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FLUG 407
12" Vinyl D 28.05.08
for the third time adam proll has released a 12 for cocoon recordings. and just like in the two predecessors, >hummel< and >adamantido<, the native pole is at the pulse of time and, with >flight 407<, creates a beautiful and dreamy summer tech house track, which seems to be made for the forthcoming open air season. warm, soft beats are as skillfully and elegantly used as trippy half time snares and thus make the a side sparkle of life. in contrast to this, >abbadon< is more something for the neverending after hours of this summer. the warm and deep detroit sound reminds of sunsets at the beach and is bringing back this special feeling to the dance floor - may it be in frankfurt, berlin or everywhere else.
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12" Vinyl D 10.05.07
big tune !! once more, adam proll is impressing the audience with his latest release. especially >adamantido< persuades with its reflection of current moods and reminds of productions by martin landsky, booka shade or cocoon recordings producer guy gerber. a great emotional tech house tune with enough space for big feelings and open air mood. coming to >elevator<, adam proll is himself again and serves a buzzing and shuffled minimal techno track that rocks like hell. the track lives up to its name and definitely takes us one level higher on the dance floor. a nice forecast for the upcoming summer and a guaranteed floorfiller
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12" Vinyl D 26.10.06
the polish man adam kroll aka adam proll presents two extraordinary productions which draw a bow from house to pretty weired techno. the a side comes along very elegant with a light but effective shuffle programming. flipside starts like a fuzzy electrotrack with a dark bass sound and a mighty 909 kick soon turns into a true techno monster with freaky breaks and insane synth sounds !!! an absolute highlight for fans of zombie nation and daniel dbx bell....
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7.69 EUR *
6x12 lpbox D 28.06.06
limited 6x12inch incl cool hardbox. state of the art! this is short and simple, and the best way to describe the cocoon compilations a to e.this motto is also true for the latest issue: the cocoon compilation f is without doubt the hottest collection of exclusive tracks of the hippest producers, newcomers and hit suppliers within the last months. here, minimal meets tech house, with the result that both the club-orientated tech head as well as the electronic music fan in his living room are happy: open your mind! adam kroll, pier bucci, 2000 and one, guido schneider, someone else, ruede hagelstein, gregor tresher, alex smoke, guy gerber and more top freaks !!
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59.99 EUR *
cd D 25.05.09
this fourth label compilation presents all dancefloor burners of the last 12 months on cocoon recordings in a diversified and coherent mix: martin buttrich, schneider & galluzzi, guy gerber, tiefschwarz, reboot, adam proll and timo maas undisputedly belong to the group of artists who have enhanced electronic dance music in the past year.
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cd D 31.07.08
mixed on two decks by chris tietjen
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17.39 EUR *
cd D 28.03.07
sven väth s nachwuchshoffung aus dem cocoon-stall mit den krachern dieser zeit… super mix
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13.99 EUR *
2x cd D 09.11.06
sven vaeth gibt uns mal wieder den ultimativen musikalischen rückblick auf die zurückliegende saison. neben den großen hits (mouth to mouth), (this is sick), (dump track), (nam nam) finden sich auch jede menge neuer perlen und schätze auf den beiden doppel-cds, die cocoon-head sven väth wieder als >night< und >day< mixes angelegt hat. incl. tom pooks,audion,ichunddu,dominik eulberg uvm.
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
cd D 04.07.06
brill unreleased deep minimal electro techhouse tracks !!!
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18.99 EUR *
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