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12" Vinyl NL 08.12.17
“i’m not at all sorry. now that he’s dead.
he took my cheese and ate it in my stead.
he’s punished by fate - god. you’ve avenged me.”
- aesop
“the fox and the raven” is the maiden release for denise rabe’s self titled label. conceived to be the channel thru which her personal. unfiltered. haunting sound will find it’s body and voice.
exemplifying this with the 3 cuts on “the fox and the raven”: driven. hypnotic. techno with a chasing sense of urgency. balanced with eeire lamenting melodies. perfectly fitting the tales of lore chosen to illustrate each release like a volume in an odyssey.
concluding this chapter. a limited pressing of 300 reproductions serigraphed. embossed and scented. echoing how like fables. music. occupies a tangible moment in the listeners life and space.
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.06.17
denise rabe. one of the strongest members of our crew is back on the label with a stunning follow up. oneirology is the scientific study of dreams. 3 tracks that explore this dynamic in depth. completed by an impressive remix from the swedish misterious duo shxcxchcxsh. sonic hyperbole.
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 28.08.15
we present you the debut of denise rabe on arts collective. impressive music from this rising star. penumbra is energetic. romantic and solid. this release becomes gold with the special rework done from rrose.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 06.10.17
ressort imprint comes up with the second v/a to celebrate the tenth release entitled more cuts on loving part ii. this release comes with a deeper touch to it than the first. much heavier v/a. music crafted by friends for friends - a truly heartwarming story.
Ressort Imprint
Last Copy!
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.07.15
the 3rd release by mutewax. various artsts 03. shows no signs of letting up. normally playing live. lyon-based pascal roeder smoothes out the rough edges with gentle yet subversive rhythms in “101.” a posh production that hints at what’s to come on his next mutewax ep. mutecell’s “vimana”. like the word itself. embodies multiple meanings at once - the track’s inherent mystery oscillates between emotion and intellect. ancient and modern. serene stillness and a bold drive into the unknown. relocating from denver to berlin. chad kaska. aka daegon. reinvents himself on his first vinyl release. “double speak.” the energetic track fights its way forward. advancing steadily against an antithetical undercurrent. finally assimilating it into its double-crossing rhythm. the founder of “hide & seek” in berlin. denise rabe hits hard out of the gate with her first vinyl track. “loaded.” building up energy. the track finally detonates and expands in phrenic waves across the dance floor.
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8.49 EUR *
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