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12" Vinyl D 07.02.20
limited to 100 copies. be quick.
Insult To Injury
in stock
11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.09.18
fresh from starting his own label insult to injury, timothy clerkin returns to ransom note records with the knife edge heart ep. three tracks of stirring techno for dark basements and warm hearts. timothy is a very interesting man, but hes also the sort of person whod rather let his music do the talking, so well move on swiftly. the mvp here is knife edge heart, an unabashed pop song whose shimmering exterior is cut through with flashes of steely darkness. frequent collaborator natalie reiss’ glacial voice is held at the perfect level of remove, while timothy allows his love of shoegaze to blossom with a guitar line that seems to extend like a ladder to the stars. with you bridges timothys opposing impulses, balancing sparkling synths and a celestial vocal sample with churning low-end, while divisive is paranoid warehouse techno at its very best. with his debut solo album out soon on phantasy, gabe gurnsey of factory floor stops by for a lurching, seasick remix of knife edge heart that sounds like the onset of the robot apocalypse weve all been promised for so long. after cutting his teeth as one half of eskimo twins, timothy launched his solo career in 2014 under the now-retired heretic moniker. hes since released on labels including throne of blood, hard fist and days of being wild. timothys last release on rsn was the serenade ep, which brought us plenty of special moments last year - most memorably andrew weatherall closing out his houghton quarry set with execute. heres to many more this summer and beyond.
Ransom Note
out of stock
12.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.07.17
timothy heretic’clerkin has a new record out. this new record is called serenade. it is out on ransom note records. it is three tracks from timothy and one remix from marlon hoffstadt. all four tracks are winners. they sound like the 90s remade by people too young to remember the shit bits. there are breakbeats. there are acid lines. there are weird samples about drugs. there are things that sound like orbital. there is no time wasted.
Ransom Note Records
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 11.01.19
ida007 ist eine vinyl veröffentlichung mit dem titel -pagan rave ep- von den mitbegründern des labels uninc & kolomensky, die aus der aufstrebenden moskauer szene kommen.
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.10.18
touch of loft wax 002 see’s label head nathaniel garry step out on the a-side with a club ready deep house dj tool. jacking percussion lays a solid groove as electric piano chords and deep pads set the mood, topped off with chopped up vocal samples to get the crowd pumping. london’s timothy clerkin serves up an ebm rave for his remix on the b-side, with a thumping kick drum and arpeggiator bassline sitting under twisted and warped vocals from the original. grab it. pop it in your dj bag. with the a-side for the warm up and the b-side for the peak time slot.
Touch Of Loft
in stock
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 17.07.18
the lyon imprint hard fist strikes again with the collaborative princes of abzu ep, federating producers hailing from multiple horizons.
Hard Fist
out of stock
13.49 EUR *
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