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12" Vinyl D 28.08.18
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12" Vinyl NL 13.07.18
after the devotion trilogy, that kicked-off the label catalogue in 2017, sublunar cofounder sciahri is back on his own imprint with a brand new ep. following the recently released ep “demur” on manhigh, the record label by henning baer, metamorphosis is a focal point into sciahri’s musical journey, always searching for the perfect equilibrium between spacious, immersive sounds and complex structural dynamics.
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12" Vinyl D 28.05.18
returning with renewed force after henning baer’s unbreakable debut lp, manhigh’s sixth release comes from a name already well-known in techno circles. sciahri is the italian producer whose luminous 2014 debut on the celebrated ilian tape’s itx experimental series immediately announced his presence, followed by another on the label and two eps for the highly-rated black opal offshoot of opal tapes by 2016. he was simultaneously occupied with his ambient-leaning unknot duo with emanuele porcinai, better known as wsr on samuel kerridge’s contort label. 2017 saw the launch of his sublunar imprint and a tripartite release from him featuring a more streamlined sound than the craggy broken-beat style familiar from ilian tape. sciahri’s manhigh ep opens with ‘demur’, showcasing his most dour, industrial sounds, scraping metallic highs against the unrelenting impacts of reverberating kicks and subbass drone. ‘forbidden’ holds its forces more in reserve, the cycling, mechanical soundscape maintaining a spacious, ambient aspect, worked against a broken rhythm more implied than explicitly stated. returning to full intensity for ‘reliance’, he tightly coils the core elements around deftly-deployed percussion and a militaristic, pounding rhythm in the bass and kicks. henning baer’s reinterpretation of ‘demur’ saves little from the original apart from its overriding tension, instead adding a layer of nearly-tonal pads and an unremitting acidic bass throb pushing forwards inexorably.
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12" Vinyl NL 23.02.18
awry delivers its second record with midgar affiliate ruhig. the forward thinking release features 3 dazzling originals and a rattling remix by italian artist sciahri. a charged with electricity record juxtaposing evenly dark and hypnotic techno tracks.
awry is an electronic music label based in milan, run by wrong assessment. the label’s focus lies in the production of artists whose works are based on a common ground, made of deepness, hypnosis and minimalism.
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.08.17
sciahri is back on black opal and this is time for some real deal, proper techno! forget that cartoon shit...100% solid ep from beginning to end. a dj could reach for any track on here and have the dance-floor munching out of the palm of their hand.
Black Opal
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12" Vinyl NL 14.04.17
limited hand-numbered release.
third and final chapter of the trilogy “devotion”, by one of the two owners of sublunar, sciahri, consisting of three limited, hand-numbered releases.
“devotion - part 3” is the final stage of the journey into the author’s sonic environment. the pace is initially fast and energetic, with “anathema” and “prostration” exploring different areas of the frequency spectrum through mysterious yet functional techno arrangements, which then lead us to the closing track of this whole excursion, “critical devotion”, a slow-motion uplifting anthem that brings us back to the surface.
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 31.03.17
limited hand-numbered release.
second chapter of the trilogy “devotion”, by one of the two owners of sublunar, sciahri, consisting of three limited, hand-numbered releases.
“devotion - part 2” is the continuum of the journey into sciahri’s dimension. the atmosphere here is as thick as it is unsettling. leading the way, a dry, chunky aural flow that begins with “shelter” and then rarefies, taking a more angular yet diffused pattern with “contortion”. the ending “lineage” then throws us in a mass of fog, a state of uncertainty where only hints of a beat are given.
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12" Vinyl NL 10.03.17
limited hand-numbered release.
sublunar is the new label founded by sciahri and dagdrom. the label sound focuses on deep and hypnotic textural techno and will represent the owners specific taste for both club effective techno as well as more experimental excursions.
their first output is a three 12” ep’s trilogy called “devotion” by one of the two owners sciahri, the florence based dj and producer who has just released his second ep on ilian tape. each release is each release is limited and numbered. as sciahri somehow tries to create worlds and environments, the first chapter of this trilogy “devotion - part 1” represents the start of the journey, entering a dimension that is abstract yet solid and physical, full of vividly distinguishable details. the air is dense but there’s room to breathe and to let one’s body and mind engage with the narrative that develops over the course of the three tracks.
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12" Vinyl D 31.10.16
stumbling zoned out yoga celebration
Ilian Tape
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12" Vinyl NL 15.07.16
the mist, rewakened from the wave,
enfolds me as before,
but from thy solitary grave
thou comest now no more.
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12" Vinyl, 180gr D 19.05.14
flying cosmic drum bouncers on 180 gr. vinyl.
Ilian Tape
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9.99 EUR *
cd UK 01.11.16
der londoner dubstep-pionier und hotflush-labelbetreiber scuba aka paul rose beweist seine einzigartigkeit mit einem 75-minütigen fabric-set aus 42(!) über- und nacheinander gelegten tracks. unterschiedliche künstler wie pearson sound und patrick cowley, donato dozzy und midland treffen in einer düster-verführerischen atmosphäre aufeinander, so dass man sich zwischen pumpendem lo-fi techno und subsonischen bässen im rave-kosmos verliert.
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12.99 EUR
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