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12" Vinyl lp DE 20.10.17
optimo music is delighted to release a first album by fantastic twins (formerly known as the twins). we’ll let them tell you the story behind this inspired and beguiling record
OM LP 12
Optimo Music
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 20.10.17
rodhad’s debut album ‘anxious’ sees the artist step away from the dancefloor and further develop the narrative qualities of his beautiful soundscapes. it was the natural next step to present the sound he began cultivating with his recent eps “kinder der ringwelt” and “söhne der erde” as a full length lp. the experience the album is trying to convey is being thrown into a world that is ready to crush you.they have you with your back to the wall. and you are ready to give way to despair. will you be able fight back? how is it even possible? rodhad is the spearhead of a new generation of techno producers and djs. with his bass heavy grooves and dubby atmospheric soundscapes he is a sonic guide. knowing exactly where he wants to take the crowd. leading through the inexhaustible sounds of techno music in all its beauty and gloom. he fully immerses himself into the music. yet never loses himself. growing up in berlin’s rougher outskirts. as a teenager he was able to grasp the final flashings of berlin’s mythical nightlife of the 1990s at legendary places casino and ostgut. in the late 2000s the dystopian crew began their own series of parties and then the label with two seminal releases by rodhad. “1984” and “blindness”.
Dystopian LP 02

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Vinyl (EUR 14.99)
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D.K. / S.K. (LP)
12" Vinyl NL 20.10.17
mats s.k. collaborates with d.k. (antinote/lies) on a 6 mini lp. recorded in paris during early 2017
Melody as Truth
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1 BY 1 (2LP)
2x12" Vinyl NL 20.10.17
music from memorys final compilation of 2017 sees the release of the double album 1 by 1. which brings together the works of american experimental musician geoffrey landers. during a period spanning from 1979 to 1987. this denver. colorado based multi-instrumentalist. composer. record producer and engineer. conceived several solo albums. only two of these. the ever decimal pulse and habitual features along with the single breedlove were ever released on vinyl. being heavily involved in the local industrial/punk/new wave scene and wanting to create a recording studio available to record artists regardless of their financial circumstances landers set up the packing house studio in 1981. this analog 8-track recording facility was located in a former slaughterhouse in the stockyards of denver and was a place of significant activity for the next three years with the studio releasing recordings from numerous artists most notably allen ginsberg.
MFM 025
Music From Memory
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12" Vinyl FR 20.10.17
abschaum is a rock band from lyon. incredibly good. which is trying to keep the mystery on their identity. sacha met them last year when they played an improvised concert at heart of glass. heart of gold. a festival in the middle of france. and felt under the charm of the energy of the band... few months later they recorded this lp. and what the fuck !! this was just mindblowing !! macadam mambo is presenting here one of its best release. in the influence of bands such as can. amon duul 2oralainbashung... abschaum will be on tour from october till the end of the year. so if you have the chance to see them playing don t miss it!
Macadam Mambo
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12" Vinyl D 20.10.17
great experimemntal / ambient four track vinyl
Black Truffle 031
Black Truffle
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12" Vinyl lp NL 20.10.17
gost zvuk marks tenth release with a new full-length by vtgnike. arguably the most influential producer on the russian electronic scene who is also partly responsible for shaping the label’s aesthetics and sonic identity.
during the years of his practice vtgnike meticulously sculpting a sound unique to himself finding a gap yet unexplored - somewhere between current hardcore continuum trends and the sounds of classic idm era. but despite falling somewhere on the uk music territories. collection creates a space of its own - the one inspired by the al the splendors and miseries of post-sovietness one cannot get rid of.
Gost Zvuk
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12" Vinyl NL 20.10.17
this is a reissue of ‘casioworks’ by gust de meyer. originally released as a cassette on ding dong tapes and records in 1983. this stuff has been making crooked collectors. old and young minimal-wave heads and other music lovers going bonkers for years. at the age of 35. back in 1983. gust de meyer was working as an assistant at the faculty of social sciences of the catholic university of leuven. were he did some groundbreaking work. he got a phd in musical industry and introduced the study of video games.
JJ 013
JJ Funhouse
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2x12" Vinyl NL 20.10.17
break at home is the collected recordings of the mysterious group 2 katara which was formed in athens. greece in 1978 by george theodorakis (keyboards. percussion. vocals) with his close friend dimitris papangelidis (bass. guitars. percussion. vocals) tip! this musical-duo recorded quietly over a decade between theodorakis’ family idyllic home studio in the philopappou hill of athens and the nearby studios theta and sr. for some part. the tracks seem like adventurous experiments or even unfinished samplers or riffs the band starts to develop. but at the same time there are productions that are clearly meant to be the backbone of an album that never came out.
Into The Light
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12" Vinyl D 20.10.17
msdeep is a collaboration of marc philipp (87 records). sebastian werle and david nicolas (sedee). based on friendships. which started in mamaia. supported by: rhadoo. raresh. andrei ciubuc. cap. fabe.
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H-001 A
12" Vinyl UK 20.10.17
this ep will not improve your dj career.
H-001 A
Heteroerotic Asphyxiation
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12" Vinyl UK 20.10.17
the obscure sister of wandering eye. strictly limited musical oddities with no artist or title.
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12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
valuable remastered reissue of this groundbreaking and hard to find dutch westcoast collectors item (only 100 copies made) from 1997.
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 19.10.17
the new album from kieran hebden aka four tet as double vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
Text Records

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12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
rod malmok (aka rod from previous klockworks fame) kicks off the eponymous label with his debut-album back to square one.
Rod Malmok
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12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
hollands house & techno kingpin de sluwe vos kept his best work until today to be released on his patron imprint. a four tracker which combines low tempo sharp synths as well as dancefloor shakers with rolling snares and undeniable claps for a dark and sweaty night club setting. as he is equipped with a deeply rooted understanding of club music. de sluwe vos raised the bar with this release for the future releases on the patron records imprint.
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12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
conceptually linked to its predecessor silent earth from 2016. refugium delves deeper into the same vision of a peaceful and apocalyptic utopia. taking an intimate and introspective point of view. the album explores the quiet and in-between moments of being. using hypnotic patterns. organic pulses and complex layered drones. refugium is ambient music that spins around its own set up atmosphere. it evokes a pendulum of emotion and thus creates an in-between moment all by itself. a refuge. a haven. download code included
Testtoon Records
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12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
Dub Ito
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12" Vinyl lp UK 19.10.17
ernestas kaušylas aka brokenchord is a music producer and composer born and raised in utena. a small industrial town in lithuania. kaušylas was quickly picked up by black acre. releasing both a 7inch single and an ep. after an exclusive mix of his was aired on bbc radio one’s experimental showhosted mary anne hobbs in 2010.
endless transmissions is the brainchild of kaušylas who single handily (bar two tracks) wrote and performed the entire album. the only collaboration was with jazz drummer. augustas baronas . who he encouraged to play as mechanically as possible. the lp pays homage to creativity and the ability topush the limits of technology with the physicalness of a human body. kaušylas explains “machines that mimic human grooves is boring but the other way around it becomes quiet interesting”.
Black Acre
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12" Vinyl UK 19.10.17
ziúr is a female berlin-based producer and she’s bringing some future club industrial vibes to objects with her deeform ep. in 2015 she started ‘boo hoo’. a night dedicated to the queer community. along side joey hansom. bookings are inclusive. having female identifying and people of colour on the bill with a core friendly and accepting space for people to party. ziúr first made stirs when she remixed peaches “how you like my cut- from the totally nsfw but incredibly fun ‘rub’ lp. she then exploded on to the scene with her debut club vibe taiga ep on infinite machine earlier this year. ziúr has come a long way from her experimental noisy punk band ‘sissters’. punk vibes still run through the dark and bass-heavy sound of deeform ep though. her use of environmental noises. dogs barking and the like. are evocative of cityscapes and dimming lighting when the streets meet dusk. “my testing ground for my own music is when i work at a venue and i do a sound check.” she explains. “if people freak out. then i know that it’s a good track.”
Objects Limited
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12" Vinyl UK 19.10.17
clean slate is the first release from addremove on swiss label thrènes. there isn’t a lot to say about addremove himself or herself as he/she prefers to keep their identity unrevealed. at least for the moment. so lets concentrate on the music. clean slate consists of 5 original tracks and a remix from jk flesh (project/alias of justin broadrick of godflesh. final and jesu).
Threnes Records
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12" Vinyl UK 19.10.17
under his guises blessed initiative and ketev. as well as his own name. composer and sound artist yair elazar glotman has explored extended techniques and processes to forge new sonic textures and musical forms. compound picks up where the previous solo work under glotman’s own name - 2015’s Études - left off. the acoustic sound palette has now expanded from solo contrabass into a trio including pianist rieko okuda and percussionist marcello silvio busato.
Last Copy!
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 19.10.17
decadent yet depraved. the debut album by belief defect. finds shelter and complicity in raster as home and label. familiar with the underground music scene and how its skeptical nature can also be an obstacle to overcome. belief defect abandon any claim or credit in an attempt to transcend the limits authorship imposes. avoid the boundaries or expectations earned or self imposed and find the clearest. most direct path to their music for themselves and the listener. at the core of the album is the music that inspired them. the conclusion of countless recordings listened to in their formative years that ultimately result in a life-long devotion to electronic music: from dance floor to primal anger and self-annihilating noise. to transcendental. ambient escapism and intense self-reflexive sonic layering. the result is a soundtrack for this apocalyptic time. an uncompromising reflection on the state of mankind and its uncertain future underscored by a sense of religious and secular demise referenced in track titles. samples. and soundscapes scattered throughout the album. yet. more than a political statement decadent yet depraved is an introspective journey. turning each listener into a spiritual soul-seeker staring into the abyss. reaching for some kind of cathartic truthfulness.
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7" Vinyl D 19.10.17
variations on memory is an ongoing project by max schreiber. who records memorial day songs intuitively. the way they were carved in his own memory. schreiber takes the national memory to the most personal place and creates his own interpretations of the classic songs. the songs are usually recorded in one session. the final outcome. with its off-keys and inaccuracies. gives a new meaning to these memorial songs. and formulates imaginative soundtracks to hebrew horror movies.
Confused Machines
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12" Vinyl BE 18.10.17
4 melodic killer techno gems. 200 copies limited edition purple ink hand stamped white label 12inch. 200 copies. no repress. purple ink hand stamped white label 12inch. the second ep on the new Æx imprint includes 4 tracks from mistress alumnus daniel jacques. production duos d&s and farah. and the dutch talented denote.main focus for Æx is to create a place for exploration and experimentation in the genre of analogue classic sounding techno music
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4x12" Vinyl + 2xcd (ga D 18.10.17
salvation is found by identifying thesis and antithesis of a logically conceived duality as a receptive polarity which is then synthesized and expressed on a higher level. thereby practicing what is preached is the all-embracing love in the presence of the creator. the purest original state pre-dating the judgmental so called >fall of man< in unity with life itself is the principle of holiness and the root of inner peace. glory to g-d!

this album contains:
4x 12 inch
2x cd

amazing hight quality printed gatefold cover with 8mm spine and a handpainted picture.
mastering and cut by cgb at dubplates and mastering.
manufactured by matter of fact.
artwork by markus suckut.
cover paint by rebecca reja.
Odd Even
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12" Vinyl BE 18.10.17
musar. south americas finest ricardo tobar returns with la condamine. an ep of melodic & cosmic electronic music adventures. including marc piñol and ulrich schnauss remixes.
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12" Vinyl UK 18.10.17
fresh experimental afro infected journey
The Trilogy Tapes
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12" Vinyl UK 18.10.17
following some ear-catching manoeuvres across releases like last year s self-released only and lagata . which gained her early fans like bjork and dev hynes (who she supported in the usa). tommy marks klein s deepest plunge yet into the “deep. dark ocean” of her musical imagination on her hyperdub debut. on tommy her vocals play with fifties-esque melodies before switching to familiar tones akin to brandy and rodney jerkins. her live voice and live piano playing filtered through hyper-glitchy and looped production with a loose. internal logic. cutting from angular atonality to pockets of skewered harmony. tommy also steps things up in conceptual terms. its eight tracks are broken down into acts that are rooted in themes of vulnerability. sisterhood and death. threading the chaotic sonics with modern operatic undertones and a shakespearean sense of tragedy. there s a lot of bluster about originality in contemporary uk music and what rises from the noise here is a creative voice who. by her very nature. plays with the construct of what pop is
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12" Vinyl lp UK 18.10.17
ziúr is one of the most exciting producers to come out of the fringes of berlin club music in the last few years. a new generation is breaking out of the techno mould and creating in a spirit of freedom and experimentation. taking seemingly incompatible influences and balancing them into a new and exciting sound. ziúr is also the founder and resident dj of boo-hoo. a night championing diverse lineups. reflecting its creative audience. bringing through the cream of the experimental dance underground. planet mu are proud to release ziúr’s debut album “u feel anything?” in collaboration with objects limited. a label run by lara rix-martin which releases music by women and non-binary people.
Planet Mu
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12" Vinyl UK 18.10.17
auf seinem zweiten houndstooth-album take. inspiriert von einer skandinavien-reise. erstellt der londoner produzent guy andrews. bekannt für düstere und brodelnde atmosphären. klangstrukturen und pulsierende rhythmen im spannungsfeld zwischen energie und zurückhaltung. und erkundet so den raum. in dem wir uns bewegen. auf zwei tracks begleitet in die deutsch-türkische singer/songwriterin aus münchen. alev lenz. guy andrews diskografie wesit weitere releases auf hemlock. erased tapes und hotflush auf. zu seinen fans gehören massive attack. bonobo. mary anne hobbs. ulrich schnauss und max cooper.
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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
the artist known as g-23 continues his journey to the head of the gum under the schooldesk underground with this release on torn hawks valcrond video. this multi-faceted italian producer also deploys weirdo sounds under the name secret rave and strange audio dreams. often on his own label art-aud. he has also released under the alias moscow death disco on helena hauff s return to disorder. remixes of access code from valcrond affiliates decor and mr. husk start off each side. both will pound and smear club meat all over the countertop. lets pound those veal cutlets so thin you ll be able to see through them like flesh-pink stained glass. a2 brings us the sleazy slouch of bleep shots. it sure sounds like a crew of developmentally impaired bullies out to steal your lunch money. so hold on to your fanny pack. finally. the title track closes things out in a brilliantly uncomfortable way. ars trip is a headache you d pay to have.
VV 026
Valcrond Video US
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12" Vinyl lp FR 17.10.17
marc durif alias nova nova rencontre malcolm maclaren en 2005 pour lequel il compose le titre love will (dernier titre de l album) mais aussi un remix de-love will tear us apart-au piano (sorti l annee derniere (7inch). titres qui restent dans les tiroirs suite au deces de maclaren. mais fort heureusement ce premier titre circule (grâce à maclaren) vers quelques destinataires de choix dont le celebre peter hook (bassiste et fondateur de joy division et de new order) qui le joue au debut de tous ses dj sets. tout en ne connaissant pas le nom des producteurs. il dit le jouer car il provoque chez lui a chaque fois une forte émotion. marc durif en compagnie de nombreux artistes sest attele par la suite a la composition du quatrième album neo-classic. la suite de composition de ce disque renvoie dos a dos la pop synthétique romantique de ten cc et l’impressionnisme de debussy pour s’assembler dans une vision neo-classique.
Nova Nova
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 16.10.17
sam kdcs latest offering for auxiliary takes the listener on a deep and spiritual journey. of myth & mercury consists of four intricate pieces that tell a ritualistic tale drenched in a mystical atmosphere. all four tracks flow are grey area in design. and set about proving what can be done with the template. atmospheric pressure from one of electronic musics unsung heroes.
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12" Vinyl D 16.10.17
first album from the french emotional techno producer. voiski presents a collection of tracks made on airplanes. a special edition including a photography book made of his analog tour pictures. 10 post-trance tracks made on airplanes with a track for each flight and comes along with a booklet showing a series of analog photography taken by voiski between two gigs. an album behind the scenes of the dj world.
Super 95
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12" Vinyl UK 13.10.17
this 4-track ep combines ambient and techno elements to create immersive landscapes. which later on transform into the techno grooves. the concept of this release. “unknown frequency”. defines the limited nature of human perception. which is unable to experience the full universe of the sound.
on the a-side lies the main concept track as well as its landscape/ambient version. both works express the positive tension and harmonious excitement of the discoveries to come. on the b-side. first track - “traces” continues the search of the unknown. this time. darker regions of mind are explored by the sinister grooves and minimalistic atmospheres. final track “looking for the exit” is supposed to give an answer and release the tension of the ep. but after experiencing the unknown. nothing is the same anymore.
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 13.10.17
limited pressing on transparent vinyl.
Gang of Ducks
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12" Vinyl lp+mp3 D 13.10.17
alter is the new album from belgium-based double bass player and electronic producer otto lindholm. divided into four colour-inspired. long-form movements. alter takes off from lindholms previous work a self-titled album released in 2015 on icarus records. and pushes the already abundant palette of sounds even further. this new work is more brooding and hypnotic. a deep. resonating bass is present - hinting at the likes of greek. chamber-doom merchants mohammad but perhaps with more attention placed upon textures and melody. the record moves at a funereal pace and opener fauve hits abyssal depths from the outset. a bowed melody is coaxed through the throbbing bass with dissonant harmonics drawing you in and holding you close. the ghostly beginnings of alyscamps create an overwhelmingly tense atmosphere where acoustic and electronic elements collide and evolve into a heaving. ceremonious drone. shafts of light emerge through the fog but the tone remains a haunted one. closer. heliotrope. strikes a more hopeful note. a lighter. more open feel emerges - bringing to mind early work of the rachels or perhaps deaf center.
Gizeh Records
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12" Vinyl NL 13.10.17
superb unreleased 80s ambient cassettes remastered ! robert scott pearsons musiccan be seen as surrealist. impressionist. post industrial. mystical or avant-garde. but it goes beyond categories. his work embraces software. philosophy. poetry. visual arts. and generative algorithmic creation in general. at an early age. he began to experiment in this field. and released his first music privately on cassette. being part of the 80s underground industrial scene in seattle. post-industrial. futuristic. but not really nihilistic. his beautiful music melts expressive synth leads with arpeggios soundscapes. and drum machines flashes and lights. to take us in another reality.
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12" Vinyl D 13.10.17
the first ep from mouse on mars since their anniversary recording 21 again (2014) is clearly connected to their recent club gigs. in fact. synaptics sees the berlin duo embrace their love of juke. footwork and chopped up house music like never before. on its three tracks. andi toma and jan st. werner reinforce the collaborative idea of 21 again: eight different artists have been involved in the making of these tracks. which deliberately depart from a characteristic mouse on mars sound. creating a more organized vibe while still maintaining links to their previous work. there are two directions of research in andi and jan s sonic laboratory: one is focused on experimental club music. the other is in search of music without ties to specific genres. though heavily leaning towards the club. synaptics is caught in between. from the duo s perspective. it even touches pop territory. all three tracks came into existence during the past four years. opener „jack is out- with its pounding lazer stabs is an obvious link to their current club sets as well as a clue on future productions. after months of redesigning and rearranging. it found its final form through an edit by bon iver producer ryan olson aka arson only at his wisconsin studio. where andi and jan also recored for their next album. „bluescreen- was born out of a berlin session with jessy lanza and junior boys and was completed some year later with support from modeselektor. and the tropical funk of „sensitive person-. based on a studio jam with sepalcure. also needed some aging and refinement after a couple of months.
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl NL 12.10.17
spazio disponibile welcomes yet another new artist to their realm. this time the label welcomes producer grand river for its 11th release. and one that marks something of a new direction where ambient and experimental music will sit next to more dance floor fare. it s a direction already hinted at with marco shuttles full album earlier this year. and is now realised once more by aimee portioli. she is a multi instrumentalist. soundtrack composer and known for her deep and atmospheric sound and debuts on donato dozzy and neel s label with four lush ambient explorations. across the course of the tracks. fizzing. grainy ambiance makes way for dark atmospheres. then brighter synths arrive late on to bring some light to the shadows. elsewhere. undulating rhythms sway down low as muted keys and strings ripple in the distance. it makes for a cavernous world that keeps you in blissful suspense and overall this ep is a trip through a dark underground cavern with a spring day high up above. as well as this brilliantly cerebral ep. the future will also bring more spazio label nights across the world starting in 2018.
Spazio Disponibile
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5x12" Vinyl NL 12.10.17
thomas brinkmann is one of the great producers of techno music and modern dance music. he initially gained notoriety in the experimental electronic music and techno community for his full-length variations of material by wolfgang voigt under his mike ink moniker. and richie hawtin. the variations were made by playback of the original artist records on a turntable of brinkmann s design. which has two tone arms with separate outputs for left and right channels. the turntables were then pitched down from 33rpm to 27rpm and the results recorded and mixed. both voigt and hawtin were sufficiently impressed they released the results on their own labels. since then thomas brinkmann has produced some all-time classic dance tracks. many of which are collected here in what is a personal selection by thomas brinkmann himself. there are unreleased tracks. different versions. and tracks that have never been released on vinyl. a full colour 20-page book with track notes by thomas brinkmann and photos from his personal collection is included. limited edition box. highly recommended! ean4050486123461
Third Ear
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12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl D 12.10.17
a complex web – the story of dive position and the shining path ... began in 1982 when peter miller (aka dr. william s ray – vocals. tapes. guitar) met andrew millar (aka maurice spectograph the nose-y pieman – program execution) in gold coast. australia. while sharing a similar taste in music. they decided to form a band. so dive position was born. equipped with a korg synthesiser and tascam 4-track recorder. they -wanted to have the sound of kraftwerk. the groove of can. and the menace of throbbing gristle-. ending up with -a cross of suicide and the residents-. as peter recalls. in a local record shop they met stig andre leonardson (aka vincent blackshadow). who joined the duo on percussion and drum machine programming. their motto was -now is then-. dive position then became the fatal charm around 1984. and the fatal charm became the shining path who eventually released their only album -basic training manual- in an edition of only 250 copies. most probably in 1986. the band then started to drift apart. and shortly after andrew sadly passed away – this compilation -now is then- comprised of previously unreleased dive position and the shining path material is dedicated to his memory.
Anna Logue Records
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12" Vinyl NL 12.10.17
synthesizer music from japan on safe trip. lovely! tip!
ST 006-LP
Safe Trip
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12" Vinyl BE 11.10.17
12-inch axis audiophile series. pressed in archer. detroit. jeff mills next project is taking him back into space. forthcoming lost in space album coming in 2018.
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12" Vinyl D 11.10.17
hangover in outer space with oid. sickdisco and monogum.
fox trax
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12" Vinyl D 11.10.17
telemorph005 represents the atmospheres around the planets outside of our solar system.
inspired by recent discoveries of exoplanets. rome s based hoedus. has created 4 stunning modular experiments illustrating his imagination.
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12" Vinyl D 10.10.17
mad. dope and underground 4 tracks that can move the time base of the floor. bfs… mysterious lo-fi track with scratches & vocal sampling gradually sublimes danceable. searching… deep and rough beat with mysterious atmosphere invites you to an abstract world. fakin’jax… completed with slow mood. mad and dope sound quality that only mpc can creates. bao bao… again. mad. deep. and full of underground atmosphere house track.
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NS-17 (2X12 INCH)
2x12" Vinyl US 09.10.17
eric maltz is a producer from new york city and now resides in berlin. germany. he is a former employee of halcyon records from its og glory days in it s first location in red hook/carrol gardens areas of brooklyn. -eric provided a sofa to me often through-ought my 20 s and vice-versa. we both cared about music above all else- we lived and breathed music- and we helped each other survive when we were penniless - if one was up. so was the other... eric and i were roommates. friends. we looked out for each other in a rough city with tough rules. every time one of us got a job at a restaurant or record shop. within weeks we would have the other working there too. we did that for a decade. we slang records for years at halcyon- a shop on smith street which had a portrait of stevie wonder painted on the front facade- and we threw parties all around brooklyn back then too.. every shitty bar that would have us lol. we were a dope team. he s the only person who has ever touched the third rail on a subway and survived too! true story. so you know i couldn t wait to release his debut lp. proud of this guy- - levon vincent
Novel Sound
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 09.10.17
stonedwave presents the latest ep offering from jochen heym. „sonoaut“ on snow white vinyl limited to 300 copies. bridging the gap between hardcore. drill and bass and braindance on tracks like exit vessel and init conversation the artist creates dadaistic piano arrangements that meet talking funk basslines while the tracks are still heavily rooted on the dance floor.
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