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12" Vinyl D 14.12.17
love songs? yeah. house love songs by ivano tetelepta for siena.
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12" Vinyl NL 15.12.17
bordello a parigi has just returned from a fruitful expedition to russia to secure a four tracker from st petersburg synthesizer playboy kito jempere. super sax sounds is a rich and varied expression from an artist who has explored a spread of sounds during his career. the a-side is the product of one diverse machine. the yamaha qy-70. -bueller s dance- gets the show on the road with latin showband flare. the opener brims with cruising notes. crisp claps and smooth bass. a track guaranteed to put a smile on any face. moods change with the tear stained chords of -space commercial-. a superbly subtle work of joy and heartbreak. a colder wind permeates the flip as a cinematic and sinister element enters. toms and snares support the descending bars of -atmosphere-. a track where tropical dreams cloud into despair. those dreams are purged by -tomohawk-. a dark prowler who stalks with a maniacal glint and menacing intent. an audio feast care of kito jempere.
Bordello A Parigi
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12" Vinyl D 15.12.17
dj rocca s second outing on slow motion see s the italian disco-maestro take a dive deep into the bubbling waters of an undersea world that fizzes and pops with synthetic swagger. following his recent releases on codek and long time collaboration with daniele baldelli. moaning is four tracks of playful circuit-funk that will bring a smile to your face and swing to your feet.
Slow Motion
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12" Vinyl lp D 15.12.17
brazilian master teddy mike presents his new album -on point-. 8 tracks 100% pure old school 80 s funk. fast-pace bass lines. sensuous melodies and sexy drum machines will delight all the funk freak heads around.
Neon Finger Records
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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
having made his debut on throne of blood as a contributor to moon rock volume 4. cass. returns to the label with a blissed out 12” that builds upon the low-slung atmospheres of his recent output on emotional response and international feel (in collaboration with jan schulte) to create a heady and modern sound influenced by both balearic and 80’s pop sonics without every losing sight of the dance.
Throne Of Blood
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12" Vinyl NL 07.12.17
there are tracks that only deploy their full meaning when pumping through the speakers of a dark club. to give shelter to the latter. hivern kick starts a new series of vinyl-only splits dedicated to club-ready cuts by artists in our orbit. to launch the series. we count with both a well-known hivern stalwart and a new addition to the label. side a is dedicated to cel avall . a track that has been hidden in marc pinol s vaults for way too many years. with it s slow pace and direct but hypnotic feel. it sounds as if one of the pioneers of the first wave of chicago house had spent a night dancing to danielle baldelli at the cosmic club. in the b-side. aurora 2 . by norwegian producer charlotte bendiks. also has something of the rawness and minimalism of the first chicago sound. a perpetually fresh energy that. combined with her nonchalant vocal phrasings. provides the track with her distinctive blend of darkness. sensuality and cheekiness. the visual concept of the series has been developed by london based design studio
Hivern Discs
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12" Vinyl UK 11.12.17
having cruised around labels such as la luna. tusk wax and most tellingly back to the balearics. maricopa has already left a trail of smooth-sailing breadcrumbs behind him. and now he drops anchor in a harbour which may yet prove to be his spiritual home. is it balearic? is a question that hardly needs to be asked when you re drifting out to sea on the blissful tones of benthos or reveling in the expressive ripples of deer. but it s safe to say these jams would go down smooth with a mediterranean sunset and an aperol spritz.
Is It Balearic
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12" Vinyl UK 08.12.17
hell yeah s next vinyl ep is a first solo release since 2012 from the vendetta suite aka belfasts gary irwin. it features six tracks all handpicked by label boss marco from vast unreleased vaults that have already been played by david holmes and andrew weatherall. and it comes with a great backstory
Hell Yeah
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12" Vinyl UK 07.12.17
with time spent away developing his studio. methods of mixing. as well as acquiring a small stash of new hardware. the resulting ep - inspired by recent travels to south east asia - effuses all these elements and passions together with that signature raw m.t. knack for organic percussion. heavily washed synths and pulsating rhythms.
Distant Hawaii
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
dusk & dawn is private agenda s most conceptual work to date. sat at a grand piano. the pair composed two nocturnes over the course of twelve moonlit hours. chronicling the allure and mystique of the night. building on an emotive pop foundation. developed over releases on international feel and their own nightshift imprint. dusk & dawn is a deeper sonic exploration that pays closer attention to ambience and sound design. dusk is an enchanting take on new wave pop. referencing talk talk and early simple minds. a drum machine beats a half-time groove while a dusty but characterful synthesizer pulls the track towards it s cathartic dream-pop apex. dawn draws on contemporaries like imaginary softwoods and croatian amor. bringing the listener down to earth into lucidity. beautiful arpeggios soar over reverse guitars. wistful lyricism is coupled with detailed ambience. a blissful meditation to ease you into the day. remixes come from faze action. ron basejam and ian blevins who all add their deft to touch to dawn and offer up flavors from different corners of the dance floor to this adriatic / balearic influenced piece of music.
NuNorthern Soul
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2x12" Vinyl UK 04.12.17
roberto aglieri is a noted italian flutist and composer. and his 1987 album ragapadani stands as one of his finest achievements. archeo recordings are ever hip to the finest treasures hidden away in the folds of esoteric music. italian or otherwise. and have done a great service in reissuing the album so that it might reach a wider audience. on this limited white marble edition of the album. aglieri s flute sounds haunting and evocative over the range of delicate synth treatments. largely orbiting the minimal realm but with a naive charm that makes the music wholly accessible at the same time. soothing. thoughtfully crafted music for tender times.
AR 011
Archeo Recordings Italy

also available as:
CD (EUR 39.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 04.12.17
for ws021 we head to italy where we find a duo by the name of concret aka italo-mexican musician diego angelico escobar and producer q-pha. together. they submit a couple of ethereal. stripped-back and driving techno tracks that compliment each other so well they appear to be brother and sister from the same session. on remix duty we ve got another italian. rodion. who ads his signature sound to ritorno and flips it into a laid-back dark groover. last but not least is uk s heretic. aka timothy clerkin. who remixes andata into a classy acid burner fit for a massive warehouse party or dark. sweaty basement.
WS 021
Wonder Stories
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12" Vinyl UK 04.12.17
is it balearic? started the uber sublabel up a few years ago. but 2017 has undoubtedly been the strongest year so far for the imprint. following excellent stints from serene. wawawiwas and bonnie & klein. max manetti makes a debut appearance with a self-titled ep loaded with just the kind of slick. instrument-led island grooves we ve come to expect from the uber stamp. from the dense tropical trip of -jungle prayer- to the laconic guitar licks of -dub macumba-. the cyclical mysticism of -changuinola- on to -garrison- with its considered piano chops and stiff breaks. this is an ep of proficient musicianship and eclectic funk for all manner of situations.
U 13
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12" Vinyl UK 30.11.17
aa single from behind this wall. from london to the world.
abuja 336 is a collective led by bow-based vocalist jim caesar. violet hour dubs heavy on a psychedelic jam recorded during a moment of inspiration at villa lena. tuscany.
sega & chess is a collaboration between two artists unknown. catch the ‘night elm on mare st’ during the wee hours outside our bar after drinking too many shots of soju.
mixed at rushes studios in bethnal green. mastering by frank at the carvery.
artwork by david at shutupandance. illustration on aa by louie issaman-jones.
Behind This Wall Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.17
first part in a brace of new chapter of italian dance wave compilation serie. ma spaventi. sauvage world. 2000 and the hardest working man in disco. slow motion label head franz scala.

a trippy selection of proper after hours jams. to keep feet moving and heads spinning till the sun comes up.
Slow Motion
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.17
four slow-burning bombs that perfectly encapsulate how far that slow motion. slo-mo sound can be stretched.
Slow Motion
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.17
after the world applauded sascha funke for his latest album lotos land. he gave away some tunes to friends for remix duties. düsseldorf based tolouse low trax formed twirl into a foggy dark mpc-seducer for romantic nighthawks that love dancing. also australian boy dreems prepared a remix that grooves odd and uncommon. his percussive version of im feiern und feuer is a slow whirlwind. perfect to start and end a great dj night. with tuff city kids a duo formed a remix that is good for big room love affairs. their version of purple hill is a heartfelt melange between trance and house deepness that works on any dance floor. the final edit comes from glasgows junto club. who transformed comola. a tune that they already produced originally with sascha funke. into a longing dark melodic synth stepper. four versions. four hits. four atmospheric dimensions beyond words. tune it loud!
Endless Flight 85
Endless Flight
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.17
musica altra is a brand new label exploring the underground scene of world music. musica altra s first release is this ep by the (great) jazz saxophone improviser and experimenter gianni denitto. who s been travelling the globe performing and recording sounds in every state he visited. here is a preview of his upcoming album including a remix by the superb producer and music lover japan blues. close your eyes and let your journey begin.
Musica Altra
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12" Vinyl UK 07.12.17
who is der opium queen? a royalty in the locality. but unknown to the masses. makes a wave to everyone for the first time with his 12” “in the clouds”. here you can find hot and humid tracks coming straight from the tschungle. then chopped and transported straight to the turntable.
First Second Label
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2x12" Vinyl D 20.11.17
say tuned of this mysterious internasjonal lp!! 2017 reissue
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12" Vinyl D 17.11.17
massimiliano pagliara returns to live at robert johnson with a double release titled devoid of dimension pt.1 and pt.2.
Playrjc 048
Live at Robert Johnson
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12" Vinyl D 17.11.17
we have reached our tenth reference . something that we are proud of . for wich we have chosen 6 tracks from different artists. side a roger van lunteren present the theme – acid on the lounge floor side entrance. full of slow acid beats with dubby echoes . we continue with nikolay sunak – back in the day when we were together . a deep theme with vocal samplers and all the 90 s u.k. dance reminiscences . we close this side with morales – futurama. created and thought to make you sweat the dance floors. side b nikolay sunak – loner s groove. 4×4 bases . organ chords and riffs that plunge us into deep atmospheres accompanied by a compact base of bass-line and beat boxes . roger van lunteren – care about your future . pure freestyle acid. casual. cool and bubbling . we close this tenth reference with i -vil – repentance . pure 90 s belgium rave . hoover sound . voices and rithims 909 pounding with an hypnotic bass.
Polybius Trax
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12" Vinyl UK 16.11.17
emotional response steps to summer 17 by welcoming with accompanying releases from out 2. evolved out of the brooklyn based lectric sands studio / label and featuring members of their own zoovox and mazing vids. this super-alumni is a perfect meeting for the label and us brotherhood. based around a longtime friendship. this slow-burner project is centered around the nyc life of one-time roommates. dj sparrers and just possibly the latter day duo behind the locks & ddm project that was released (semi-) anonymously in 2016. step out in to the (fluorescent) light.
ERS 034
Emotional Response
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12" Vinyl UK 13.11.17
no matter where the winds may blow. what storms may come or what pirates will do. the transatlantyk ship is still sailing. navigated for the last three years by zambon out of berlin. ultimately avoiding the shallow waters of the generic and constantly patrolling the seas in search of exciting sounds. after all that sailing the label just had to replenish its ranks with some fresh faces - those still capable of voyaging into the unknown. joining the crew is a young gun tamten. who by day serves as a vinyl pusher in warsaw s finest side one record store. what he does by night is not the matter of this short text. but we are sure he does a lot of it. hence his love for all things distant - from subaquatic pads and floating riffs. to new-age-y siren voices. otherworldly effects and percussion drenched in reverb. there is a lot of similarly distant. sun-bleached material on this five tracker. full of a druggy and hippy balearic feel. beautiful ambient jam przebudzenie is the stand out track. but znaki czasu is equally as good with its simple. yet memorable melody. reminding of dawns and sunsets on some god forsaken beach. sultry deepness of nieznajoma is followed by enchanting digital exotica of wyrocznia and wavey trip-hop cut po burzy . overall its one of the strongest eps that transatlantyk managed to co-opt into its growing catalogue. definitely one for the dreamers.
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2x12" Vinyl+mp3 UK 13.11.17
eleased by butter sessions and noise in my head who are also known for their offshoot efficient space. sky girl is enriched with artwork from perks and mini mutant misha hollenbach and appropriately elegant sleeve notes courtesy of ivan smagghe. australian import 2lp. released by butter sessions and noise in my head who are also known for their offshoot efficient space (sky girl. etc) - all exclusive tracks! scratching the surface of australia’s independent electronic massive. butter sessions and noise in my head finally compile the second volume of domestic documents. featuring all exclusive tracks. perth godfather ewan jansen joins new wa blood phil stroud and senate. respectively making hectic percussion tracks and hell bent techno. as newcastle transplant roman nails emerges with his squelching one take tape experiments. meanwhile in melbourne. fia fiell’s ambient mind maze and butter sessions alumni booshank target the cerebral cortex. hotrod goes full turbo and live/dj wingmen miris and norachi share the same side of their vinyl debuts (alongside the freakishly underrated colours of infinity aka kloke). kangaroo skull and cale sexton fly the flag for temporal cast. the latter on a calming club collab with sleep d. liner notes from ivan smagghe and artwork from misha hollenbach (perks and mini) features many rarities reissued for the first time ever
Domestic Documents
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2x12" Vinyl D 13.11.17
per martinsen aka mental overdrive is one of norwegian dance musics founding fathers. alongside friends such as bjorn torske. biosphere. rune lindbaek and dj strangefruit. martinsen was integral in laying the foundations of norways now blossoming dance music scene during the late 1980s and early 90s. as a producer. he cut his teeth making house. techno and hardcore for belgian imprints ssr and r&s records at the turn of the 90s. he was a regular at the r&s studio in ghent. programming and mixing for other artists including joey beltram. since then. per has continued to produce and release quality electronic music. both under his mental overdrive alias (see releases on full pupp. smalltown supersound. rett i fletta and his own love od communications imprint). and as part of outfits such as frost (alongside his other half. aggie peterson) and illumination/ chilluminati. per is featured heavily in ben davis and pete jenkinsons documentary film chronicling the rise of norwegian dance music. ‘northern disco lights.
Rett I Fletta
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12" Vinyl UK 10.11.17
classic chilloutsounds on amadeus again
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12" Vinyl FR 09.11.17
ltd warehouse find !!
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12" Vinyl lp D 30.10.17
Hueso Records
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12" Vinyl D 24.10.17
the ep saltamonte features 3 songs in new musical territory. possibly making associations with south american shamanism and connections to dance rituals through both strange and familiar sounds. acoustic and electronic. the duo keope is formed by the experienced. yet talented toni bruna and marcus rossknecht.
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12" Vinyl D 26.10.17
selected music from the album brian damage. originally out in 1980. comes with both versions from the aeo cut on the a side - check!
Get On Down
A2: Aeo (Part II)
B1: Psyclone
B2: Nervous Breakdown
B3: Spy Vs. Spy
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12" Vinyl UK 23.10.17
this release has 2 tracks from dawn again & rothmans. rothmans ant runs vinyl only rothmans label from liverpool and dawn again who has releases on wonder stories and porn wax as well as ant’s rothmans imprint.
nazare is a balearic house which has been left on the slo cooker all day. with a nagging baseline and lush pads a plenty. max essa takes us on a moody balearic tropical ride for his remix.
walpole is another slice of balearic house with a throbbing bassline and trips arms. this time the remix picks up the pace a little for a more dance floor. norwegian disco-esque groove from edsc’s very own neil diablo.
EDSC 006
El Diablos Social Club
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12" Vinyl lp DE 20.10.17
optimo music is delighted to release a first album by fantastic twins (formerly known as the twins). we’ll let them tell you the story behind this inspired and beguiling record
OM LP 12
Optimo Music
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
a true balearic classic. one of a handful of records that can comfortably boast this title. elkin & nelson’s 1979 classic jibaro sits in the canon of selections that enlightened the ears of the jet-set and globe trotting music fanatics in the heady and much storied years of the white isle in the 1980’s. the colombian brothers javier and leon marin velez brought their own rustic brand of folksy-rock-psychedelia to the listening public in 1974 with their debut lp angeles y demonios on columbia records. the brothers had relocated to spain. snared a major label deal and ran with it. the first of 3 lps it proved a big hit in later years with adventurous dj’s and selectors. a cult record you might say. of course. this lp featured jibaro in all it’s forms. but it is this 1986 reissue 12” promo pressing with its iconic. distinctive jacket that was the coveted slab sonic adventurers were seeking. fully sanctioned and legitimately remastered from the original sources and packaged in its original columbia promo sleeve jibaro is back on the shelves. still an incredible record that gets pulled by the most discerning selectors across the globe. a true classic. featured here in its long and short versions as per the ’86 release. absolute top-shelf stuff here. essential. must own and classic.
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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
this june session victim returned to delusions of grandeur imprint with their third studio album. listen to your heart is the result of a year of cross-continental scripting. started in their hamburg studio and wrapped up stateside in san francisco’s room g studios where the duo had worked on their 2014 lp see you when you get there. here we present the third of three lp samplers containing four tracks each. cut nice and loud for the vinyl crew.
we kick things off with almost midnight. another uplifting summer jam loaded with trademark session victim energy and positive vibrations. next up we have castle for sale which drops the bpm’s for a dub influenced. spaced out jam session sounding like king tubby and nightmares on wax getting stuck in the proverbial lift with a large bong for company.
flipping over we have a head over heels. which goes heavy on the lush orchestral strings and a brilliant bouncing moog bassline bringing a deft touch. finally we’re treated to thermal explorer. which incorporates some wonderful larry heard-esque keyboards for a perfect wind-down track to close the release.
an impeccable demonstration of retro-inspired yet forward thinking house and downtempo music. listen to your heart sees session victim at the top of their game.
Delusions Of Grandeur
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12" Vinyl D 19.10.17
wldv returns to giallo disco with their unique brand of zombified splat-alo. four brand new tracks from the basque dj and producer taking in certified doom and club bangers alike. the decayed remnants of old churches. of countless unofficial dawn of the dead sequels. gore. disco pow(d)er. summer dresses soaked in blood. stop screaming. grab the fire axe baby! art by eric a. lee.
Giallo Disco
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12" Vinyl UK 26.10.17
these songs were not born in the club. nor were they written by producers’ algorithms. so where did these hits come from? maybe from poolside changing rooms (aldona or&#322..owska is the polish champion in butterfly style swimming)? or maybe from opera singing lessons with professor olga olgina. the melodist born at the beginning of the 20th century in tsarist russia? she feels as good in performing on yachts as in beautiful churches. aldona marries the virtues of an opera singer and a disco star. she creates together with her husband. an outstanding instrumentalist and unconventional producer. they don’t care about trends. they go where the music is. for a quarter of a century they’ve been splitting their lives between malmö and mallorca. swedish piano houses and beaches. aldona or&#322..owska.
Dunno Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
emotional response continues its fifth year celebrations in welcoming two of the label s long held favourite artists jefre cantu ledesma and alexis georgopoulos coming together perfectly for an album of laconic story-telling and atmospherics
ERS 033
Emotional Response
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12" Vinyl D 27.10.17
the leipzig based label ascending branch is back and it s jimmi hendrik who gives us the rush on the floor this time. the ep title tausendsassa makes it clear and so his new ep comes with 3 strong original tracks from acid to some disco flavoured house music right up to a hot dirty bombshell straight for the club! the main track acerbic sweetness was released on freude am tanzen s digital imprint fat-zig and already gained support from artists like kerry chandler. karotte. mathias kaden or marc romboy! to round things off. kleinschmager audio from mo s ferry delivers a deep version of this classic track. which directly get s under your skin! highly recommended!
Ascending Branch
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12" Vinyl UK 18.10.17
alessandro alessandroni is one of the legendary composers and musicians that shaped the characteristic sound of italian soundtrack of the 60s and 70s.
this ep contains unreleased music composed and produced by alessandro alessandroni in the 70s. taken from a dusty tape found in his vault.
the maestro is best known as “the most famous whistle in the history of cinema” (it was him on the theme of the famous spaghetti western “a fistful of dollars”) and as the voice of piero umiliani’s classic “mah-na&#768.... mah-na&#768....”.
afro discoteca strikes immediately for its modernity and rich textures. sounding unbelievably contemporary.
Four Flies Records
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 18.10.17
pressing on translucent red vinyl. cut at 45 rpm.
Italians Do It Better
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12" Vinyl D 16.10.17
an-2 and samos have turned the clock back to finish off a couple of sessions theyd recorded together years back. maxim samos is our keen friend and sophisticated guitar player from minsk. belarus that we know for years. his first appearance on theomatic was back in 2008 with space-rock tune alpha storm. which received lots of positive feedback and found its way to the prins thomas live at robert johnson compilation. as well as guitars. maxim can play almost any string instrument and. on one of his erstwhile trips to istanbul. he dropped by a music store. picked up a saz and immediately set it alight. blowing away the entire staff. after scoring a big discount. he came out. clutching it in his hands. an-2 commented on samos playing on the saz during one of his first visits to minsk. and immediately suggested cutting a track together something that took 10 years. but the wait’s been worth it. what weve got is surreal halal-acid-folk-disco affair. perfect for whirling dervishes or dancing the dhikr. the storys continued on the b-side. where were treated to a tale of trips in a gti. before finishing with a nordic saga about cold fronts coming at us from behind the polar circle.
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8.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.10.17
this record. and the full 2xlp that will follow it. are dedicated to and inspired by events in 2015 & 2016. which saw the spectre of global crisis come knocking at europes doorstep. during this time. more than a million migrants and refugees fled their homes in the middle east. northern africa. sub-saharan africa and other conflict ravaged areas in search of a better life. for many. hopes of a future for themselves and their families lay in continental europe. while the reasons for such displacement. on a scale unseen in almost a century. are many. so are the reasons for europe being seen as the ideal destination. the relative peace and calm of the continent and the prospect of building prosperous lives in western europe was enough to mobilize multitudes to embark on the treacherous journey to europe. one of the most well-trodden paths on this journey was the balkan route. a trail leading through turkey. greece. and the former yugoslavia. this route was not without its dangers. and the dreams of many were dashed by impassible security fences and discordant eu politics. as one by one they were turned away at borders. or worse. forcibly returned to their countries of origin.

europa is the first single that represents the seed of discontent. from which the 2xlp grew. it was recorded during long jam sessions in belgrade as the media spotlight started to dim. the city became the purgatorial destination for a large number of migrants. whose journeys had been cut short and this record reflects the atmosphere of disillusionment and uncertainty about the future. which descended on the serbian capital.
Malka Tuti 0014
Malka Tuti
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12" Vinyl UK 10.10.17
exciting news! it took 12 releases but common edit returns with something you might actually play on a dancefloor! the spirit continues with another family affair from canada s celebrated common edit label. welcoming two new members in cooper saver and project pablo. while dane. eddie c & el molito wave hi. something for everyone on this. outside cuts for the floor and inside cuts for the sunny days and rainbows. enjoy the ride!
Common Edit
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.10.17
Claremont 56
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12" Vinyl BE 04.10.17
(rollmottle remix) norwegian producer marius circus has been steadily carving out a name for himself over the past few years. with releases on prins thomas revered full pupp imprint. a ten minute acid tinged rework of seahawks for the ocean moon imprint and recently the launch of his very own in the garden. sentrall records very own rollmottle. one half of project sandro. steps up to deliver his take on ‘shorelines.
In The Garden
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.10.17
emotional response reach out to another fine selection of sonic voyagers to take brain machines excellent peaks lp to task. leading in with the warm discoid undulations of rollmottle who refigures to the stars as a gentle. groovy warm-up joint. die wilde jagd takes on mercury ripples and fashion a bombastic breaks jam out of it. and merrick adams pushes alpha moon into a curious but ultimately cosmic space somewhere beyond the titular lunar body. cass takes the prize with the bittersweet synth tones that course through the two-part remix of nexus vox.
ERS 030/2
Emotional Response
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.10.17
sadness of being is a deep contemplative balearic groove evocative and reflective. max essa tunes it up with his trademark drum programming and synth patterns. an essential sunset shuffler
U 11
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9.49 EUR *
MM 001 (180 G VINYL)
12" Vinyl UK 05.10.17
coming to life on a hazy cloud of natural instrumentation and meditative composition. modern manners tap into the appetite for delicate new age musings beautifully on this debut release. amor y odio is laced with spanish guitar musings that spiral out over a simple but effective drum break that harks back to classic downtempo. while running with me edges towards a more sprightly lounge headspace while retaining the rich musicality felt on the first track. instant illusion is propelled by a bassline that wouldn t sound out of place on a house track. but here its punching out in a subtle. laid back environment that aims to get you horizontal in the most sophisticated way possible.
MM 001
Modern Manners
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12" Vinyl D 02.10.17
the italian duo boot & tax got already one lp and four eps under their wings who all deliver house and techno that stands out. so far their records been published by glasgowÆs finest optimo music and meant records from paris. now the two give their debut for endless flight and release three tunes that listen to the name ôdimensionö. they all got funk. they all love mesmerising melodies. you can feel the power of disco coming in with heavy seducing strings. you can get lost in echoed drums. trippy sounds and some oriental tones. and you also can march to cosmic techno that loves krautrock without embracing it. a multi-coloured ep that spreads deepness in an uncommon sense. if moves the heart and soul profound. while staying edgy and catchy.
Endless Flight 83
Endless Flight
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp NL 28.09.17
on this record ben sun presents an old style lp format - 40 minutes of moods and grooves interwoven with an intimate story. of individuals struggling to live freely in a time of oppression. after a sultry jazz opener where the characters are introduced. the lp kicks off with a sweet and slow soul track in work again. underpinned by a rotating acid bass. third comes salty tears. the underground disco floor-filler (original limited 12 version) finding a second home on vinyl. your camera and monday usher in some moody rhythms to complete the first side. sin casa opens the flip with some minor-blues improvisation that gives way to a spacious deep house jam. where the protagonists emerge again. still missing shows deeper shades of a eurobeat style - an emotionally compelling club tune that sounds somewhere on the italo side of 1980s manchester. the story comes to a conclusion with cowardice. and the casual jazz-house sounds of mamans lover. killer album!!
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13.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.09.17
having previously impressed for burek and five fold separately. berlin based italian duo autre and two thou teamed up for a split record on croatian fields & forests imprint. the record showcases a nice combination of eclectic rhythms. funky basses and spacey solos but despite its club signature and retro-futuristic vibe. solar society is still more of a cosmic porch burner rather than a dancefloor banger.
F&F 004
Fields & Forests
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.09.17
mothball record continue to branch out from their italo-disco roots while staying true to a high quality of unique and obscure music. this latest release is a collection of 90s rave and hardcore inspired tracks with an unmistakable euphoric/melancholic dutch flavor from mysterious producer ruud jansen. no less than six strong and diverse tracks provide options for all occasions. from home listening to techno parade.
Mothball Record
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11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 21.09.17
Body Language
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.09.17
we are very excited to welcome rocco & esquivel to cosmica s roster this year. the duo formed by rodrigo desentis (méxico) and eduardo esquivel (uruguay) provide an uptempo gem strictly designed for the dance floor. esquivel is a well know name in the latin american electronic music scene. since he started his residency at the mythical club extasis in montevideo. after 25 years of career and extensively touring through uruguay. brasil and argentina. eduardo has settled in méxico city with residencies in the acclaimed blanco colima and casa disco.
Cosmica Music
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12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.05.17
the first in the little beat different issues series. which came from orm. gets an overhaul thanks to ashley beedle under his africanz on marz moniker. regular customer. jonny rock and tasun.
Little Beat Different
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.11.17
jun kitamura most known by his capricious label started a music event space knock in koenji tokyo. koenji is famous for giving unique music and art culture. now knock starts its own label. the labels first release is debut ep by yoshinori sakaguchi s project helios trismegistus. jun kitamura also gives a remix.
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.09.17
shara music is proud to present -acid last- third reference in vinyl 12&#8243.... this time on the part of owen ezard. owner of shara music ep that comes with 4 very effective cuts of slow vibes. as appetizer presents -first reload- a cover letter to open the appetite giving some clues of the tracks that follow .... acid at soft speed to start the walk by enveloping sounds that take us to the second proposal.-acid last - where owen develops an acidic sequence that evolves until getting into his spiral. and with some more bpms comes the wonderful remix by our beloved favorite italian. fabrizio mammarella. the main course shines with percussions influence of alien alien. mysterious synthesizers taken from outer space and cosmic sound that will make lose your head ... last but not least comes -break & slow- with your hypnotic voices will guide you towards the exit of this labyrinth of eclectic sounds that surely will not leave you indifferent ...
Shara Music
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11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.09.17
the beat broker has been a crucial character of the sentrall story since it s inception. as one of the most consistent releasers on the label (other than its founder). his voice in sentrall s sound is unmistakable: flittering stacks of echoing synths and that undeniable low-and-slow chug. the beat broker returns with a pair of super slow burners that conjure endless summer rooftop parties in the haze of the sweltering heat. the 85bpm title track is an archetypal pacifica slow-burner — the soundtrack to your life in slow motion. when everything is right with the world. the smiles are eternal and you feel like you re in a movie montage. on the flip. get lifted with the balmy 101bpm head-nodder -new aged.- the warmth of the melody envelops you as you bounce. laughing in the waves of the pacific.
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12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 18.09.17
this promo album only send to radio and tv in 1980 is now regarded as one of the best cosmic library lp of this period. from the disco tinged of test and spot to the ambient and kosmische landscapes of spectre or synchronisme you can easily see why.
Camisole Records
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16.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.09.17
synth wizards salta & roma return to bordello a parigi with four magical heaters!
Bordello A Parigi
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.09.17
with his newest ep goa tee. moscoman finds himself seven releases deep into his 12 part treisar series. living up to its name. the seventh piece of the puzzle is the trippiest of the series yet. kicking off with some of my fears. a piece if outer space hypnosis carried by a rolling percussion and bass combo that will keep firmly stomping across dancefloors. reflecting the mood set on the a side. moments in space sees moscoman channel his italo flair while reaching out for a rave indebted sonic palette. final track chinchilla closes on delirious sounds and 8 bit melodies rubbing shoulders with a lovingly syncopated beat. a weapon all exotically inclined djs will be reaching out for a their next jungle party.
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9.99 EUR *
2x 12" Vinyl lp UK 05.09.17
copenhagens music for dreams comes with yet another strong release - a double album of personal favourites compiled by jan schulte. according to all maps and witness accounts. germany does not officially have any tropical forests. this is of no concern to schulte however. who has unearthed many stunning examples of tropical drum music recorded there. perhaps the number of botanical gardens and palm houses in germany confused musicians into mistaking the climate. or maybe it was just a happy blend of escapism and multi-cultural integration within musical scenes that spawned such a curious output of undefinable tribal folk jazz. most of the tracks picked by schulte were released on small labels in the late 80 s. the musicians involved were mainly traditionally schooled. born and raised in germany. at that time to be interested in foreign folk music might have seemed a gimmick to some. what with the emerging -world music boom- already snowballing into the mainstream. but these songs. while they may be based on musical traditions from foreign lands. deal much more with introspection than exploitation. schulte himself points to his -general fascination for music that describes places where the artists have never been. songs about the jungle or the rainforest made by people that know the rainforest only from television and books. somehow i think you can hear their mythical imagination and fantasy in those tracks.- he explains....
Music For Dreams
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20.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.09.17
over the clouds. over the palm trees. there’s club paradiso. club paradiso is a mission. this italo-duo comes from rimini. adriatic coast. and brings forth the golden age of the spanking riviera club culture. travelling through time and space with synths and drum machines. they mix the past(a) and the future. it’s not all about nostalgia. it’s the future they like. the new ep titled “panoramica” sexily rides the summer vibe with infectious body-moving rhythms. the ep is an hypnotic and groovy journey that starts off with “batongo”. a tribal and exotic dancefloor banger that will let the sweat out of the listener in zero time. “espresso notte” is filled with organic house grooves. dreamy pads and a synth that tells you a story that could go on and on and on. “gulliver” and “litoraneo” pick up from there and bring the sound scenario down heavy with 70s-80s disco sounds and boogie. transporting mind and body to a warm and mellow planet. “panoramica” reflects perfectly club pradiso’s goal of mixing past and future. an über-cool ep that is both club and disco friendly.
Mondo Groove
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11.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 08.09.17
emotional response starts 2017 with a mini-album of ambient-equatorial enlightenment by australia s mysterious tropical hi-fi. the final record from an artist appearing on the label s first schleiben series. this also points to the future. based somewhere in the far flung northern territories. the music of hi-fi s pre-incarnation electric egypt was first discovered via the note-worthy airwaves of l.a s outstanding dublab radio station.
ERS 028
Emotional Response
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12" Vinyl UK 13.10.17
hell yeah is back with more beach ready and boat party styled summer tunes. this time from riccio. this italian producer has long been making essential edits. off kilter grooves and soul kissed house sounds that demand to be played loud and these new ones are no different. described by the label boss as balearic big beat. this ep kicks off with afro chemy. a scorching seven minute tune that builds on a bed of fat drums. the scattered percussion is loose and organic and when the funky bass and colourful xylophone sounds comes in you can t help but cut loose. add in a sexy trumpet line and you have the sound of summer distilled into seven sensational minutes. funky cave will get any party started with its old school drum breaks and cymbal splashes sounding like the ocean when you plunge in on a hot day. busted bass lines add a certain fatness and cosmic keys and steamy guitar licks make this another perfect outdoor anthem. last of all is the blissed out heather. one to drop at sundown after a long day s dancing. the beats are warm and lumpy. the synths smear out to the horizon like gently breaking waves and soulful leads really get your heart swelling. proper.
Hell Yeah
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.09.17
freshly dressed after a double helping of made to measure goodness. aficionado size up another summer time smash for the sandal-wearing masses. keen to capture the coastal cool of the wirral peninsula. the label crack out the crystals and summon strange-wave sorceress brenda ray for another hit of her interplanetary excellence. wandering from new age haze to celestial rays on this tripped out trio. our genre blending genius takes the fourth world into the fifth dimension of psychedelic sound. our spiritual journey begins with the chakra cleansing solartude . an out-of-body beauty which bathes us in swirling flute. dreamy chimes and shimmering tape delay before sending us off towards the orient. eastern tones and hushed vocals ride a glistening sequence as this flawless fusion of exotica and dub suggests a medicated martin denny stumbling out of chinatown and into a humid mangrove. next stop on the voyage of self discovery is space dustin . a lunar lullaby for lucid dreamers which sees brenda spin fairlight mallets. celestial keys and whispered vocals into an immersive ode to the outer rim. floating free of space and time. perhaps you too can glimpse the excellent birds. over on the flipside and the temperature begins to rise. skip. hop to bop sees brenda dabbling with dub techno. setting basic channel synths and stirring strings to a skittering rhythm. dislocated and disoriented we descend into a strange subterranean world of rothschild parties. lynchian noir and muffled techno. surrounded by swirling voices. shuffling percussion grabs hold of you and all that remains is to sway.
Aficionado Recordings
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.09.17
nach ersten eps auf luckyme. der gründung seines astro nautico-labels und kollabos mit kelela und flatbush zombies. liefert der brooklyner produzent sam obey (obey city) sein debütalbum ab. das sich zwischen trip und peaktime-party bewegt und wie guter progressive jazz wirkt: elegant. smooth. cool. seriös. expansiv. experimentierfreudig. warm. dabei bewirkt obey als dj und leidenschaftlicher plattensammler. dass positive noise eine starke verankerung in pulsierenden. rhythmischen stilelementen des 1970 /1980 er disco & funk besitzt.
Lucky Me
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12" Vinyl D 01.09.17
rückkehr des supertalents lukas bohlender mit zwei neuen. atmosphärisch wie groove-technisch verzückten housetracks. sein kulttrack club chateau. der sowohl vom innervisions camp. agoria. über west-london djs als auch von legendären cosmic djs großes lob und respekt einheimste. hat hier gleich zwei würdige nachfolger. die hauptmelodie für golden hour entstand überwiegend beim fotografieren in den bergen. golden hour bezeichnet in der fotografie das spezielle warme licht beim sonnenaufgang oder kurz vor dem sonnenuntergang. in diesem sinne genau der richtige track für die twilight zone im club.
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12" Vinyl D 01.09.17
a cold cell in bangkok will be released on a single sided 12 inch single with a silk screened image on the other side lovingly designed by lindsay todd. the remarkable and acclaimed scottish artist and runner of the firecracker. sacred summits. shevchenko and unthank record labels. this record is dedicated to the memories of jhon balance and peter christoperson whose music has brought so much joy and light into my life.
OM 38
Optimo Music
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.08.17
the third and final part of the jacob f. desvarieux anthology on endless flight brings two more hot productions of the fabled french zouk veteran with roots in guadeloupe. the tune “rifyx” is taken from desvarieux’s 1985 album “oh madiana” and delivers arresting jazz-funk and zouk-suspense enlarged with touching horns. synth-enthusiasm and longing female vocals. the second song comes from the paris based. west cameroon born singer tala. produced by desvarieux for tala’s album “mother africa” in 1982. also here desvarieux tuned the synthesizers odd and edgy to let them dance with an afro styled rhythm. above all tala sings sexy with a chorus of girls while percussions go crazy and the sounds of horns are longing for the sky. on top of everything endless flight asked again the japanese producer kuniyuik to edit a desvarieux track. he chose “rifyx” and tuned it into an epic soulful eight minutes long dream house anthem that funks all dancers crazy. hotter than hot stuff here!
Endless Flight 82
Endless Flight
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12" Vinyl lp D 23.08.17
keope is the musical brainchild of toni bruna and marcus rossknecht. with the aim to record an album they ve met in an abandoned quarry on the slovenian border. the outcome tropicalni seems to exist in a vacuum. stylistically. all tracks here owe something to multiple genres and reference points - from folk. balearic. psychedelic and electronica. but none really fit well. synths drift in breezily. floating around the wistful melodies. acoustic guitars sparkle. while flutes & the beats hint at a deeper connection to dance rituals.
limited 12 inch vinyl edition of 250 only coming in a handmade and numbered artwork. each record is highly unique as it goes through an artisan process of hand-printing. folding. glueing and numbering which highlights the aim for creating unique and long-lasting pieces of art.
Keope Musik 001
Keope Musik
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12" Vinyl UK 21.08.17
its just over a year since we started our new label. real balearic. for our second artist album we are really pleased (and honoured) to welcome one of the few djs who can claim to be one of the founders of the eclectic balearic sound. take a trip back to the 70s and 80s in northern italy and you will fine daniele baldelli mixing up electronic. african and slo-mo disco records to co-create the electronica meccanica sub genre. records often would be played at the wrong or variable speed to be made to fit into a wide aural tapestry of his unexpected-but-seamlessly-flowing dj sets. this of course is an aesthetic close to us here at real balearic. a sound we are ever so pleased to have as part of the mixing pot for our new balearic label. for the album he pairs up with fellow italian dj rocca to serve up an eclectic â&#128.&#147. electronic â&#128.&#147. balearic feast.
Real Balearic
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12" Vinyl UK 18.08.17
that cyberpunk chameleon of styles. manchester’s pride and dancefloor master ruf dug is back on wax on copenhagen’s music for dreams. following up the first 12” of remixes that came out last year. we once again re-visit the island life of monsieur ruffy and his debut full length album “island” (recorded during a sojourn on guadeloupe). first up we have italians on the mix. hi-jacking ruffy’s tribute to wally badarou. leo mas and fabrice opt to do their own thing: which is churning out a bouncing house belter of their own that bears little resemblance to the original lo-fi synth reverie. closer to the original then. is fellow mancunian andi hanley’s take on the same track. adding sparse percussion and and a simple but effective drum beat. this take seems to simply be an uncovered second half of the original. where it finally takes off for the dancefloor. “mangrove dub” is reworked by fresh-on-the-scene aussie producer tropical hi-fi who creates a brilliant version full of moist ambient textures and reverb-heavy dub treatments. at last but definitely not least. seahawks turns the whimsical hippie folk ballad “le rayon vert” into a more intense and neatly dressed affair. focusing on the instrumental parts and lifting aside vocalist nev cotte’s contribution to the original. still with a mindful of tropical dreams and the ocean shore close at hand. but in a more introvert vini reilly kind of way. essential package.
Music For Dreams
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7" Vinyl D 15.08.17
launching the sub label with this beautiful release. balearic sounds and downtempo chill music for this 7”. the new series is the perfect platform for different styles of good music. no boundaries here...
TW Limited
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12" Vinyl lp NL 16.08.17
buddy love debut lp on coastal haze.
Coastal Haze
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2x12" Vinyl+mp3 UK 10.08.17
bonobos one offs remixes & b-sides album enthält ab sofort nicht mehr den amon tobin remix.
Tru Thoughts
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12" Vinyl D 07.08.17
für ihr viertes release auf compost präsentieren siren (darshan jesrani und dennis kane) den track lulu. ein eindringlicher und treibender song mit emotional geladenen vocals von devi mamboka. der song wird begleitet von eleganten gitarrenriffs von danny chavis von the veldt (sein zwillingsbruder daniel sang bereits auf sirens erster maxi). basslines von sirens sound engineer mark dann und percussion von liquid liquid frontmann salvatore principato. die italienischen disco- und cosmic-pioniere daniele baldelli und marco dionigi steuern eine sagenhaft groovende und zugleich zeitlose re-interpretation von -lulu- bei. siren sind darshan jesrani (metro area. startree) und dennis kane (disques sinthomme. ghost town). siren’s erste recording sessions fingen im winter 2013 an. aber die anfänge ihrer zusammenarbeit reichen zurück zu ihren gemeinsamen residencies im berühmten new yorker hot-spot apt und anderen parties. die sie organisierten. events mit namen wie camille 3000. adult section und strobe lodge wurden liebevoll gestaltet. mit gewagt romantischen grafiken und einem prägnanten spezifischen statement. dass kultiviertheit und sünde stets zusammen gehören können und immer sollten.
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12" Vinyl D 11.08.17
six new cuts from transfigured time s bakradze
Transfigured Time 003
Transfigured Time
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12" Vinyl UK 02.08.17
danish composer the swan and the lake is at it again with his trademark widescreen soundscapes wrapped around eight new tracks of exquisite scandinavian balearica. with the release of his first album -moments- last year on copenhagen’s music for dreams. we were introduced to a unique artistic vision. with one foot in the ambient chill out spectrum and the other in everything from classical avantgarde. idm and jazz. the music of emil svane breum under his alias the swan and the lake is both very accessible yet complex. on his new album -clouds- we see him expand on those same ideas and with seemingly simple means achieve extraordinary strong emotions. opening side a. the jazzy intro of -fresh food- leads us into a sublime piece of hazy ambient groover that could easily be mistaken for a lost 80s production from japan. -clouds over Østerbro- keeps things playfully cool and adds elements of scat singing and xylophones. layered over breum’s shimmering bright chords. while the title suggests we are still on danish soil. this feels like a five minute vacation to a tropical paradise. guitarist johan liepstack makes a guest appearance on -summer in december- which comes off as an understated anthem that could break out into euphoria at any second. but manages to stay in a sombre state all the way through. on the track -plastic pacific ocean remake- we are visited once more by airy vangelis-like vocals which assume the role of a nurturing angel. guiding us to a comforting state of relaxation and healing. as breum lays down an overwhelmingly beautiful synth serenade with chords that hit you right at the core of your most vulnerable state. flip over for the mallorca inspired track -port d andratx- which comes in two versions - part 1 (sun) shines like a perfect escape into that cafe del mar/ hostal la torre sunset while the more deep and melancholic part 2 is aptly named rain. the gentle trickling of -waterfalls- sees breum mimic the eternal cycle of water. creating an organic and ethereal composition that stretches out seemingly without beginning or end. and finally on -heaven’s voice- we see breum in his most epic and emotional mood. as he steers us through a slow explosive force of cinematic sounds. it all ends with a heartfelt spoken word contribution by guest vocalist neonbi.
Music For Dreams
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 08.08.17
groove armada’s 2nd album. originally released in 1999. finally back on double vinyl with download code included.
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12" Vinyl UK 26.07.17
emotional rescue starts its 5th year by shining a light on one of europe s best underground 80s label in spain s auxilio de ciento. their terra incognita volumes i and ii collated an international mix of synth-pop. new wave. world and industrial sounds to a small but appreciative following. released in 1985 and 1986. the volumes have become highly regarded and rightly sought after. finding a place in discerning playlists from london to amsterdam and dusseldorf to glasgow. here. taking a premise of avoiding the songs unearthed on other recent reissues. is a unique album itself. starting with denis mpunga & paul k s esoteric criola. a fusion of fourth world ideals and poly-rhythmic funk. the music of mal. bene gesserit and la caida de la casa usher. however. soon highlight that the decade also belonged to dark. minimal synth as to shiny balearic ideals. the inclusion of hector zazou with bony biyake and their contribution komba. is a fitting continuation from their cult noir et blanc lp before. things continue with us avant-artist danny alias and his humorous big brother -response- to laurie anderson s superman o. image pour image loose indie-pop and the inclusion of seminal beast of burden lead again to a zazou contribution. this time in his collaborative stranger in a new light. before the compilation eclectically ends with the dadaesque lakota and the post punk dub of instead of s closer. angels
ERC 034
Emotional Rescue
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12" Vinyl BE 11.07.17
n.e.w.s. welcomes music mania reprise. ghent record store music mania amazes vinyl lovers with stunning reissue of new beat classic elle et moi by max berlin.elle et moi. will be out recordstoreday 22nd april 2017. brought to you by music mania reprise. the new sub label of music mania records.
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12" Vinyl. 180 g BE 25.07.17
(180 gr) mark barrott steps away from the balearic sound hes become synonymous with to take a journey back to the territory he first explored with bepu ngali. the pathways of our lives is a joyous. life affirming piece of 70s afro soul with amodern twist. continuing barrotts love affair with african polyrhythms and 70s philly strings.
International Feel
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12" Vinyl UK 25.07.17
after the success of 2016 s open water . udmo returns with three meticulous compositions based on themes of industry and space. the tightly woven. grooving ethereal sounds that we have come to associate with this young artist are even more developed with his second release. label heads albrecht la brooy contribute with a deeply hypnotic friday arvo knock-off remix suited to the early hours.
Analogue Attic
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12" Vinyl UK 24.07.17
white label with hand-stamped. in a world over easy-come-easy-go overnight success stories. artists like kiwi are a rare find. steadily refining his skills as a dj and producer since the mid 00’s. whilst amassing a back-catalogue with labels such as optimo. disco halal and futureboogie. his trajectory encompasses an eclectic range of influences. making him something of a sonic wild card. with shards of disco. techno and fuzzy electronica always present. it’s seems fully logical that he can count the likes of erol alkan. andrew weatherall and dj harvey as fans. now. making his debut on moda black. kiwi delivers a surreal trip that balances raw energy with e-moment goosebumps. perfectly backed up by remixes from cult favourites lord of the isles and willie burns
Moda Black
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12" Vinyl D 21.07.17
last year producer and dj eddie c released his third endless flight album “on the shore” - a compelling musical trip of drifting repetition in rhythm and melody. now he drops a new ep. consisting of three new track and “auf der ufer” – a tune he did with his norwegian buddy rune lindbaek. that is dancing a cosmic dance and that was never released on vinyl before. the three other works are crossing different territories. the eight minutes meditation “pumapunku” marries balearic flair with otherworldly synth-spheres. the also epic “inner piece” opens the house box with waving basslines. furious chord suspense and some unexpected breaks. the final is marked by “lonely without you” - a funky blue tune that brings in some peoples potential unlimited vibes for endless autobahn rides. another heartfelt arranged mix off instruments. synths. samples and drum machines by eddie c. the heartfelt canadian in berlin.
Endless Flight 81
Endless Flight
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12" Vinyl UK 20.07.17
greetings fellow lovers of abstract truth. how s living in a dystopian now working out for you? here s hoping a new birdscare release can help take the edge off... it s by zu dobson. and who s zu dobson? i honestly wish i could tell you. she approached me at an a.l.f.o.s. gathering of the faithful and gave me a cd of her work with nothing on it but a po address written on it. after corresponding by letter for a while we agreed that -apple knife- and -wisdom of rumi- would be the first release (of hopefullly many). i only met ms. dobson fleetingly and she has no on-line presence so her identity is vague even to me. so next time you re on the dancefloor that young woman dancing next to you could well be zu dobson. fondant regards... andrew weatherall
Bird Scarer Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 21.07.17
copenhagen based music for dreams release the debut album of mackrory and collier.
nick mackrory & harry collier’s musical partnership dates all the way back to the 90’s. when they were both deeply invested in the musical boom in the uk that followed acid house. the rave scene. and the ibiza experience. nick went from drumsticks to turntables to studio wizardry. while harry honed in on his golden voice - which led him to a stint as a singer for faithless. they found their way back to each other in 2014 and have since developed a sound together that is fresh but not too polished. with touches of 60’s chanson coupled with sundazed electronics. their songs linger on like the feeling of a long day spent outdoors in summer.
this album collects their previously released singles for music for dreams along with exclusive new material and a number of remixes. edits and alternate versions that together form a mesmerizing listening experience.
Music for Dreams
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19.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 19.07.17
copenhagen-based trio silent riders recently wowed us with their immersive neo-gothic full length album debut on music for dreams. now they are back with a remixed package aimed directly for the darkest of dancefloors. together with some top notch remixers. they are re-visiting their stand out track -i see you- as well as -shadows-. another cut off their self-titled album
Music For Dreams
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VOL. 10 (10 INCH)
10" Vinyl D 18.07.17
so far we landed to vol.10. this time with a stunning release from l.u.c.a. of edizioni mondo francesco de bellis is one of our favorite producer with tons of releases as francisco. jolly music over the last two decades his music is a kaleidoscopic universe of beautiful harmonies reminiscent of master italian composer like morricone. stelvio cipriani and alessandro alessandroni. blending together soundtracks. “summer of lov ” atmospheres and balearic pleasure.
Really Swing
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12" Vinyl D 17.07.17
pp serie is here to combine music by label artists & friends showcasing a broad spectrum of audio entertainment. “serie a” features: trance inducing collage. pop build up. homage to the almost forgotten communication medium telefon and a heavy acid tool. &#8232..artists included: tambien. rhode & brown. mr. tophat & obalski
Public Possession
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12" Vinyl lp UK 19.07.17
it is summer time in nang land which means the dials are being set to balearic. step forward our all-around good chap. friend and producer buddy pete herbert. he has teamed up with bali based musician and keyboard player martin denev to deliver an album of the finest bali-inspired balearic house. hot and balmy evenings here we come.
Nang Records
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12" Vinyl IT 19.07.17
“superbacana” marks the return of s-tone inc.. an ep that anticipates a new album due to release in autumn 2017. produced by stefano tirone. who co-wrote all the tracks with tomaz di cunto - alias toco - it contains four tracks (one in two different versions) with a funky brazilian flavour. inspired by the black rio sound that represents the encounter between samba and the american soul funk music since the ’70s. an outstanding groovy effort that raises the expectations on what s-tone inc. will produce in the nearby future...
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coloured 7" Vinyl UK 17.07.17
pacific horizons are outliers. largely unconcerned with much that goes on beyond their la studio. immersed in their own universe of sound. the pair cherry pick from genres to create their own raw. lo-fi take on what. if you must pin it down. can be defined as loosely balearic. the duos sound calls on various eras of pyschedelia through the years. from the scene s roots to the very modern but always circles back to the initial shamanic intention of mind altering ritual. drawing heavily on the raw and rugged west coast for inspiration they posses a sound entirely indigenous to their locality and peers. this stark individuality has brought the project to the attention of such seminal characters as francois k. andrew weatherall and david mancuso. pacific horizons are drawn back down to earth again by deus records for a rare excursion away from their pacific wizard foundation imprint. teeing up one side of an exclusive 7-. on remix duty peaking lights provide the perfect foil. the fellow west coast artists are kindred spirits in pushing against the norm but here bring some order to the release. segueing the raw ideas into a their own blissful. rolling balearic experience. equal parts melancholia and euphoria. burning stars dub version is entirely complimentary to the original track. giving space and structure to some of the more volatile elements of the original. anything pacific horizons put their name to exists to revel in the purity and energy of the original moment of creation. little if any editing is done once the song is whole. making them the perfect artists for this limited edition release full of spontaneity and ideas. pressed on 7 inch white vinyl in full picture sleeve.
Deus Records
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12" Vinyl D 13.07.17
frigio records is going back in time for its latest release. some 38 years into the past. back then a young newcastle man was experimenting with early electronic instruments and synths. mick clarke is his name and nearly forty years later he is still at it. two tracks have been borrowed from clarke s seminal games lp. each given a bit of modern boot polish from minimalrome s heinrich dressel and frigio father juanpablo.

-walls of the night- is a blissed out work of ambient prog rock abstraction. think rumbling horror score and soaring guitar strings. heinrich dressel offers a giallo dipped remix. the building bars of the original are maintained. beats added for ballast and darkened organ keys for a remake etched with murderous intent. the flip is introduced by the dreamy -time is now.- slender synthlines intertwine with gentle strings in a cerebral work. juanpablo tweaks the 1979 material. syrupy acid lines swim in meandering currents. a thick beat keeping time in murky waters of modulations and undulations.
Frigio Records
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10" Vinyl D 13.07.17
the cosmic pint glass keg series continues its secret vinyl only 10&#8243.... addition. pressed to 200 copies. this time daniel t supplies the dancefloor fun times by adding some tropical funk to maricopa s ascent and turning it into some mutant disco party jam. on the flip miskotom adds a hefty dollop of atmosphere to the already atmospheric volcanic glass to provide a stunningly laid back finish. get these while they re hot!
Cosmic Pint Glass
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12" Vinyl UK 10.07.17
rune returns on his own drum island imprint. this time very ably assisted by uk house turned ambient ambassador chris coco weekend billionaires. in its original form is a delightfully lolloping balearic builder. the chris coco sunshine mix immerses those guitar licks and synth pads in a sea of dubbed out. ultra-violet light. already rumoured to be included on harvey s eagerly awaited mercury rising comp. anton klint (tryck & ton / public possession) steps up on the flip with a no-less psychedelic. but decidedly more laser-lit interpretation. finally alta lab wraps things up with a pacier interpretation. housing up the elements into a hypnotic. emotive rendition
Drum Island
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12" Vinyl lp. 180gr UK 07.07.17
synthetic is a track from iib debutant kimopots. sythetic is a deep grooving house cut. eastern elements and soft arps melting with subtle technoy acid vibes. dreamy. ilija rudman brings out the analogue hardware and adds a boogieesque bassline keeping the deepness. finally robot 84 pumps it up a touch with a nod towards italian house sounds of the early 90s. 3 great versions
IIB 046
Is It Balearic
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12" Vinyl D 03.07.17
a leopard cant change his spots and magnus international earned his spots in the sequence hue of oslos disco scene. disco is the single thread that runs through all electronic dance music. after an inconsistent hiatus from recording. the norwegian dj had donned the producer cap resolutely for his debut lp. echo to echo with us last year in 2016. the an additional much loved album bonus 12inch. that all. aside his many other projects for us in the last years. now 2017. magnus synths are on again. like a breath of fresh air and sunlight. these 4 tracks roll on to the world from oslos shores and as his usually best magnus is very strong on seamingly endless grooving chords and timing. sweet harmonycentric bliss and tight. on the point drum programming that comes with this pull factor wich makes you want to play or listen out loud over and over again. theres a chmmr remix as well so things look really good here!
Full Pupp
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