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12" Vinyl D 08.02.19
bass driven trippin cuts
First Second Label
in stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 31.08.18
first second label drop their 6th release from the mysterious berlin based duo g.e.o. corp. college drive, one mix for the school day and one for the night class with a der opium queen 3am dub mix for those nitelinkers or early starts. i think its alright? like ive heard it 1000 times and i still like it, plus i played it in clubs a few times and people had a good time, there’s a breakbeat in it, a big piano so solo, and one of those naff korg m1 saxophones thats in every house record. tip! – g.e.o. corp
First Second Label
in stock
8.75 EUR *

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