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12" Vinyl NL 21.06.18
when harold boue aka abstraxion invited fantastic man into his studio after playing together the night before he didnt knew he was planting the seed for a new project. as he recalls, it was a day of intense sun in marseille with not enough sleep, but the result was so great that it inspired harold to work on new tracks around the idea of creating music to reflect his city: a bit rough, but luminous and influenced by elements of mediterranean, african and northern european cultures. this has translated into a heavily percussive sound, in which tribal disco grooves invoke the spirits of voodoo-techno. three cuts driven by warmly distorted rhythms, bursts of primitive drums, rubbery synths and uplifting chants that overall feel like the first sunrays after an excursion through a dark cave: both blinding and blissful. the projects name is a tribute to the astrological sign of harolds son, who was born at the same time as the music on the ep. it was the definitive signal he needed to convince himself it was the right time to start something new and different. and an event that for sure helps understanding the vibes that this music transmits: as pure, fresh and powerful as only a new beginning can be.
Hivern Discs
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10.99 EUR *
cd UK 02.09.16
summer 2016 and its time for the seventh annual trip to the beach with your favorite nangster crew. this time sailing the ship is san francisco resident and all round top producer chap aimes. he has spun a web of summer disco beach tunes to get the sundown grooves deep, long and funky.
Nang Records
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2x cd UK 04.09.12
ministry of sound uk pres. jaguar skills & his amazing friends vol. 1 - jaguar skills duerfte fans von mash-ups bereits als ein garant für großen spaß ein begriff sein. neben radio-shows auf u.a. bbc 1 und einer residenz im rahmen von jade jaggers jezebel nights auf ibiza zelebrieren jaguar skills & friends die derzeit wildesten und durchgeknalltesten mash up mixe! cd1 besticht durch ninja sound-effekte gepaart mit tracks, remixen und acapellas von u.a. frankie goes to hollywood über dj muggs feat. dizzee rascal & bambu bis hin zu goldie oder rave-veteranen wie 808 state. cd2 beinhaltet dann vier mini mash-up mixe von u.a. calverton, murkage, doorly uvm
Ministry of Sound
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21.99 EUR *
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