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C11H15NO2 (180G / VINYL ONLY)
12" 180g shrinked 28.11.19
welcome to release number six, first one of the new chemical cicle. featuring two originals and two minimalistic locked grooves by the label boss destrict. a1 is a trippy groove where synths alternate in rhythmic patterns. b1 is a more sophisticated treat, live percussions and kits over minimalistic electronic grooves alternate themselves to create emotions. as per usual on every side you will also find a locked groove to spice your next djset.
Opium Audio
in stock
4.82 EUR *
8.76 EUR
45% Discount
12" 180g shrinked 28.11.19
after the success from 001, which has sparked excitement in the music industry with his fresh and intense flow, opium returns with an authentic, hard hitting and straight to the point 6 track summer release on 002. market is a percussive workout, with wobbly sub lines and hard hitting kicks as its foundations, sure to put the crowd in a trance. the pressure trax boss einzelkind does not disappoint, delivering a true 6am monster. verrina & ventura infinite is a techno rhythmic ambient party tool that will fuel up your night. resutorant is a more stripped back approach to destrict previous material, showing that he really is a versatile artist, able to make trippy grooves but also strong and impactful tracks. egal3, very well known in the vinyl industry, has provided with his remixing skills another superb techno dance floor filler. frost complete the pack, taking it back to the 80s with an acid synth locked groove.
Opium Audio
out of stock
8.75 EUR *
12" 180g shrinked 08.03.16
welcome to the fifth installment of the the opium audio flower series. featuring a percussive and minimalistic trip by the label boss destrict. a journey into contaminated rhythmical patterns and warn pads that are distinctive of his own style. the release follow on the b-side with a trippy reinterpretation of the original mix made by the destrict partner in crime u-more. the release feature also 2 locked groove, one from the russian talent sil and one tool form the u-more remix.
Opium Audio
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 180g shrinked 09.11.15
welcome to the anticipated fourth installment of the the opium audio series. featuring two brand new, deep and trippy tracks by label-owner destrict himself, the fourth opium audio release also comes with lots of heavy additives. >goodbye fellas< represents a miles-deep and atmospheric structure while >becose i do< unfolds into a subversive drum-driven beast. young blood kashawar went on to remix destricts >goodbye fellas< in a deep romantic and uplifting way – not only after-hour-material! further on hardworksoftdrink programming-heros felix reifenberg and thilo dietrich remixed >becose i do< in their well known tradition for talented on-point producing-skills that never lacking craziness. not to stop there, opium audio 004 features two locked groove tracks by well known romanian artist vid and the dutch talent roon. 180g pressing and vinyl only.
Opium Audio
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 180g shrinked 14.07.15
opiums latest offering from italian techno impresario destrict offers up intelligent deep journeys culminating in this 6 tracks ep alice hole highlights the artists signature sound by incorporating his trademark analog beats and deep undulating melodics whilst holding a solid break groove. chandni chowk carries the same vibe but pushes the producers sound deeper into self indulgent drum programming that keeps you locked amongst its evolving mood. denis kaznacheev alongside the analogue cops pushed the destrict beats to another level jumping form minimalistic to techno tunnels. re-up and rich nxts appearances bring more straight up dance-floor ready locked-grooves and re-works. again, if your comfort zone is a tunnel opium audio is your safe place.
Opium Audio
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" shrinked 02.03.15
amazing minimal and hypnotic microhouse tunes. incl. ada kaleh remix and 2 locked grooves by adah kaleh and someone unknown. very unique release.
Opium Audio
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
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