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12" Vinyl D 13.12.19
repress! japanese producer jun kitamura released 2eps from his own label capricious back in 1998 and 2000 named outergaze and outergaze 2 by his artist name jun. they were both underground hit in the uk and other countries. efd compiles 2 tracks from these 2eps, which are still heard in dance floors worldwide after more than 10 years, as the first release efd classic series.
EFD Classics
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.11.17
jun kitamura most known by his capricious label started a music event space knock in koenji tokyo. koenji is famous for giving unique music and art culture. now knock starts its own label. the labels first release is debut ep by yoshinori sakaguchi s project helios trismegistus. jun kitamura also gives a remix.
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11.49 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl D 12.02.19
light in the attic’s japan archival series continues with kankyo ongaku: japanese ambient, environmental & new age music 1980-1990, an unprecedented overview of the country’s vital minimal, ambient, avant-garde, and new age music – what can collectively be described as kanky&#333,,,,, ongaku, or environmental music.
Light In The Attic
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71.99 EUR *
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