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coloured 12" Vinyl US 28.04.11
new kanada enters the emerging spring season with two cuts of hope and despair. on the a-side, adam marshall drops >vamp< - a 12-minute modal jazz monster that winds its way from a bass heavy dub to an swirling psychedelic quilt of sound. dripping modular sequences for girls in white. on the flip, nk presents a cut from toronto-based matt maaskant. >outside the cave< was recorded in his fathers grain silo in northern ontario and evokes smokey post-club memories. murrs delicate, gorgeous mix-down freezes the track into an example of fragile beauty - complete with fuzz clicks, choir ensemble and a deep 808 kick. burial meets bon iver. we are really feeling this one. music to fall out of love to. limited to 250 copies - clear red vinyl edition.
New Kanada
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