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12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
ouch from a distance is the new label of former ostgut ton manager nick ho¨ppner. it s first release by desert sound colony has been very well received opal sunn are a well seasoned hardware only live act very much in control of their repertoire, but also capable of captivating improvisations opal sunn have got a recognizable sound driven by smart, often arpeggiated synth lines, on point drums and textures
Touch From A Distance
in stock
10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.02.18
in 2016 simon pitt and alex kassian formed planet sundae recordings. opal sunn ii is their third release. part i was out july 2017 with andrew weatherall taking a massive shine to it, playing all 4 tracks at a gig in barcelona. it was championed also by massimiliano pagliara, of ostgut fame. opal sunn is live-performance duo al kassian & hiroaki oba. formed in 2015, the pair have recorded countless hardware-driven improvisational sessions, puzzled together to create abstract musical journeys. the aim is to transcend the improvisational magic of the studio jam and funnel it into the live performance. having played at rainbow disco club 2016 in japan & atlas electronic 2016 in morocco,the pair took both excited audiences by surprise with their heavily improvised live sessions. opal sun ii explores darker shades of dance music.
Planet Sundae
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.03.17
with the warmth of spring yet to bloom in full, the cold distant sun still reaches planet sundae, casting shadows upon tomorrow. as al kassian s encrusted diamonds on jupiter is still in orbit from last year, planet sundae takes a step into 2017 with a debut release from a far eastern constellation. we are proud to present you, dear reader, with the first part of a double dipped ep by opal sunn. these selected works by hiroaki oba and al kassian were recorded between 2015-16 in berlin, aimed squarely at that rift between the stark light of the everyday and the flurry of the dance floor.
Planet Sundae
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
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