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12" Vinyl UK 27.08.18
topia records uncovers the work of alex kassian the kyoto born berlin based producer and dj whose work as opal sunn and al kassian has been turning heads and shifting feet in recent times. over the last decade kassian hosted word of mouth dances in london and berlin where he gained a reputation as one of europe s most promising artists. kassian s recent output has been primarily composing scores for contemporary dance and theatre in berlin, an approach he brings here to this 6 track ep hidden tropics . kassian inspired by other utopia records artists such as lars bartkuhn and vangelis katsoulis delves deeper into his compositional scope for a sound that joins the dots between ambient, world music to spiritual house in parts inspired by his homeland of japan as heard on bells of ukyo and the 80 s sakamoto-esque olson waters . the title track is a breakthrough in contemporary house music, sure to be picked up on by the tastemakers from new york to johannesburg to berlin to amsterdam to tokyo and beyond. cover image of tsuwaono sagimai by makoto furukawa, shimane, japan.
Utopia Records
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.11.19
high limited incl daniela la luz
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
13.89 EUR *
cd UK 26.02.19
the compilation reflects simon greens penchant for both expansive combinations of mixed musical elements and intricate structures. he uses the multi-instrumental arrangements of his own work as the basic structure on which to build a narrative across house, techno, electronica and breakbeat. (fabric london)

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Vinyl (EUR 26.99)
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