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12" Vinyl D 22.02.21
rhythm factory aka robin scholz and arno serving la peña realness. party ! ps. a1 is that track that raresh played and you and your mates could not id.
La Pena
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12" Vinyl FR 23.05.18
jah mel sees himself as a musical bridge between the original reggae sound & the dancehall sound of today, representing what he calls the real dancehall revolution, merging the spirituality of the old school & the energy of the new school. “guiding star” and “stand up to it” are the perfect examples to overstand this definition. both song were produced by roydale anderson aka andy s. “guding star” will definitely give you thrills if you are into deep synth and heavy digital rhythm, while the superb piano notes will warm you in the analog style. beware of “guiding star” dub version called “guidance (dance mix)” that will break any bunker. “stand up to it” rhythm is an adaptation of one of the most classic jamaican riddim called “heavenless”. you will never know this riddim like before, this version takes the riddim to another level. a positive song with a bionic nuclear bomb dubwise! play it loud, jah is our guiding star!
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12" Vinyl D 20.04.15
saxophones? panpipes? you gotta be kidding me, you might think… but wait until you actually listend to this great gem! great dj food with an oldschool house feel from the dynamic duo einzelkind & robin scholz under their new project name rhythm factory. straight outta offenbach. tested and approved at robert johnson many many times.
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 18.06.14
rawax proudly welcomes two friends to the family - rhythm factory aka arno völker & robin scholz!
arno völker aka einzelkind has been a driving force in the world of underground house music for nearly a decade, rising to fame through releases on get physical, playhouse, mule electronic, cocoon and white as well as the infamous la peña and pressure trax (run with frost) imprints.
robin scholz is one of the most taleted artists we saw in the last years. robin gave his debut on our ten inch series with the *retrospective ep*. no wonder he released after that on pressure traxx, la peña & white.
this is just the beginning - we feel a long journey with the rhythm factory!
Rawax Limited
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9.70 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 13.11.19
file under downtempo - electronica - leftfield
DEEWEE - The Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 28.07.11
roger sanchez classic house anthem !!
Strictly Rhythm
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12" Vinyl FR 12.11.09
plastique de rêves new single on david carrettas label space factory disques follows up on last years fantastic release on dfa with its summer !!, a perfect techno-pop summer hit with another great feature by vocalist ghostape, and dives further into the realms of electrodisco, synth-pop, and cosmic music. ultra synthetic and light-hearted, yet dreamy and emotional, the three tracks (four on the digital release) each capture with authenticity the essence of electronic disco music but pay tribute to it here in a very original, playful and modern way. its summer !! is a great follow-up to plastique de rêves previous singles on dfa and supersoul recordings, also featuring ghostape on vocals. this time the music goes even deeper into the worlds of synth-pop and electronic disco, with reminiscences of vince clarkes yazoo, giorgio moroder or kelley polar. the sunny, laidback, pop radio atmosphere, together with ghostapes emotional build up of the deliberately simplest lyrics ever written so far, might well keep you smiling, and dancing, all summer.
Space Factory
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7.79 EUR *
2x cd UK 10.06.14
limited nice pricee - strictly rhythms praesentiert das neue 2 cd album geteilt in wax motif & neoteric go deep mix und wax motif & neoteric get down mix
Strictly Rhythm
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3.89 EUR *
6x12" Vinyl lp box NL 12.05.17
!! back in stock !! the legendary prescription records defined the 1990s deep house sound. now captured in this monumental 6x12 inch lp anthology boxset! holds numerous classics that have been out of press for years + previously unreleased tracks, huge tip! prescription: word, sound and power presents the groundbreaking chicago based house labels anthology, holding milestone songs + four previously unreleased tracks.
RH RSS 020
Rush Hour

also available as:
CD (EUR 21.44)
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68.23 EUR *
6x12" Vinyl lp box + cd D 23.09.16
* 6x 12 inch* vinyl box-set limited to 500 copies + includes the compilation on cd

also available as:
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2xcd D 25.08.17
the annual cocoon ibiza mix is back with another bang this summer with the essential 2017 edition mixed by two top talents in nastia and einzelkind.

also available as:
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15.59 EUR *
cd D 18.04.17
cocoon recordings is proud to present the 4th edition of our inhouse-compilation-series dots & pearls. cocoon recordings never has been a narrow minded and singled sided techno label with just one style to refer to. the bandwidth of artists in the label roster such as roman flügel, minilogue, guy gerber, Âme or even boys noize (just to name a few) proofs that sven väth and his label managers have always combined a wide range of techno and house subgenres throughout all the years. electronic music for all different kinds of listening- and body-movement-purposes

also available as:
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2xcd NL 09.03.17
the legendary prescription records defined the 1990s deep house sound. now captured in this monumental 6 x lp anthology boxset! holds numerous classics that have been out of press for years + previously unreleased tracks, huge tip!! includes a download code with 4 more exclusive tracks for download prescription: word, sound and power presents the groundbreaking chicago based house labels anthology, holding milestone songs + four previously unreleased tracks.
Rush Hour

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 68.23)
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21.44 EUR *
cd D 23.09.16
all this is for a jump cocoon recordings presents: p! who would have thought of this at the beginning of this compilation series? it’s letter p everybody, which means this is one of the longest running techno compilation series around! loaded with power and purity the latest edition of our series offers you a great selection of freaking crazy and kicking techno tunes.

also available as:
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14.61 EUR *
cd D 23.09.16
die hauptstadt steht für einen ganz bestimmten sound und für ein ganz bestimmtes clubgefühl. spätestens seit dem großen erfolg von paul kalkbrenner hat sich der authentische sound weit über die grenzen der stadt hinaus einen namen gemacht und zahlreiche fans gefunden. minimalistischer electro und tech-house-sound trifft auf deephouse. berlin elektro sounds vol.2 präsentiert auf 2 cds den sound, der in berlin entstanden ist oder in den angesagten clubs (watergate, weekend, berghain) gehyped wird. und nicht nur in berlin. zahlreiche europäische clubs spielen diesen authentischen sound und die szene, die sich ihm verschrieben hat, wächst ständig. nicht umsonst gilt berlin mittlerweile als europas partyhauptstadt.
Pink Revolver
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17.45 EUR *
cd D 01.11.12
its all too easy for nostalgia to tip into something negative. at its best its a celebration of the best the past has to offer while putting it into a contemporary context, at its worst its moaning that things arent as good as they used to be. hercules & love affair have always been firmly in the first category. main man andy butler takes classic house and disco sounds and uses them to craft dance music that has one foot in the past, the other cutting a rug on dancefloors right now. its a well-judged and expertly executed balance.
K7301CD (373012)
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7.31 EUR *
14.61 EUR
50% Discount
3x cd UK 08.06.12
fresh off the success of 80s groove, ministry of sound return with 3cds of soul, r&b and club anthems. let us introduce to you the perfect soundtrack to your summer. this is 90s groove. cd1 features the best in soulful grooves from jamiroquai, m people, george michael, soul ii soul, lisa stansfield to des-ree. disc 2 brings together a flawless collection of smooth r&b and hip hop featuring some of the biggest artists of all time r.kelly, jay z, mark morrison, tlc, usher, en vogue and eternal. disc 3 finishes with a journey deep into the underground grooves of the 90s dance floor, featuring huge cross over tracks such as robin s -show me love-, tina moore -never gonna let you go- and ultra nate -free-, along with classic tracks from moloko, groove armada and basement jaxx. the 80s groove series has so far sold nearly a third of a million copies, now get ready for the definitive collection of soulful hits that defined the 90s.
Ministry Of Sound
in stock
20.46 EUR *
MIAMI 2010 (3XCD)
cd UK 19.03.10
celebrating its 25th anniversary in full swing weve fittingly put together a selection of 44 tracks showcasing new talents and hot selections for the spring, and a teaser into some of this summers big ibiza tracks. including tracks from heavyweights such as cirez d with the massive hit >glow<, chuckie, sydney samson, paul harris vs eurythmics.
Last Copy!
19.49 EUR *
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