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12" Vinyl UK 22.11.18
(inc. shanti celeste / defekt remixes)
Feel My Bicep
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11.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.07.18
2018 repress - hot on the heels of aus recent releases from breach, huxley and bwana they ready their next offering from irish duo and long term label affiliates bicep. aptly timed for the festival months, their just ep follows up a series of self-released titles which include collaborations with ebony and midland and is an impassioned bundle of broken beats, shimmering synth lines and rapturous piano chords. the title track kicks things off and suffuses a broken kick and snare combo with a poignant sequence and heart-rending synth strings. a vocal refrain drops in and out throughout a lucent breakdown before () lays a soft, filtered croon over a swelling piano motif. tension is astutely balanced, never quite boiling over and keeping the listener pinned before () drives a tough, gravelly kick under gentle flecks of acid and rich sweeping pads.
Aus Music
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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 23.05.18
2018 repress - bicep make their way home to feel my bicep records for their first 12” on the imprint since their collaborative ‘dahlia’, recorded with hammer, back in september of 2015. fmb006 is a notable addition to the label - a reimagining of blaze’s seminal recording ‘lovelee dae’ - originally released on classic back in 1997, before a string of subsequent re-issues and remix packages on playhouse, true and urban tracks that included carl craig and 20:20 vision. the remix was originally designed to be included in their essential mix in 2014, but a lack of space has meant that its pressing on fmb is the first time it sees the light of day. using ralph lawson and carl finlow’s classic aforementioned acapella version as the basis of their work, the bicep lads ensnare an air of swooning euphoria in their remix that stays true to both their original productions and their dj sets. shortened vocals suffuse galloping 909s and a gleaming synth riff that certify it as a festival fail safe
Feel My Bicep
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.05.18
2018 repress bicep make a return to their own feel my bicep imprint in the wake of their lauded aus music anthem just and their remix of dyone on first choice records. having released a series of sought after 12inches on fmb the london based duo continue to prosper and make a solo return home with their dahlia ep teaming up with school friend, gym buddy and blog partner hammer aka rory hamilton.
Feel My Bicep
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.05.18
2018 repress - bicep continue to bolster their feel my bicep imprint and follow up their recent remix of blazes “lovelee dae” with another reimagined classic. with this - the seventh addition to the catalogue, the irish duo pay homage to another equally seminal recording as they rework “in yer face” by 808 state.
Feel My Bicep
B1: Bicep Acid Dub
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12" Vinyl UK 27.04.18
four tet reimagines biceps stellar *opal*, adding his signature mix to the already accomplished original.
Ninja Tune
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12" Vinyl UK 06.03.18
the first release of 2018 on the feel my bicep label welcomes back hammer for his first solo outing on the imprint, c-space ep. having collaborated with bicep on dahlia back in 2015 - a glistening ep that soared through myriad clubs into the wantlists of many-a-fervid discogs user - hammer is now granted space to stretch his legs and does so across 3 galactic tracks. c-space, atlantic 252 and inside soul all play with rich, sweeping chords, 80s synth lines and sharp analogue drums - a blend that lends them perfectly to the feel my bicep catalogue. c-space ep comes as the first feel my bicep release since the success of biceps self-titled debut album.
Feel My Bicep
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11.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 31.01.18
2018 repress - bicep return to their feel my bicep records with 4 original tracks. 2 on each side of a 12 inch heavyweight slab, with the logo debossed on the sleeve. first up is a lyk lyk, a playful festival tune giving a nod to early rave sounds, and breaks. this is followed with poly pineapple which leans on the belfast boys love of fuzzy italo disco and techno.
Feel my Bicep
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12" Vinyl UK 03.11.17
bicep (matt mcbriar und andy ferguson), das aus belfast stammende und in london lebende duo, kündigen eine 12- vinyl zu ihrer aktuellen single glue von ihrem hochgelobten debütalbum an, welches im september auf ninja tune erschienen ist. ihr selbstbetiteltes album ist die perfekte zusammenfassung der bisherigen karriere des duos - es ist eine klangliche reise durch ihre geschichte, die deutlich eckpunkte der untergrund-clubkultur referenziert. matt und andy haben eine einmalige elektronische platte produziert, die einerseits auf klassischem house, techno, elektro und italo-disco fußt, andererseits aber den typischen bicep-sound in sich trägt. entstanden ist ein prägnantes album: frei, rau und dynamisch genug für den dancefloor, gleichwohl raffiniert, kunstvoll komponiert und besinnlich genug, um es auch zuhause zu hören.
Ninja Tune
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BICEP (2X12 LP + MP3)
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 01.09.17
das belfaster dj, produzenten und blogger-duo bicep veröffentlicht debütalbum auf ninja tune! bicep (matt mcbriar und andy ferguson), das aus belfast stammende und in london lebende duo, freut sich, sein selbstbenanntes debütalbum ankündigen zu dürfen! eine platte, die wahrhaftig ihre geschichte sowie ihre liebe zu musik und clubkultur seit ihrem ersten release im jahr 2010 einfängt. am 1. september 2017 erscheint „bicep“ via ninja tune.
das doppel-vinyl erscheint im klappcover inklusive downloadcode.
Ninja Tune

also available as:
CD (EUR 14.49)
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25.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.08.17
ninja tune veröffentlicht mit der -aura-12inch einen von fans sehnlich erwarteten song als vorschau auf ihr im september erscheinendes debütalbum! bicep, das aus belfast stammende und in london lebende produzenten- und dj-duo, veröffentlichen anfang september ihr gleichnamiges debütalbum via ninja tune. vorab erscheint im august ein treibender clubtrack namens -aura- auf 12inch, welcher unter fans bereits seit einiger zeit als highlight während ihrer gefeierten liveauftritte auf der ganzen welt gehandelt wird und ihre passion für synthesizer aufzeigt. neben dem exklusiven 12- mix des tracks, findet sich auf der b-seite ein siebdruck, welcher vom portugiesischen royal studio gestaltet wurde.
Ninja Tune
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12.29 EUR *
10" Vinyl UK 08.05.17
massive bicep remix released 2014, repress! exclusive tin man remix, shimmering neo-acid version of sisterhood s believe , previously unreleased. dj support marcel dettman sasha
Tief Music
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8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.05.17
bicep continue to welcome new artists into the fold as they expand their feel my bicep imprint with a 12inch from fresh signees tim sweeney and lauer operating under t&p. number 10 in their release catalogue comes as a single titled hail falls which includes remixes from dark sky and fellow irishman hammer. &#8232,,&#8232,,having introduced their collaboration through a self released record on sweeneys own beats in space back in 2016 - t&p continue to develop this fruitful relationship and roll out more disco-tinged acid in a manner that suits them perfectly to a release on feel my bicep. &#8232,,monkeytown and black acre affiliates dark sky then expand on their illustrious catalogue not only with their forthcoming lp for monkeytown but with a remix here that sees the original’s rich melodies spread over intricate, skipping rhythms. then hammer weighs in with his own bold, punchy take. galvanised drums and a sharpened melodies lift the original into more tense territory as another strong addition to the imprint is capped off
Feel My Bicep
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10.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.01.17
after a run of new signings in 2016 - aus music kick of 2017 with something a little bit different. to inaugurate the new year they welcome in catz n dogz for three separate interpretations of classic records from the aus music archives. cherry picked from the vast back catalogue are tracks from bicep, geeeman and george fitzgerald all of which are given a rough, smoke treatment from the pets recordings owners. kicking things off is the remix of geemans wanna go bang he title track from his punchy 12-inch from 2015 that now sees a driving and percussive reworking. bicep the game is next in line a track from the irish duos first solo outing on aus back in 2013. soft, overlapping chords are propelled by snapping drums and multiple melodic lines that build an allaying palette the remix of george fitzgeralds hindsight then caps things off as more frazzled drums propel a stuttering vocal line and a warped synth pattern. continuing to keep things fresh - aus look ahead to another year of new signings and surprises and kick off here with a reminder of the solid foundation that has come before it
Aus Music
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.12.16
having opened feel my bicep up for the first time with their previous 12” from new zealand duo sandboards, bicep now welcome another new signing into the fold in the form of brassica. in an extension of a bond established on a civil music record released back in may of 2016 which saw bicep remix tears i cant afford brassica presents his time tunnel ep, a rich and varied 4-track record spanning acid, breaks and balmy house music. also included in the package is an edit from the sphinx and a remix from mysterious hardware fiend roy of the ravers who follows up 12inches on acid waxa and the centrifuge with a tough, tumbling take on the title track that caps off another solid addition to the irish dou s evolving imprint.
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.11.16
bicep line up a landmark 12” on feel my bicep as they follow up a series of self-released originals, remixes and collaborations with their first signing to the imprint. an exciting discovery from a small student town, dunedin in new zealand - tomas krammer and eden burns a.k.a sandboards. the young duo present their ‘visa’ ep, a balmy and energetic 3-tracker that comes inclusive of a remix from london producer and previous fmb mix contributor shinra. 80’s-tinged synth lines, crisp drums and stirring melodicism colour a release that both slots in and adds facets to the feel my bicep, as the irish duo continue in their vein of their blog in providing a platform for auspicious producers and djs to rise.
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.09.16
brassica returns with a brand new 12” single for civil music that includes new track ‘get down’ and a remix of ‘tears i can afford’ from belfast duo bicep.
Civil Music
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.06.16
ian pooley revisits his beloved 1998 lp meridian with 4 brand new remixes accompanying the much-demanded arrival of the original lp in digital formats for the first time. belfast house stars bicep apply their remix magic for the a1 cut, streamlining the pooley classic cold wait into a chunky uk house thumper which has already proven a winner in their sets, while white label boss oskar offermann delivers a subtle, grooving uk garage-inspired take on hit n run. the b side finds two alternate takes on whats your number by pooledmusic family member mathias show-b schober, whose remixes manifest themselves in a starry-eyed version that elevates the originals melancholic side, plus a stripped back beats n fx tool.
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.10.15
mit einem epischen neun-minüter kehren benjamin damage & doc daneeka für das 50weaponsfinale zurück zum label. -kansas- lässt kontraste zu einer darken und futuristischen stimmung verschmelzen und schafft dabei eine ganz eigene berghain-eske atmosphäre. ein brandhartes, trippiges killer-clubtool für den extra kick endorphin. auf der b-seite liefert das londoner duo bicep einen ganz eigenen hybrid: funky, hypermoderner uk house und trotzdem klingt es irgendwie wie ein dancelfoor-classic. closing sequence* ist der perfekte tune für die frühen morgenstunden. auch als soundtrack für den nächsten marathon geeignet. unaufhaltsam.
50 Weapons
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.11.14
bicep and midland collaborate for a 12inch. midland plays feel my bicep
White Label
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10.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.09.14
tief music mainstays sisterhood release their second ep for the label following up their hugely successful call me ishmael released back in 2013. tunnels features three original tracks showing the london based duo s versatility and maturity as producers. the ep kicks off with doublespeak , a hard-hitting peak time track, filled with arpeggiated synths and dubbed out fx. tunnels is deep and sparse, slowly building throughout its 7 minute run. bicep reconstruct the title track, morphing it into a punchy, bassline focused roller with piercing atmospheric pads. believe closes the ep, a dreamy, sample based track utilizing beautiful floating chords to great effect. dj support : axel boman, efdemin, marcel dettman, bicep, johannes volk, locked groove, ame, iron curtis, manuel fischer, xxxy, marcus worgull, will saul
Tief Music
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10.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.08.14
feel my bicep records returns once again for round three. this time however the lead is given to peers and friends in the form of a remix 12inch where by brassica and john talabot have remixed bicep - satisfy taking one side each.
Feel my Bicep
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.05.14
jet-setting irish duo bicep return to will sauls aus label with two steady analog techno grooves ready for deployment in either their own wildly celebrated sets or those of any dj looking for modern dance tracks that are still faithful to the classics - this is techno that hasnt forgotten where it came from, essentially.
Aus Music
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8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180gr UK 20.12.13
standard cover - no artwork edition !
bicep are back with the second release on their eponymous feel my bicep label with the follow up to last years vision of love. after a sustained period setting up their new studio, fmb002 features three tracks pushing into a synth driven direction in comparison to earlier releases
Feel my Bicep
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180gr UK 10.12.13
bicep are back with the second release on their eponymous feel my bicep label with the follow up to last years vision of love. after a sustained period setting up their new studio, fmb002 features three tracks pushing into a synth driven direction in comparison to earlier releases
Feel my Bicep
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.06.13
sacrifice is the work of two duos at the top of their production games. bicep, after their critically acclaimed recent releases on aus music and their own feel my bicep records, and smd fresh from promoting their new live album, decamped for a few days to smds london studio to jam out this resulting epic.
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.06.13
massive carl craig edits !! top-notch house music
KMS Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.04.13
aus music non-stop. not quite content with already chalking up two of the biggest eps of 2013 so far from midland and dusky, aus return once again with yet another release youve been waiting for - the return of belfasts biggest sons, bicep.
Aus Music
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7.69 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 05.04.13
kolour ltd returns in 2013 with arguably our biggest release on kolour ltd to date featuring bicep, rick wade, and dj sprinkles.
Kolour LTD
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9.95 EUR *
EP 17
12" Vinyl UK 17.01.13
excellent split vinyl, great variety from deep house to disco, chicago house flavoured. we love this... repress 2015
Wolf Music
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.10.12
after five years of running the highly popular and eclectic music blog feel my bicep,releasing a string of productions and remixes while also djing consistently all around the world, setting up a label seemed like the next logical step for bicep. with the aim of releasing fun and varied music, the only condition the boys gave themselves was to maintain full creative control to take the the label in whichever direction they desired.
Feel my Bicep
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.07.12
london-based, belfast-born blogger-production duo matt mcbriar and andy ferguson need little by way of introduction. theyve released one absolutely killer track after another, snaking through everything from deep disco edits to moody two-step to classic new jersey house vibes with incredible ease, on some of the most exciting labels out there: throne of blood, under the shade, domino, love fever and now, aus music
Aus Music
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7.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.07.12
tip!, incl coverversion of mk classic!
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.05.12
london based welshman chamboche returns to the label that launched him with the smoke screen ep. his unquantifiable sound swerves genre classification, hovering around house but with enough musicality to please the hardened disco head. swirling pads and a bubbling bass line set down the groove, while keys fall around horns and vocals to make the lead track a refined, uplifting work out. slowly unfolding, the track is hypnotic and absorbing, showcasing the style of a producer as able to work the mind as the hips. bicep toughen up the drums and work the arpeggio, stripping down the track and bringing the chicago influence higher in the mix. while the original subtly unfolds, their remix demands attention from the outset, building to a climax then recoiling for another bite at the cherry. thinking big, krl ramps up the intensity with a bright, kinetic reworking. aimed squarely at the peak time, he harnesses all of smoke screen’s most propulsive elements to really work the floor. tucked away on the b side is the expansive mind your mind. trademark chamboche percussion is woven around a blissful riff, swelling majestically to round off the ep in slo(w) burning euphoria.
Under The Shade
in stock
8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.04.12
the dream of another way, red light on her skin, smoke and sensuality in the air, broken promises and a mans embrace. born out of east london’s underground party, love fever records seeks to encapsulate the intensity of a+as late nights and early mornings. over 3 years of pioneering and party providing has seen love fever grow from a word of mouth disco in a dalston loft, to the party for the musically aware, and adult orientated mincers of london and beyond. warehouses, strip clubs, art gallerys and photographic studios have been transformed with many of the true disc jockeys in electronic music joining alex & andy to push the boundaries. a sound has emerged, cross genre, with a heavy leaning on sleaze, elitist house and romantic techno to create a pornographic energy.
Love Fever Records
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.08.11
mystery meat is back! following a hiatus since last summer’s double-sided whammy release courtesy of nyc disco dons jacques renault and lee douglas, >pump< b/w >got to find a disco<, the top secret edits label returns with the bicep boys in tow. and what a return it is! bicep have been making serious noise over the past several months following their auspicious debut on the throne of blood label in late 2010. in the months since, theyve gone on to remix domino recordings blood orange, tal m. klein (a known associate of fellow mystery meaters nick chacona & anthony mansfield), and la upstarts cosmic kids, and their follow-up ep2 is currently doing the damage on discerning dancefloors the world over
Mystery Meat
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.07.11
devonte haynes ist schon seit jahren sehr umtriebig in der indie-musikwelt. neben seinen eigenen projekten (testicicles / lightspeed champion) schrieb er unter anderem auch hits für florence & the machine, basement jaxx, theophilus london und solange knowles! irgendwann dazwischen entstand sein neuestes schaffenswerk >coastal grooves< unter dem namen blood orange. diese remix 12 inch ist der zweite teil aus der 12 inch serie, welche vor dem fantastischen album, das ende august erscheint, veröffentlicht wird, und sie enthält je einen mix von bottin und bicep.
Domino Recordings
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.12.10
throne of blood teamed up with the fine irish gentlemen behind feel my bicep to release a couple of brilliant 12 inches worth of originals with some superb remixes. first up is the aptly named ep1, which features two bicep originals and a mega-sized edit by retro/grade (serge santiago & tom neville).
Throne Of Blood 010
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8.39 EUR *
cd UK 01.09.17
bicep (matt mcbriar und andy ferguson), das aus belfast stammende und in london lebende duo, freut sich, sein selbstbenanntes debütalbum ankündigen zu dürfen! eine platte, die wahrhaftig ihre geschichte sowie ihre liebe zu musik und clubkultur seit ihrem ersten release im jahr 2010 einfängt. am 1. september 2017 erscheint -bicep- via ninja tune. seit beginn ihrer mittlerweile zehn jahre währenden karriere haben sie der musik, die sie inspirierte, auf ihrem blog feelmybicep gehuldigt. der 2008 gegründete blog, der anfangs bloß ein ventil für ihre intensiven plattensammelgewohnheiten war, erfuhr in folge einen rasanten erfolg und ließ das gleichnamige label sowie eine regelmäßige clubnacht entstehen. durch den blog wurden auch die musik-produzierenden macher dahinter weltweit immer bekannter und verließen bald die insel, um rund um den globus heißbegehrte dj-sets zu spielen. die aufgabe war, die vielfalt zu repräsentieren, für den ihr blog immer gestanden hatte: eine tadellos ausgewählte mischung sehr direkter tracks und exklusiver edits, gemixt mit rarem house und disco cuts, die sie wiederentdeckten, entstaubten und neues leben einhauchten. heutzutage sind sie angesehene und zuverlässige kuratoren in sachen elektronischer musik. ihr album -bicep- ist die perfekte zusammenfassung der bisherigen karriere des duos - es ist eine klangliche reise durch ihre geschichte, die deutlich eckpunkte der untergrund-clubkultur referenziert. matt und andy haben eine einmalige elektronische platte produziert, die einerseits auf klassischem house, techno, elektro und italo-disco fußt, andererseits aber den typischen bicep-sound in sich trägt. entstanden ist ein prägnantes album: frei, rau und dynamisch genug für den dancefloor, gleichwohl raffiniert, kunstvoll komponiert und besinnlich genug, um es auch zuhause zu hören.
Ninja Tune

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Vinyl (EUR 25.25)
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12" Vinyl D 02.07.13
few djs and producers have had the longevity and success that jerome has had throughout his career and even fewer can lay claim to having graced such esteemed labels as planet e, drumcode, defected and renaissance to name but a few. on the bicept ep jerome sydenham takes time out from running his renowned house imprint ibadan records to deliver the fantastic four track bicept ep for desolat.
out of stock
8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.06.16
repress 2018... following on from isaac tichauer s street lessons release, the mysterious loft records calls in the talents of bicep, hackman, dorsia and lancelot for a choicest remix package. the french express signing turned many heads when he dropped his lauded devotion lp back in 2012, and since then the australian producer has risen to become a formidable name within modern day electronic music. therefore it s only fitting that an all-star cast were chosen to remix his latest release on loft records. bicep, who had an enormous 2015 with releases on aus and 50 weapons, begin the release with the only remix of higher level - a break infused cut fashioned for the dancefloor with a penetrating melody, echoing vocals and soaring pads. the first of three street lessons remixes then comes from hackman, known for his work on 20/20 vision and futureboogie, who incorporates serene synths and subtle stabs to transform the original into a quirky renovation with elements of funk. london duo dorsia then step up with a cacophony of sounds that build in suspense with the introduction of fuzzy atmospherics, until fellow australian and w&o street tracks artist lancelot generates a cavernous dub containing the originals infectious hook whilst implementing resounding rimshots and wobbly keys.
Loft Records
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
2x 12" Vinyl NL 05.11.15
raigie knowes first annual fundraiser in aid of international charity war child orchestrated by the craigie cartel. all profits generated will be donated to war child. tracks from daniel waples, lord of the isles, bicep, asok, move d ft. gerd janson, the burrell connection, neville watson, hammer & ludd and amir alexander & cecilia bruun hansen (the binary star system). music spanning instrumentals to acid house.
Craigie Knowes
in stock
21.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl NL 10.09.15
a fresh and exclusive collection of music compiled by gerd janson. music for autobahns 2, ambient race car music!!
RHM 018 LP
Rush Hour

also available as:
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.06.14
hot on the heels of the dj mix of 2013 from john talabot and following luminaries such as maya jane coles, maceo plex and breach, next in line to mix it up for the esteemed !k7 dj-kicks series is aus music and simple records boss will saul.
!K7 Records

also available as:
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.08.13
featuring eliza doolittle on vocals, the new single from their debut album that went to #1 in the uk. doesnt include the original, but it does include banging remixes from baauer (of harlem shake fame), bicep, and toro y moi!
PMR Records
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10.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 18.04.13
aus vondelpark einstigen vertäumten bedroom-elektronika-skizzen werden nun komplett instrumentierte zarte pop-songs.
R&S Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.95)
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16.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 14.09.12
still in its infancy, swiss dj and producer rippertons personal imprint tamed musiq returns with its fourth offering in the form of, lets hope. maintaining the tradition of the labels previous releases, ripperton once again takes us on a journey of epic length, one that masterfully builds, swells and diminishes, as we make our way through a flurry of playful piano hooks, subtle synths and deep bass drops.the flipside comes courtesy of the hottest property in house right now, bicep, who continue turn on the charm with another deep and seductive, on-point dance floor bomb.
Tamed Musiq
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.10.11
we are super-proud to announce that the tenth single on electronic imprint more music is the latest from the brilliant musical mind of toby tobias. we are also delighted that this release is coming out on vinyl for only the third time in the labels history, following in the illustrious footsteps of timo maas and midland before it.
More Music
This Is Music
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.09.11
wow! what a year the wolf music crew are having. every release gets better and better. each time serving up a unique new offering from a variety of artists all with one thing in common: extremely high standard of production. all too often labels release good but not great music but wolf music is a testament to what searching high and low for the freshest artists with the best skills can really achieve. wolf ep 009 is no different. one often talks about real class produces and labels and buzz names and the next big thing … but only do a handful of labels ever live up to the manufactured hype they seem to receive. wolf music not only lives up to it but indeed outshines it. this ep is a must have for any dj/music connoisseur who truly knows their trade.
Wolf Music
out of stock
8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.04.11
while cultivating a reputation as one of las most exciting dj duos at parties like the legendary do-over and dam funks funkmophere, cosmic kids started working in the studio, completing remixes for friends like harvard bass. but it was their first original tune that landed them on throne of blood, backed by absolutely tremendous remixes from dear friends juan maclean, classixx and labelmates bicep.
Throne Of Blood
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7.99 EUR *
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21. monnom
22. monnom black
23. don carlos
24. pepe bradock
25. ross from friends

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