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12" Vinyl D 11.07.19
twisted beat science from metrist.
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12" Vinyl D 19.02.19
Black Opal
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12" Vinyl UK 09.02.18
for this release metrist delves into a set of carefully constructed and deeply rhythmic but ear-grabbingly idiosyncratic, mixed fidelity dancefloor-geared oddities. the first three tracks are united, in a fashion, by the artist’s skill at programming a series of drum tracks that set a definite tone for the productions. within a quite partisan field of often microscopic generic variety, largely pinned down to the tempo and timbre of electronic drums, here metrist has pursued a tricky-to-define path. the bounce of new jack swing is twisted amongst stripped back polyrhythms, equal parts groove and glitch seasoned by some futuristic acid filters that create a constantly shifting aura of space and textural nuance around the individual drum hits. quite often arrhythmic interjections punctuate these ‘grooves’, be it the sawing bursts of noise and snarled, incoherent vocals on ‘an soaep’, the non-language and playful, bubbling bass surrounding the half time feel of ‘on golden seize’ that builds to something approximating an industrial take on uk funky or the brash sub-wobbles that intrude ‘pantomimer tongue’s juddering knife-scraping-on-a-balloon stutters. ‘caaacel the horze’ closes the record in a less weighty style, with crunchy arpeggios running on a synth that sounds like it’s picking up interference from a radio channel, as snatches of moaned vocals allude to a deeply ambiguous yet chilling narrative behind the music. thudding kicks intrude on the skittish melody but in a non-rhythmic way reminiscent of someone trying desperately to snatch your attention by banging on the adjacent wall. gauzy melodic textures in the background provide a calming counterpoint to the uneasy qualities of the composition
Where To Now?
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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
following the first two harder edged releases on neighbourhood from randomer & cadans and kamikaze space programme, the third release is brought to you by metrist, with his brand of naked, polemic club music (as he terms it), this release is much more angular and abstract. nos ossos has a warm, trippy feel to it. eliot mi fe is brilliantly bonkers, shrieking its way into your brain, which cadans has remixed adding his signature weight to the equation.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.07.14
the people without can only be described as a body of work that seamlessly showcases the artists attention to detail and knowledge of sound design and texture. the people without as a whole takes the listener on a journey that is at times eerily beautiful and at others, powerfully mystical. metrist has managed to pull together a superb follow up to rsn002 that shows the depth and vision of resin over the years to come.
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12" Vinyl UK 29.01.14
new release from fifth wall records. *doorman in formant ep* by metrist, including remix by eomac.
Fifth Wall
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12" Vinyl UK 17.04.14
hand stamped and numbered, strictly limited to 320 copies. osiris music uks thirty seventh release *open water versions* sees the label taking an innovative, almost open-source approach to what could be a more conventional remix project, with four artists contributing their own unique perspectives to one anonymous track. the eps opening salvo comes courtesy of killawatt, who brings a dense combination of driving force and technical intricacy whilst ipman imbues his version with urgent percussion and sense of cavernous tension. the second half of the release sees the debut of osiris music label owner simon shreeves mønic project, the pummelling, cinematic sounds of which providing apt counterpoint to the staggered, churning techno of metrists version which rounds up the ep. early support from laurent garnier, eomac, bas mooy and paul mac.
Osiris Music UK
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12" Vinyl UK 16.07.13
irish producer myler presents the fatland ep, a collection of two originals and two remixes that marks the fourth release for burgeoning brooklyn imprint fifth wall. the original *blue madams* is a percussive slab of techno that drills away with tribal crunch, while *glad bags* sounds like a wonky take on a 70s horror soundtrack. on the remix front, berlin-based vault series affiliate moerbeck provides a lascivious techno/house hybrid in his take on *blue madams*, while londons metrist seems to channel an eccentric warehouse-dwelling baboon in his remix of the same.
Fifth Wall
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 26.01.12
rivet puts a lot of effort in his sounds and his production. this is not another copycat. first out on the ep >amid the roar< is >metrist<, a sexy march that blends the stiffness 80-ties disco with techno from the future. on the b-side marcel fengler takes his turn on >metrist<. he keeps the string of the original, chops up the bass and creates a dancefloor monster with a big anthem alert stamp on it. amid the roar ends with what might be the strongest track on the ep. this ep will make us dance, of course, as always, with a bit of a kontra-musik twist.
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8.19 EUR *
cd NL 19.04.12
a very special limited edition japanese import compilation cd with very nice clean artwork (comes with a cool japanese quote on the back and japanese liner notes wrapped on the front). 11 tracks of selected kontra-musik remixes. featuring artists like scuba, shed, marcel dettmann, substance, move d and silent servant to name but a few.
Kontra Musik
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