty/wires everywhere) generator which he operated during the recordings and also at concerts. at that time. heavily influenced by brian eno and robert fripp from the king crimson band. jarda zajpt played the guitars. using all kinds of effects. pre-recorded tapes. and one or more interconnected tape recorders. the first record. “israels”. was produced between 1980 and 1982. in 1985. jarda zajpt swapped a guitar for a keyboard and a new member arrived – pavel zvolenský – who programmed and played the automatic percussions. martin bauer. playing the bass guitar. completed the trio. they have produced a second album. “rhythmus”. in this assembly. remastered from unreleased tape recordings. this is the first release in the framework of the project jupiter 08 – archeology of the slavic electronic sound.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl D 16.08.16
dieter moebius is a renowned experimental krautrock / electronic musician (cluster. harmonia). conny plank is a legendary sound engineer. they recorded five albums together. the last one being *en route* (recorded 1986. released 1995). it transports us to moebius and planks customarily audacious. bizarre. wonderful and definitively unique world of sound. noise and rhythm. *en route* is hip electronic music. yet it steers well clear of the mainstream. includes three remixes by manu guiot. pressing on 180 gram vinyl.
Bureau B /969551
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12" Vinyl lp D 11.08.16
neue elektronische instrumente – minimoog. arp odyssey. roland system 100 und mc-4. die legendäre korg ms-20 oder die roland tr-808 – ließen die musiker zwischen punk und klassischer ausbildung. zwischen kunstakademie. ratinger hof und dem kölner studio für elektronische musik. einen völlig neuen hybriden entwickeln. die zusammenstellung trägt neben der historisierenden leistung aber auch einen deutlichen genusswert: neu!’s “isi”. rothers “karussell” oder wolfgang riechmanns traumhaftes “abendlicht” nehmen einen mit auf eine reise durch die wolken. daf. liaisons dangereuses und die krupps tanzen gleichzeitig am boden mit schweren stiefeln auf den verdreckten böden des düsseldorfer untergrunds. “electri_city 2” versammelt die exzentrischen protagonisten einer bewegten zeit. gleitet im rundblick durch den elektronischen kanon der landeshauptstadt nrws und birgt gleichzeitig lang verloren geglaubte schätze wie teja schmitz weitestgehend unbekanntes stöhnen in “studieren”.

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Deluxe Edition (EUR 23.99)
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12" Vinyl D 14.06.16
eine traumhaft mäandernde begegnung von clicks & cuts mit krautrock. die vier tracks von “the secret garden” basieren auf dem soundtrack für eine gleichnamige. 21-minütige videoarbeit der münchener künstlerin nana dix. die im gegenzug das artwork für die ep gestaltet hat.
Alien Transistor
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12" Vinyl lp UK 07.06.16
nun erscheint nun das selbstbetitelte debütalbum von blackhill transmitter. dem seitenprojekt von brian dougans und gary cobain (future sound of london). auf den 15 tracks vermengt das duo krautrock mit grobkörniger synthese und klingt eine 70er-four tet-version. schwarzes 180g vinyl.
FSOL Digital
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 30.05.16
gatefold 2x12 inch lp + download! psychedelic sound scapes. reverb and melodic vocals as well as a pulsating energy all that is the typical characteristics of solingen based quartett blackberries. since their debut music for the night was released in 2012 the band was touring across germany – amongst headliner shows and festivals. the musicians also shared the stage with acts such as imagine dragons. bastille. pond or toy. moreover they kept writing new songs. which will be released on their long awaited second record greenwich mean time. the double vinyl contains the matured blackberries sound. carefree 60s and neo-psychedelic combined with kraut rock. dark acid-folk and the very own blackberries touched melodies create a record full of atmosphere
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12" Vinyl lp + cd D 26.05.16
von tangerine dream in die gegenwart und zurück: peter baumann hat wieder lust auf musik.
die vinyl-lp erscheint inklusive album-cd.
Bureau B
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12" Vinyl FR 20.04.16
since their first album in 2009. django django have covered some distance. indeed. their first album has been acclaimed by critics and sold more than 250 000 units worldwide. after their international tour and a fantastic 2nd album released last year. we are glad to be able to hear them again through a bunch of clever remixes. in which you’ll have the chance to hear tim burgess’ (the charlatans) brilliant contribution to this limited edition ep.
Because Music
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12" Vinyl D 08.04.16
amazing cosmic / krautrock mini lp limited to 300 copies via out friends in berlin. the record comes in a hand-crafted grey cover with silk-printed inner sleeve. hand-stamped and numbered. incl free download code
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12" Vinyl D 01.12.15
belle alliance is the second studio album by german electronic music group ashra. released in 1980. it is the follow up to correlations from 1979 with the same band members: manuel göttsching (guitar. synthesizer. sequencer) . lutz ulbrich (guitar. synthesizer. piano. mellotron) . harald grosskopf (drums. percussion. synthesizer). the two albums released before under the name of ashra: new age of earth and blackouts (released under the name) had actually been manuel göttsching’s solo albums.
Spalax Music

also available as:
CD (EUR 19.99)
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12" Vinyl IT 29.07.15
limited edition of 200 copies. each cover hand stamped. it includes a poster (500 x 700 mm) printed double sided.
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12" Vinyl lp IT 28.07.15
fernando gallego is not a music band which we can define as common. on the contrary. this group from uburriana. successor of funeraria vergara. started its history back in the early 1984. (after juan luis montoliu left). and it ended in 1986 with the emergence of the project *decúbito supino*. their usage of some synthesizers. amongst other gadgets. keyboards and large petrol cans. was the distinctive feature as regards to their predecessor band. such an echo defined a much more industrial and electronic sound. closer to early ebm.
limited edition of 300 copies. comes with din a3-sized poster printed double sided.
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12" Vinyl lp IT 28.07.15
limited edition of 350 copies on 180 gram vinyl. lp presented in a special die-cut jacket which shows through the cut. includes inner sleeve.
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12" Vinyl IT 28.07.15
out on vinyl for the very first time. these original recordings were produced by the band on a 4-track cassette deck in 86-87. except track a2. recorded on a 8-track tape recorder at 8pm studio in lyon (march 87).
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10" Vinyl + cd UK 27.10.14
king champion sounds deliver a blistering 10 inch album with free cd (incl. 2 bonus tracks) inside that combines a hypnotic krautedelic / dub / minimalist / electronica tunes with a sugarshit sharp wordsmith in his element. g.w.sok (former lyricist / singer for the ex) has never been in better form. the band. led by ajay saggar. close ranks hard to deliver the tightest and most exciting palette of music you will hear all year. they combine the grit and grind of the best of post rock underground with the swinging horns of africa in an astonishing whole.
Louder Than War
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12" Vinyl lp US 09.10.14
the earth. the sky and the earth again — plus another trip through la soci é t é du spectacle. something between a riveting caress and an invigorating shake. elevated music!
Drag City
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2x10" Vinyl UK 25.08.14
wir freuen uns die veröffentlichung eines weiteren holger czukay re-release mit tracks und remixes der platten der osten ist rot & rome remains rome verkünden zu dürfen. das 10 inch doppel vinyl erscheint im klappcover.
Groenland Records
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12" Vinyl lp + cd D 01.04.14
anspruchsvoll. aber niemals verkopft: improvisationen der drei elektronik-größen. die vinyl-lp erscheint inklusive cd-version des albums.
bb154 (970521)
Bureau B
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12" Vinyl D 01.04.14
magische atmosphäre: wiederveröffentlichung des 96er-albums der drei elektronikpioniere auf hochwertigem 180 gramm vinyl.
bb153 (973721)
Bureau B
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12" Vinyl D 16.01.14
post-yacht-rock-kraut-disco-prog-pop. more is more. genf pakula entwerfen updates und neue kontexte für elemente aus vielen welten - und manch lang verbotener zone. grundiert im postrock. neo-kraut und indie-house der späten neunziger jahre legen verfeinerte harmonien. lässige sounds und vokalmotive des yacht rock eine spur von gefährlicher sophistication durch die stücke. inspiration und ziel bleiben stets die erhebenden grooves und die raffinierten streicher- und bläsersätze der disco-Ära.
Compost Disco
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12" Vinyl D 18.11.13
music in the niche between electronica. kraut & jazz. remixes by egokind. gebrueder teichmann & m.o.r.a. download code included.
Max 015
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12" Vinyl D 14.01.13
reissue des inoffiziell dritten albums der elektronikpioniere auf 180 gramm vinyl.
Bureau B
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 22.10.12
the debut album by the düsseldorf artist nikolai szymanski and his solo project fanta dorado & der innere kreis is an intriguing mixture of pop. industrial. wave and krautrock made for a period of upheaval in magical utopian worlds – made for adventures.
double 12 inch vinyl in gatefold cover. includes code for free mp3 download of the full album.
Italic 096 LP
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12" Vinyl lp UK 24.05.11
forma (mark dwinell. sophie lam. & george bennett) emerged on the nyc minimal synth scene in 2010 with a singular vision of cosmic krautrock for a new age. on their eponymous debut lp. the brooklyn-based electronics trio merges the melodic flow and primitive rhythms of their motorik predecessors with the hypnotic drones of minimalism. creating an intricate work both addicting and rewarding with repeat listens. like many of the lp s eleven tracks. the churning and relentless forma237b draws its energy from a precarious equilibrium between structural rigidity and free improvisation. a dynamic at the heart of forma’s universe. with lush. distant soundscapes as interludes between these peaks. forma’s inaugural full-length is a harmonious and expansive expression of the enduring power of kosmische musik.
Spectrum Spools
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 13.05.11
limited edition released for record store day 2011. cd comes in a cardboard sleeve.
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12" Vinyl lp FR 16.12.10
impressive uk indy / alternative longplayer.
Sea You Records
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12" Vinyl D 18.10.10
wiederveröffentlichung des zweiten albums des deutschen elektroduos von 1986. pressung auf 180 gramm vinyl
bb056 (948841)
Bureau B
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