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12" Vinyl D Pre sale
finest deep open air grooves.. incl varhat remix
11.49 EUR *
NO 1
12" Vinyl D 07.11.15
following the playful tones of feathered sun and carlos nilmmns, circus company continues its run of distinctive singles with a four-track release from new production entity flabbergast. while the name might not be familiar, the imagination-soaked minds behind the music are synonymous with the history of circus company.
Circus Company
out of stock
8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.07.08
played by 2000 and one, hans nieswandt, karotte, laurent garnier, mike sahnnon, someone else... resopal red series celebrates its 25th release with a bold step into the world of modern house music. those who know the mother labels six year history, know of the labels capabilities to roll with the best of them. from the early days releases by luomo, dj pierre, introducing tigerskin to the current stable of house acts such as lemos, kreon, mri, art bleek anthony collins and agnes, resopals successful sublabel red gets again ready for the deeper side of the floor. the 25th release is a split 12inch by franklin de costa and mri. take the vitality of the early house movement, then refine it with the fine flavor of resopals blend of modern micro-house and reduced techno that has earned the label respect for over the past years. the results are frighteningly catchy tracks that reflect the current house movement. franklin de costa makes his resopal debut with an outstanding deep tune that keeps the bump rolling with solid bassline bottoms. youve probably seen his name to eps on trapez and sender but this is anything but minimal. mri sways as well on the classic side with some of the sexiest strings the label has seen - simply deep dancefloor dopeness
Resopal Red
out of stock
7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.10.18
disdat returns with cedric dekowski & felix reifenberg, assumers and flabbergast (aka vincent lemieux and guillaume coutu-dumont)
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 03.05.16
der londoner produzent darq e freaker kombiniert auf seinem big dada debüt seine einflüsse aus grime und hip-hop mit rave musik. der londoner produzent darq e freaker veröffentlicht mit adhd sein big dada debüt, nach dem er unter anderem durch seine kollaboration mit dem us-rapper danny brown und seinen bisherigen veröffentlichungen auf labels wie oil gang & numbers aufgefallen war.
pressung auf blau marmoriertem vinyl, downloadcode inklusive.
Big Dada
out of stock
8.79 EUR *
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