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12" Vinyl NL 08.12.17
tact recordings launch their new vinyl only sub-label tactics . with the first ep coming courtesy of yard one. who deliver three excellently programmed cuts in the shape of tactics vol. 2.
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12" Vinyl D 04.12.17
vinyl only. alex took his first musical steps by studying piano and guitar at the young age of 6. his fascination for the more outlandish. experimental side of each instrument corrupted his lessons and sent him down a modular synths and tape loop composition wormhole. years later alex resurfaced. got himself clean and. through connections made while spending time as a vocal audience member (and sometimes uninvited participant) at lyman woodard. phil ranelin. and other tribe- and motown-linked gigs in cass corridor during the mid-1970s. spent time as a session musician for earth wind and fire. chic. and prince. it was only toward the mid-90s he found himself enthralled by the techno and house sounds of detroit and chicago so he went into the woodshed and came out firing electronic salvos.
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12" Vinyl D 01.12.17
anotr are here for their first ep on material. already played by jamie jones and richy ahmed. tip
Material Series
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MOTH (180G 2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl lp NL 17.11.17
after a career spanning more than 25 years john beltran lands on the belgian de:tuned label with the long-awaited follow-up album to his widely acclaimed classic 90s masterpiece “ten days of blue”. on “moth” beltran opens his heart by combining melody. emotion and soul with infectious grooves. as such he lays down the definitive and timeless detroit sound with a clear nod to the early innovators. from 4/4 dance floor burners to tribal shufflers and ambient interludes. “moth” is a well-balanced journey full of blissful atmosphere for both the mind and feet.
the matching artwork was designed by the talented plastica from spain. matt colton took care of the mastering duties to ensure the highest playback quality. the album will be released as a 180 gr vinyl double pack.
de:tuned would like to thank john and everyone that has been involved in the making of this wonderful album. stay tuned!
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18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.09.17
at the third new interplanetary melodies astral journey stopover. it was mandatory to catch an italian project deeply inspired by the sun ra visionary realm. expressing contemporary trials of hybridising jazz with artful electronica. so ra toth and the brigantes orchestra landed on vinyl grooves for the label. after having previously appeared on the likes of mathematics and berceuse heroique. behind the sound. we find the elusive and unpredictable genius of the well-respected producer marcello napoletano.
nim received the distorted sound signal from napoletano taken over by the egyptian deity born from the lips of ra. who knows if those noises were coming from a parallel dimension. outer space. or some otherworldly sphere...? submerged in dark bottom waters. the stormy waves of the acid sea are made of convulsive afro-flavoured percussion with sharp synths looming out like the ivories of some freakish abyssal creatures.
New Interplanetary Melodies
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12" Vinyl US 20.11.17
2017 repress !! bulgarian up and coming producer kink. brings us his debut release on ovum. on the a side. kink brings us >rachel<. give you a deep percussive journey that gives a nod to all the things that you love about early chicago house. this deep raw track takes you on many twists and turns. what starts as a lush beauty builds into a raw energetic monster. as the synth mid bass kick in the tracks takes on entirely new energy. it continues to build as the strings come in and we reach full climax ...
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12" Vinyl NL 17.11.17
... one day he found a great. reddish slab of stone on the side of the road. it shone. could he transfer the very same color onto himself? he searched and found a rough surface which he used to scrub the stone hunk until there was a pile of crimson powder. mixing it with water. he coloured his body with the shinning red. standing there painted. he began to sing. as he sang. the stone slab on which he stood opened and swallowed him up. even today. on passing this stone. they say one can still hear the song of the enchanted. from below the surface of amsterdam s underground. depth over distance will release its first ep of spaced out grooves conjured by eversines. four jams covering the spectrum of deep electronic music ranging from slow building anthems (pyramids) and acid fuelled dubs (transition portal and vultures) to the celestial closing pads of the other side signifying the first stop on this journey.
Depth Over Distance
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2x12" Vinyl BE 15.11.17
seeking for a different twist to original tracks. there are not many producers who have not tapped on deetrons talents as a masterful remixer. with more than 200 remixes to his name since his first remix was released in 2000. deetron takes stock and cherry-picks from his vast discography to present re-creation
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23.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.11.17
a new label services deal with !k7 was announced this year that will see the relaunch of the two hundred & forty volts label and for the first time ever the entire swayzak back catalogue. to celebrate the re-launch and ultimately draw a line under the old material a 19 track retrospective will released shortly afterwards on dec 1. the lost tapes compilation will include some of their seminal classics. unreleased versions and a brand new single from swayzak & richard davis. all paving way for the new album next year. the compilation will be released on vinyl over 3 consecutive eps
240 Volts
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl l D 15.11.17
limited first pressing of 750 individually numbered copies on purple 180 gram audiophile vinyl. housed in a gatefold sleeve. including insert with text written by ian peel. the expanded edition includes -contrique-. -10 x 10- plus 7 bonus tracks.
Music on Vinyl
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12" Vinyl UK 23.03.17
more stories from lonely planets rec. on the long awaited debut ep of star traveller sinan alakus. solid 12” diameter taking you on a cosmic waveform expedition with clean spacious orbits inspired by past. present an future. warping through techno jams and time bending house grooves to atmospheric ambient and kepler electro cuts. five ethereal voyages to make that interstellar medium travel less lonesome.
Lonely Planets Rec.
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3x12" Vinyl D 06.11.17
say what you wanna say. but you have to give strahil velchev this: the manÆs a powerhouse. recording and playing live under the kink alias. he went on to become one of finest purveyorÆs of funk in techno and house. what it is. by definition. ainÆt exactly clear. and that is the beauty of it. kinkÆs music is unifying in the best possible way. channeling the spirit and feeling of a time where it didnÆt really matter who the faces behind the music were. kink plays with the elements of genres and sub-genres as if the future of it all is still wide-open. at the same time it could be accused of retro-fetishism. as much as the pope himself is infallible. the pure need to recreate moments. feelings and experience - rather than carbon copies of existing designs - was what started kinkÆs production work. hailing from bulgaria. it was nearly impossible to get your hands on all the records and music that fed into a system of raves. clubs and record shops that seemed far away from sofia. and financially it might as well have meant another galaxy. wanting to dj without having access to the tracks that spun the carousel meant that you had to create them yourselves. so. here we go with a private bootlegger gone public mastermind and one of the loudest voices in house. techno and beyond. from kinkÆs early productions with neville watson to his smash-hit for ovum. a cerebral album for macro. tons of remixes & tracks and his mind-bending live act. playground seems to take all that into a blender. simultaneously a sound-summary. the harvest of a field of ideas. and the exhibition of an artist in his prime. it also works as a sort of kink dictionary: avant-garde soundscapes stand next to boisterous bangers. classic club tracks and peak time emotions
Running Back

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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12" Vinyl NL 10.11.17
“dont believe in happiness” album sampler including full album download.
My Favorite Robot Records
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12" Vinyl UK 08.11.17
following on from the widely acclaimed album from the mekanism. seth troxlers play it say it label commissions a series of essential remixes from chris carrier & dan ghenacia. ryan crosson and dop.
Play it Say it
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 09.11.17
seit fast 20 jahren bereichert der brite james holden die electronic-szene mit innovativen. prägnanten und stilbildenden ideen. für sein drittes album versammelt er die liveband the animals spirits um sich herum. um seinem elektronischen sound organische liveinstrumente wie saxofon. kornett oder cosmic-percussion hinzuzufügen. so entsteht ein neuartiger. synthbasierter folk-trance. der elemente wie psychedelia. krautrock. weltmusik und spiritual-jazz mit holdens melodischer stärke kombiniert. damit kreiert holden eine neue genreprõgende form universeller musik. die gleichzeitig flüssig wie lebendig klingt.
schwarzes 180g doppelvinyl im gatefold inklusive downloadcode.
Border Community

also available as:
CD (EUR 14.99)
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2x 12" Vinyl UK 29.08.17
apollo proudly presents a full release of the stunning debut album released by sw. sw s lush sound design and hypnotic arrangements nestles snugly alongside the classic 90’s apollo releases of biosphere and robert leiner in all their balmy glory. originally issued on vinyl only via sw’s own sued imprint. this apollo re-release represents something of a coup in that it’s the first of the label’s music to ever be presented digitally. as a label. sued has formed a reputation for releasing some of the most vital and sought after contemporary dance-floor vinyl. from both sw and svn. as well as collaborations and comradeship with other analogue obsessed auteurs such as dynamo dreesen (who teams up with svn as dresvn). dj sotofett. dj fett burger. pg sounds and club no-no. aka snorre magnar solberg.
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12" Vinyl D 06.11.17
vinyl only - the relfection ep contains the original track and 2 great remixes by v.i.c.a.r.i. and dominique rodhes
mixed by domenico scuteri/ rome mastered by reel mastering/ london
Universal Consequence
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.11.17
more strictly rhythm gold right here. an all-time. hands down. unstoppable classic record from way back - 1995 to be precise. if you don t know this record it s possible you ve been in a coma. living in a cave with no electricity or have literally just arrived here on planet earth. either way. once you hear higher state of consciousness you certainly won t forget it. produced by philly s legendary josh wink and released by the forward thinking a&r team at strictly. at the time there was very little to nothing that even came close to this release. the tweekin acid funk mix being the highlight and the version that caught everyone s ears and captured minds worldwide across radio-waves with endless rewinds on mtv and in the clubs. foreseeing the impending breaks boom that came around in the mid to late 90 s higher state... was one of those rare moments where a record truly transcends genre boundaries and found it s way into dj s boxes and bags on every scene. a mighty. evergreen slab of wigged out. acidic. breakbeat chaos. essential. this one s a tasty 2017 reissue and remaster. featuring all 3 mixes. unedited. as per the original release way back when. do not sleep.
Strictly Rhythm
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12" Vinyl D 30.10.17
1. 42.3314° n. 83.0458° w

2. 34.0522° n. 118.2437° w

3. 32.7767° n. 96.7970° w

4. 37.7749° n. 122.4194° w

recorded in detroit. mi. usa. 2016-2017.
mastered by cgb at dubplates&mastering. berlin
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.11.17
time to welcome another newcomer to freerange with a brilliant debut that has already been gaining a lot of interest from early spins. stefano ritteri should be a familiar name to many. having dropped several well-received releases on key labels such as pets. rockets & ponies and get physical as well as his own monthly rinse france radio show. a producer in the old school sense. he has the ability and desire to flip from deep. emotive and down tempo jams to the most impactful. high energy floor fillers. all with a deft touch and unique and experimental spin. the italian producer. now relocated to london. has a studio chock full of vintage synths and hardware outboard which keep him inspired and ensure his output sounds fresher and fatter than most. as can be heard on this excellent two-tracker entitled a different happiness ep.
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9.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 30.10.17
der in berlin lebende britische dj. produzent und labelbetreiber (infrastructure new york. counterchange). ed davenport. veröffentlicht mit der festnetz ep auf siamese ein wundervolles minialbum mit 4 clubtracks und 2 interludes. dabei demonstriert er eine beachtliche vielfalt. die sich von modernem acid house. trippig. elektronisch und ohne 303 (festnetz) über bezaubernde late-night-deepness (severance) und die in der panorama bar und im block tel aviv getestete geheimwaffe rain bis zum perfekten sunset-track inner sense erstreckt.
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12" Vinyl UK 01.11.17
airhead has put out some great music this year. kicking off with the radiophonic ice of kazzt for mumdance s different circles and just recently the low slung cristobal on ps records his production chops get bolder by the minute. it s no surprise seeing as he spent much of the previous year producing key tracks for the incredible -1-800 dinosaur presents trim- album alongside bullion and boothroyd as well as regularly touring and writing with long-time musical partner james blake. back with another 12- on hemlock. his first since 2014 s rolling october / macondo this time the sound is dustier. warmer. but packing twice the punch all the while retaining his signature understated wild-man groove. both tracks are capable on dancefloor whilst richly layered. packed with detail and arranged for maximum connectivity with contemporary beat styles such as house. techno and breaks. what happened to ricky martin? shaded is the twisted latin stepper you didn t know you needed. so much. right now. polished drums dug into a tweaky sci-fi soundbed make way for the curveball drop not every dj will be able to style out but those brave few that do will reap the reward. captain. we have an incoming transmission. by now. antipolo will be on the long-range scanners of a several fleets in this sector and is finally ready for replication and deployment. beaming out to the far reaches of the dancefloor we have bass. breakbeats and synth hooks but not as we know it together forming an advanced composite bond of extreme strength and malleability.
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12" Vinyl D 25.10.17
movin is finally kicking off with its very first release. >we are movin< by initiator philipp lichtblau comes up with two original tracks plus beautiful remixes by ben rau & lee burton. this very strong package guarantees some special moments throughout a whole night. be sure to get your copy & join the movement! played by enzo siragusa. yaya. fabe. jack wickham + more.
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12" Vinyl BE 24.10.17
oosterwal is digging deep into the foundations right on the heels of dance mania homage ‘bleep. the rejected co-boss remains focused on the roots with two more chicago-esque floor-heaters that nod to the seminal indelible legacy of trax in their stark. direct ways.
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12" Vinyl D 23.10.17
poker flat label boss and genuine dance music legend steve bug teams up with langenberg for this excellent two track ep. langenberg has released an unfathomable number of dancefloor fillers under various monikers on labels such as drumpoet community. mule. ovum or styrax leaves and recently released his debut album central heated house on dessous. langenberg is also one half of the project ribn. chord cluster has summer anthem written all over deep yet euphoric. spacy yet danceable. and ultimately a deeply emotive piece of house music that will bring smiles to faces all year. the rhythm track is tight yet remains loose and funky. while the pads and synths dip into just the right amount of acid to keep the ravers lost in the moment. the teaze treads similar ground arpeggiated pulses lead the arrangement. while a chicago influenced groove brings a shuffle to proceedings the joy in the track is evident it s clear the guys were having a lot of fun in the studio.
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.10.17
the mysterious tanera presents 2 more gems on his tnra imprint. limited edition white label. hand-stamped!
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.10.17
-nemesh is a ravenous wolf. in the morning he devours the prey. in the evening he divides the spoil.- events take a somber turn as moscoman s treisar project edges closer to its natural conclusion with nemesh. the ninth chapter in the treisar series opens
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9.69 EUR *
VOL. 2
12" Vinyl D 19.10.17
the 3 musketeers are back. pouring new life into two more obscure. italian techno tracks from early 90s. roby j s track -charming the cobra.- also from the -where am i?- ep. originally released on interactive test records. in 1991. a real trip between psychic percussions and trancey synths. the flip hosts model citizen. aka gabry fasano. another legend from the 90s italian progressive and techno scene. -the right to dance and learn- is a perfect after-hour house track. with a trippy arpeggio and deep. somnolent chords. both tracks have been extended by lom. assuring maximum joy and mixing pleasure.
Life Of Marvin
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.10.17
after nearly half a decade since their monumental make it good. dj tennis and fink re-collide on !k7. inspired. recent studio sessions have bore two breathing. sonic landscapes. entitled certain angles. glimmering pianos. droning machines and captivating songwriting take form. wrapping the berlin-based singer’s voice in subtle melancholy. both humbly understated. yet party-ready. certain angles perfectly summarises the life and death founder’s recent etching in the dj kicks stone. dj tennis has also called on four of his most trusted allies to reinterpret the 12&#8242... with four digital-only remixes: the/das deliver a pensive moment of bubbling body music. francesco leali appears with a timeless. genre-bending re-perception as opus 3000. lee jones salutes the faithful dancers. mentrist’s unclassifiable excursion challenges the towering borders of techno.
K7 Records
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.10.17
after offering-up paratrooper as part of dj tennis’ recent dj kicks. the israeli duo red axes arrive on life and death for an original ep. sami is a post-moondog shamanic tribal trip. while round combines dilapidated post-goa electronics with just the right amount of cowbells and guitars psych. vego is a lo-if western spaghetti full of tape delays and amplifiers sauce . while pulse waves and wind blows on a big russian bell at the title track kalacol. a record that could only come from niv and dori - another reconfiguration of the life and death mausoleum.
Life and Death
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.10.17
we are bringing together the creative might of our residents to bring the sound of renate on a double release ep. over the years renate has grown from a impetuous party to a glorious club. the people who came together under her roof and played beats that made bodies pulsate with ecstasy have become benchmarks in the music industry of today. we want to share with you that talent. the second ep is visited by long time renate friends dop. these french guys were there in the first renate party and there techno stylings grace us with a linguistic masterpiece. michal zietara the polish heartthrob turned bavarian hiker is joined by voe the mastermind behind suxul. together they merge to create a drop beat tune. homeboys hadi is the croatians influence by the arab world in a culturally appropriate track that makes you wonder the streets of damascus. leading to mehmet aslan our very own sultan of beats making a sandstorm with this timeless piece.
Renate Schallplatten
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 12.10.17
autotomy is a collaboration between belgium s sleeperhold publications. brooklyn-based musician patricia (max ravitz) and the dutch artist louis reith. this output is the result of a long process of contemplation. discussion and elimination which gave us a record that encapsulates both patricia s sense for hardware production and dance floor rawness. describing this release is not a simple task. so we ll just tell it like it is: it s a record that slows down and. in this process. reveals its mystery. referencing the title of this release. wunderkind max ravitz seems to provide the listener with the possibility of transformation. a way to shed part of your own being.
Sleeperhold Publications
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5x12" Vinyl NL 12.10.17
thomas brinkmann is one of the great producers of techno music and modern dance music. he initially gained notoriety in the experimental electronic music and techno community for his full-length variations of material by wolfgang voigt under his mike ink moniker. and richie hawtin. the variations were made by playback of the original artist records on a turntable of brinkmann s design. which has two tone arms with separate outputs for left and right channels. the turntables were then pitched down from 33rpm to 27rpm and the results recorded and mixed. both voigt and hawtin were sufficiently impressed they released the results on their own labels. since then thomas brinkmann has produced some all-time classic dance tracks. many of which are collected here in what is a personal selection by thomas brinkmann himself. there are unreleased tracks. different versions. and tracks that have never been released on vinyl. a full colour 20-page book with track notes by thomas brinkmann and photos from his personal collection is included. limited edition box. highly recommended! ean4050486123461
Third Ear
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82.99 EUR *
NS-17 (2X12 INCH)
2x12" Vinyl US 09.10.17
eric maltz is a producer from new york city and now resides in berlin. germany. he is a former employee of halcyon records from its og glory days in it s first location in red hook/carrol gardens areas of brooklyn. -eric provided a sofa to me often through-ought my 20 s and vice-versa. we both cared about music above all else- we lived and breathed music- and we helped each other survive when we were penniless - if one was up. so was the other... eric and i were roommates. friends. we looked out for each other in a rough city with tough rules. every time one of us got a job at a restaurant or record shop. within weeks we would have the other working there too. we did that for a decade. we slang records for years at halcyon- a shop on smith street which had a portrait of stevie wonder painted on the front facade- and we threw parties all around brooklyn back then too.. every shitty bar that would have us lol. we were a dope team. he s the only person who has ever touched the third rail on a subway and survived too! true story. so you know i couldn t wait to release his debut lp. proud of this guy- - levon vincent
Novel Sound
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12" Vinyl UK 18.10.17
uk house & techno heavyweights dusky return to their 17 steps label with the classic house indebted ‘square miso’. picking up swiftly where this summer’s hugely successful ‘cold heart’ ep left off - the lead track an ever present in gerd janson’s summer dj sets.
already recognisable to many from dusky’s festival sets as well as jackmaster’s recent circo loco terrace recording. ‘square miso’ draws on the swing of classic nyc house with soulful. cut-up vocal samples and tightly programmed beats. whilst paying tribute to the ‘90s italian house classics with its distinctive piano melodies - with a dash of shades of rhythm-era uk rave for good measure. as well as the club-ready original. a beat less piano and strings ‘reprise’ is also included.
a darker. detroit-nodding club tool. ‘lf10’ blends heavy-hitting stabs. atmospheric melodic textures and house grooves. an immersive roller. like ‘square miso’ it serves as another example of the duo’s ability to blend different influences into unique hybrids.
with 2017 releases from b.k.r & jamie jones. christian piers. bwana and kiwi. dusky’s 17 steps has become an increasingly prolific outlet of forward thinking house and techno - with support from gerd janson. midland. len faki. maya jane coles. tiga and george fitzgerald among others.
17 Steps
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10.75 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 09.10.17
influenced by the classic sounds of the us midwest. these four analog jams span the spectrum of nostalgic rave. electro. spacey house and deep chicago jack. vinyl debut for asher gray. a multi­instrumentalist and production veteran also known for his collaborations in his side project mangos with richard from milwaukee of jolly jams fame.
Disposable Commodities
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12" Vinyl NL 04.10.17
dutch dj. producer and dekmantel family member young marco kicks things off with a beautiful. melodic. waterfall of a track. it’s a record you’ll want to play out on a yacht. while sipping on a rosé under the warm. afternoon sun. 2017 has been nothing short of an epic year for marco. having already compiled the second in the selectors compilation series for dekmantel. in addition to having released the second lp as gaussian curve. alongside gigi masin. and johnny nash. marco is in good company. as dutch-based artist suzanne kraft crafts a delightful. ambient-meets-house. summer groove. that lives at the most relaxed of paces. sitting side-by-side on the a-side. flip the record over and dekmantel favourite. and dutch house institute tom trago finds himself in a moment of blissful summer haze. with soft. sonic-pallets and waving melodies. concluding the record is long serving dekmantel mainstay. and rednose distrikt main-man awanto 3 with an analogue. and feel-good. electro-beat rhythm.
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12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.06.16
motion ward is pleased to present the debut of la based artist. social service. the sturdy yet dreamlike 5 track excursion. ss1. is a pensive debut that seamlessly navigates many of the intricate fibers that form the foundation of dance oriented music. from the warm and gently dubbed out melodies of chamber to the lively. dance-floor-ready constructions of stolen. ss1 stands as a quality entry point for social service-- a narrative that’s equally diverse as it is cohesive.
Motion Ward
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13.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.10.17
label boss michael mclardy joins forces with newcastle based moonlit vision (what s nxt/tough luck) to present 14 minutes of blissed out house on the a side of their collaborative third mind ep . an ideal soundtrack to end the summer months. the b side sees the duo provide a remix of michael s original track pilot . delivered in their trademark sound. released on vinyl only.
Left Wing Recordings
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 04.10.17
house for her is a label founding its birth in the need that she s gone had to express his feelings in his mixes and productions. the time came to him. 1 year ago to give the floor to other people. to let everyone build pieces of music around their lived experience. in this release. the four artists came to cover in mist the wax in a cascade of tablecloths sometimes soft and other times more aggressive. to develop a ep rich in questioning. ranging from dance pieces to other more ambient things. linking them together to tell a story. raär and mp-57. as usual. darkened in the pile. revealing brutal tracks but nevertheless completely full of feelings. devant. with a more colorful touch. has come to appease the ep of a piece of a house deep and sexy. endowed with an atmosphere reminding us much nostalgia. and finally entrave. in a final piece. quietly envelops us to finish to walk in this ep. as in a novel. a kind of sombre happy-end.
House For Her
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10.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 28.09.17
eklo is welcoming the swiss team from zurich les points. some acid citric veggie techno. dj friendly beats. another trip in les points cyberspace. essential 12inch.
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11.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 29.09.17
another piece of the story of the italian scene of the 90 s inevitably returns to shine on flash forward. leo anibaldi was one of the pioneers of the sounds that so influenced and characterized those years. deep. techno and house blend to create unique atmospheres that will never die! big reissue.
Flash Forward

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 13.99)
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12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.09.17
great house cuts by mr. g on his phoenix g imprint. gotta keep pushing forwards. this one’s personal!
Phoenix G
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.09.17
after their very successful -balance ep- and the remix for darius syrossian s -andranik-. 8bit labelhead gorge and markus homm team up again for a very special summer ep. discoish rooftop vibes and techy clubsound combined on one release.
8 Bit
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.09.17
ashtrejinkins is a compton based producer and dj. known for his involvement with the low end theory community for years. he has now taken a new form into the world of uptempo electronic music. with his “ fruit in failure ep”. tre dives into the fruit of sound with vibrant synths and wholesome melodies. starting from the deep. into the soulful. and onto the future.
Apron Records
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.09.17
the latest release on guy gerber’s successful label rumors is a remix ep of the dying seconds’ song ‘mora minn’. guy gerber himself turns in a dub remix. whilst acid mondays and elie nissan & jenia tarsol’s tales feature on the b side. guy’s remix see the acclaimed dj and producer turning the starting point into a wholly new and original sounding release. the dub mix puts guy’s outstanding production into the spotlight. subtle yet intricate. guy’s take on the record pulls together echoing piano chords. a delicate guitar line and emotive. building strings over a gently propulsive bassline. it’ll be familiar to those who have frequented guy’s famous rumors events series this season. with guy’s road testing of the release prompting many fans to ask what this new. distinctively gerber-stamped track could be. meanwhile. rumors label and events mainstays acid mondays take the track into deeper and darker territory. with a faster paced beat and sub-bass flourishes offsetting trippy vocal samples. two fellow tel aviv talents. eli nissan and jenia tarsol. round off the ep with a rework that matches more of the original’s drums. vocals ethereal piano line with amplified percussion and a dancefloor ready bassline. the ep drops towards middle of a busy season for the label and events series. rumors ibiza has become one of the busiest and most talked about daytime events on the island. with international parties in the likes of la. mykonos. sardinia and. most notably. a london street party selling out within hours. to accommodate his ever-expanding fanbase. guy will be playing a landmark headline show at london’s historic roundhouse on the day after this release.
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
assemble music brings together four more producers at the forefront of today’s fine minimal/house/electro scene. eklo boss seuil kicks things off with jam. a slowly-unfolding confection of metallic percussion and rolling bass set against a meditative. minor backdrop. his fellow half baked resident robin ordell brings a tipsy-sounding vibe to mobsiw. each element swaying its way around the others in an off-key dance. les points’ barbir adds detroit hats to a no-shits-given breakbeat and suspends it in time. before finally a 4/4 kick comes to put feet back on the ground. finally. traffic founders martyné and jacob draw on more contemporary breaks and electro influences on electronetto. with that laissez-faire swing with which their label has become synonymous.
Assemble Music
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9.49 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl UK 19.09.17
matt edwards drops his eagerly anticipated debut radio slave album feel the same via his rekids imprint in september. easily his most recognisable nom de plume. radio slave was initially matt s pseudonym for remixes. with early reinterpretations of kylie minogue and new order leading into frequent work for both major and independent labels. he s now indisputably one of house and techno s most in-demand remixers. whilst original radio slave productions have gone on to appear via reputable imprints like running back. r&s. ostgut ton. nonplus and work them records.

also available as:
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24.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.09.17
wow. now we re talking. all time classic material right here from the strictly archives. the legendary man of many hats armand van helden dropped this almighty. hypnotic slab of deepness under his mole people guise in the mists of 1995. a total deep house classic indeed. dreamy. driving. dubby. hypnotic. narcotic - it has it all. super long tracks. for the dj s to work and for the dancers to get fully lost in. break night is colossal. this one will literally transport the dance-floor to another dimension. guaranteed. sounding as fresh and as relevant as ever. timeless. ocean on the flip steps up the toughness factor with some super hard. swingin nyc drumz. but it still has that otherworldly edge that the a-side drenched us in previously. a near perfect record here. made available again. undoubtedly this will win a new legion of fans it s that good! this one s a tasty 2017 reissue and remaster. featuring both cuts. unedited. as per the original release way back when. essential stuff here. do not sleep.
Strictly Rhythm

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 8.99)
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.09.17
moscow rolls through with a collaboration from founder archie hamilton and musical genius benson herbert. from kerri chandler’s protege duo. voyeur. two original tracks. remixed by the legendary 100hz. the record opens with the wonderfully trippy systim. a driving bassline. barely recognisable vocal snippets and groovy organic percussive elements dance around a haunting piano riff that ebbs and flows throughout the track. tension builds until a second acid bassline is finally revealed. causing dance floor madness. next up herbavibe combines a big bassline. dreamy chords. hamilton’s trademark 303 and a catchy vocal hook to create a certified summer anthem. 100hz uses the entire b side to interpret system into a more classical workout. using the piano elements to their full potential and using minimalistic percussion to keep the listener enthralled. an after party gem that completes the package perfectly
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 21.09.17
punishment capital marks leo james return to his own label body language. after recent outings on neubau and berceuse heroique. the music is heavy and the feeling is deep.
Body Language
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10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.09.17
toot toot. beep beep. out of the way! kinks taster for his up-and coming album on running back is here. perth is a prime-example of the bulgarian producer s unstoppable good times ware. taken from playground. the three versions here are dripping with grease. split between the original. a chord mix and a beat version. it s all you ever wanted from a single. perfect house music for techno djs and techno music for disco djs. we strongly recommend the use of two copies back and fun. fun!
Running Back
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9.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 19.09.17
joe brings us house/acid/techno riffs with live recorded vocals and gear. joe is a warehouse sound-man veteran of almost 20 years in and around los angeles. after curating. playing and servicing many techno/house/disco/acid events. joe would like to share some notes & texture with everyone. thank you for listening
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13.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 21.09.17
the memory box parties have been celebrating the classic foundations of acid house for some time. and now they ve launched a label to push their love of squelchy 303 even further. robin ball steps up for the first release with some classic examples of how to ride the well-worn machine and keep it sounding fresh like the first rays of morning through the warehouse window. -acid stomp- needs little explanation - it teases with some subdued 303 warbles before the real meat of the track kicks in and the frequency starts freaking. acid duck is a more reduced affair. while collaboration with neil tibbetts sqolch works a few deep house elements into the mix. mvdc finish the ep off with the abrasive. grungy thrust of back in the dayz
MB 01
Memory Box
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.09.17
combining forces. audiofly and patrice bäumel draw on unique inspirations from the desert to deliver the monumental atacama on crosstown rebels. having focused solely on his own productions in the past. label boss damian lazarus steps away for the first time to complete this exceptional release with a profound re-shape. the hypnotic atacama intricately builds with a certain intensity that never drops. stimulating the senses and transporting the mind as deep. grumbling pads drift in and out of play. damian lazarus remembers the first moment i heard this track i knew there was something very special about it. not only did it strike me as a killer club record but i also felt the textures completely appropriate to my own experiences in the atacama desert. on the flip. damian changes gear as a deep. chugging beat leads the way through an impressive re-shape of the original. anthony middleton and luca saporito aka audiofly have established a creative empire. which includes two record labels and their flying circus global party brand. they met patrice during a us tour and immediately hit it off. it wasn t long after that we decided to invite him to barcelona for a session that proved to be nothing short of inspirational. internationally renowned dj and producer patrice bäumel has had a busy start to 2017 with a release on tale of us’ afterlife imprint. plus remixes for sasha & policia and depeche mode amongst others. he truthfully said of the this release. it s a labour of love that came together within a few hours of jamming in the studio. unlike many collabs this one really felt like we all equally contributed to the end result.
Crosstown Rebels
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.09.17
dalmata daniel s next up is a collaboration with the bristol-born „weirdo disco guy- antoni maiovvi and also a contribution of heinrich dressel who is an unavoidable column of rome s electronic music scene. maiovvi s pleasure model project is all about youth – replaced by blade runner-esque replicas. his first release under this moniker was „kendo dynamics- on 100% silk in 2016. it aimed for presenting a persuasive world of fiber optic paranoia and technoid effacement. dd006 is the next level of the concept and the first time on vinyl. the tracks are driven by the characteristic haggard drum machine s sound on side a with a melancholic or dark synth themes what becomes a dreamy melody in the „prism riot- on side b. the remix by heinrich dressel is a turn back directly into the darkness. but it is faster and more like a film soundtrack with his own characteristics. of course. the whole ep has a strong vintage mood and sound. it can be said that update 1.1 is definitely dystopian. coming from the future of our past.
Dalmata Daniel
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11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.09.17
getting harder. without loosing the vibe. thatÆs what tfbm005 is all about!
Tunes from Blue Mondays
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.09.17
doorly s reptile dysfunction continues to prove itself to be one of the most vibrant and singular labels around. this time tapping up legendary producer jaydee for its latest release. jaydee is a dance music pioneer. best know for the seminal plastic dreams - a track that. somewhat terrifyingly for those who remember it the first time around. will be celebrating its 25 th anniversary next year - he has continued to be a leading light in innovative house and techno productions. releasing on r&s and ellum audio in the last few years. here. he teams up with fellow dance music visionary doorly for a searingly brilliant release on the latter s reptile dysfunction imprint. acid pressure ep presents two original cuts from jaydee. with supporting remixed from doorly and trooko. kicking things off. back into acid opens with stunningly heartfelt pads before building to a killer acid line via shimmering percussion and erotically charged vocal snatches. bring the pressure is more direct: a house roller softened by basic channel-esque chords and with added rhythm courtesy of the accompanying ragga chants. on the remix front. doorly flips back into acid into something far more menacing. with fierce synths stabs and rolling drums creating a head down stomper. while trooko chops back into pressure into pieces. crafting a thumping main room house cut from the constituent parts. complete with an epic. piano-led breakdown.
Reptile Dysfunction
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12" Vinyl D 12.09.17
van abbes fresh no comment release presenting 2 originals. a killer remix by the exaltics and a debut track by pantone 32. it wasnt until she opened the old pocket watch – its timeworn silver surface glimmering slightly in the darkness – that she understood that something was terribly wrong. it was audibly pounding in her hand like some kind of bizarre metal heart. and it was decidedly running backwards. she could not move and she could not take her eyes off the spinning indicators. >stop<. she whispered. then again. louder this time: >stop!<. the watch stopped and fell silent. she exhaled and moved uneasily on the spot. the floorboards creaked. wait. the floorboards? there werent any floorboards in her room. it was all concrete and glass and…. her room wasnt there anymore. she was standing in an old workshop brimming with ancient-looking machinery covered in sawdust. no-one was operating the equipment but their ghostly echoes were still floating through the air. buzzing. hammering. humming – almost melodic to her ears. the pocket watch came to life in her hand. acting as a steady metronome to the spectral orchestra. she wasnt home anymore. but it certainly was.
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12" Vinyl D 12.09.17
1. 42.3314 n. 83.0458 w

2. 34.0522 n. 118.2437 w

3. 32.7767 n. 96.7970 w

4. 37.7749 n. 122.4194 w

recorded in detroit. mi. usa. 2016-2017.
mastered by cgb at dubplates&mastering. berlin
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.09.17
vinyl only.
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12" Vinyl D 11.09.17
fort romeaus second outing for running back is another exercise in dance floor synthesis. starting where its predecessor saku left us with the green shimmer of a fairlight. emulators you might have guessed it greets us with the grey realism of an e-mu ii. purchased first by none other than stevie wonder. immortalised in ferris buellers ode to absenteeism and the original loon sampler. there is nothing this machine cannot do for you the same goes for fort romeau. his disco-informed. trance-induced tracks that usually end on a high note. are elevated by ambient soundscapes that end with a bang and sugarcoat your warm-up slots. while bird-heavy bonus beats that stand up on their own or help you out in the mix. nice like a stick of liquo-rice.
Running Back
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9.29 EUR *
LURID SALESPACK INCL. 04 / 05 / 06 (3X12 INCH)
3x12" Vinyl NL 29.09.17
lurid music releases #4. 5 & 6 all bundled up for one special price!
Lurid Music
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12" Vinyl NL 11.09.17
the essential uk techno/electronics duo returns after decades! new aural discourse holds four fresh. futuristic and far-sighted british takes on detroit techno by arguably one of british 1990 s electronic musics best-kept secrets. tip!
RHM 025
Rush Hour
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.09.17
sound does not usually come from a single source. emotions usually do not come from a single source. the way we perceive is by filtering. within this complex process there are many difficulties to overcome and many discoveries to make. how long is the club inside of you - after you have been inside of him? how do love. soup and beer choices affect your daily life? and what do an island and an airport have in common? by morphing real life situations into musical phantasies mr. tophat tries to find answers to these and many other questions. along the way there is darkness but also fun and hope.
Public Possession
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10.32 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.09.17
following a splendid album release from falke earlier this year. now comes a remix selection that linked friends and personal idols: samo dj. vakula. perm & ergin erteber (1/2 of things from the basement). utilising the original stems to rebuild unique characteristic jams. o.n.g. – versions satisfies with hypnotic percussions. etheral grooves. varied velocities and cryptic 80s references.
Kann Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.09.17
over the past three years melbournes albrecht la brooy have patiently cultivated their own space within australias prolific electronic music scene. deeply rooted in technos ambient influences. the duo improvise their compositions with an overarching approach that breaks away from techno s conventional presentation. recorded in one take from beginning to end. escape velocity sees albrecht la brooy take on the voyage aesthetic and principles to create a twenty five minute odyssey spanning four passages. to be played continuously across the 12inch medium. utilising both sparse. drifting ambient palettes and driving. machine-led rhythms. escape velocity is a pensively uplifting account of future travels through space and the ninth installment to the voyage catalogue. both sides of the vinyl are cut as continuous sides.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.09.17
after dropping their first various. figures. slowciety is about to release guru. sunrom’s next ep. the artist has already worked with prestigious labels like kompakt. ancient future now and the bricks. the ep lays down four organic tracks for a blend of deep house. world music and techno. the title track sounds like a ride on acid and is followed by quirigua. a rich track conjuring transcendent mayan rituals. the b side opens with elephant’s deep muffled kicks and takes off with utopia’s elegant arpeggiator for a final flight. this strange and personal ep will cast a spell on the dance floor.
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 07.09.17
new suara output!
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 07.09.17
only vinyl. 180g.
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.09.17
for the third and final part of jerome.c. dubfluss - friendship connection we invited julian alexander and guy from downstairs to join our artist roster. a lot of hard work was made into this 3 part lp by our good friends and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as they did producing it. lots of melodic grooves and solid bass lines. proper house music dance tracks on this release. cheers from berlin!
Sleepless Musik
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12" Vinyl D 07.09.17
three new originals lead by llewellyn. a moniker you might already know. an offshoot of house and wavy disco traditions from martin enke aka lake people. with this little background information it should be obvious that you wont find clumsy claptrap or overflown sample banging here. what you get instead is a playful modesty that carries dance floors easily to peak time euphoria.
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10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 08.09.17
newcomer dj barbo$$a delivers three strong cuts with a flip from seasoned veteran gnork on this limited edition salt mines white label. hand stamped. no repress.
Salt Mines
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2x12" Vinyl gatefold s D 04.09.17
the new album including 10 new tracks out september 4th 2017 worldwide on vinyl & cd on jam. we believe music shouldn not be explained or overanalyzed. we would rather avoid too many useless words. just press play and listen to it.
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19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.09.17
this summer 2017 tom bulwer launches parasol culture. a vinyl only imprint. focusing on quality house and techno. with a tinge of “it’s a london thing”. dutch born tom came to london as a uk garage dj working up his way the ranks of pirate radio stations (freek fm. unknown fm). to producing and working with uk garage legend karl ‘tuff enuff’ brown. this year tom is focusing on tb audio. his analogue mastering studio in east london. and producing music on the deeper side of house and techno as a solo artist. tom has released on labels such as nu faze. !k7 and signatune records. he also regularly writes with long term partner in crime anna wall under their own names and under their moniker casse. the first parasol culture release is the output of tom and anna’s winter months under the same roof and in his studio in hackney wick. 2017 also sees tom start a new venture with dexter kane (murmur. get physical. fear of flying). aptly named. alternate facts. a vinyl only label and free party series. wax and stacks. party over profit. power to the people.
Parasol Culture
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 05.09.17
very limited 2017 repress! the berg audio >monument< serie starts with an amazing release including a beautiful cover artwork by juli jah inspired by a bulgarian place. vinyl only.
Berg Audio
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10.99 EUR *
TOTAL 17 (2X12)
2x12" Vinyl D 01.09.17
im sommer 1999 aus der taufe gehoben. ist unsere total compilationserie kaum älter als das 21. jahrhundert selbst – was total 17 als letzte ausgabe vor der volljährigkeit kennzeichnet. und tatsächlich strahlt die 2017er kohorte einen verspielten Überschwang aus. mit dem sich nur wenig andere compilations nach über 15 jahren am markt messen können: labelveteranen und neuzugänge wie etwa superpitcher. weval. tobias thomas & michael mayer. chris klopfer. juergen paape. voigt & voigt. max scholpp und nu u orchestra begeistern mit einigen der eingängigsten tracks. die die serie bis dato gesehen hat.

wie andere total compilations zuvor. ist total 17 zuallererst eine perfekte gelegenheit in unser aktuelles programm einzutauchen. dank der actiongeladenen 2xcd version die gefeierte höhepunkte und persönliche favoriten von laurent garnier. the orb. kÖlsch. vermont. t.raumschmiere. patrice bÄumel. danny daze und vielen anderen vereint. die filetstücke jedoch dürften zweifelsohne die exklusiven tracks sein. die sich auf beiden editionen. 2xcd und 2xlp. befinden – acht brandneue produktionen von kompakt-kernkünstlern und ausgewählten labeldebütanten die sowohl den sammelnden kenner als auch den ambitionierten tanzflur-aktivisten mitreissen werden.
Kompakt 375

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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12" Vinyl FR 04.09.17
first ep of the label lowlife cartel. dissociative tones. texture of the sound and atmosphere sought here. more than melody. no boundary in genre but same sonic ethos. the two sides of the ep includes two tracks ambient/downtempo fitting with patient listening. three other. lofi tracks. and more efficient to play into clubs. face a starts with -nerve splicing- by telekommunist. also known as wpx7. face covered and steps muffled through a deadening blizzard of tape saturation and white noisey envelops that find a balance between deepening the sense of immersion and a retained groove. -kairu- by a. latif. affiliated to the experimental and elusive russian label john s kingdom. an arsenal of textures are employed. surrounded all the time by different kind of breeths carving out a growingly satisfying contrast between the shivery charm of its melodic line and the roughness of its elements. a rough diamond. face b. -kfs-. by vslds (present on the next cousin carl release. after kinway and voyd) is a delusional and abstract piece of lofi hip hop. setting skittish drums and heavily altered rapper vox sample. smothered against a grey-ish canvas of blurry. washed-out pads. this feels both playful and unhealthy. -gotta go fast-. by paul santangelo (venetian causeway). is marked with the very personal style of this artist who does his way across the ever effervescent lofi techno scene. the round. drag-shed bass. fits with an introspective melody and atmosphere. -every man has a woman who loves him-. by loophie (raw russians). surprises the listener at the end of the disc with a lofi house track sampled from john lennon. very effective in club. the czech lofi house videomaker moskalus edited a video of it on his youtube channel. 5 artists to follow.
Lowlife Cartel
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12" Vinyl D 06.09.17
the third release of girasole records is made by pressure mode. the swiss duo from switzerland. basel are neighbors since many years and started to collect gear and make music together. on girasole records they deliver 4 tracks all made in a short period of time. external surface is a straight moving house track with minimal transitions. cloud shifter is an uplifting house track. it will give you an instant smile on the dancefloor. galactic is a deeper track to dream away. dub tool is a more minimal house track again with subtile transitions.
Girasole Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.08.17
chiwax welcomes map & dj haus to the family! dj haus aka rupert cogan in the head of uttu & hot haus records. he released already on respected clone jack for daze series. crème organization and of course on his won imprints to name a few. the new 3 tracker made together with map comes around in good dance mania style. chicago house meets uk garage - worth to check!
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10.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 03.04.17
a personal selection of electro classics. compiled by joey negro.
Z Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 19.99)
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12" Vinyl D 28.08.17
following his debut full length in 2016. youandewan returns in 2017 with four pacey club tracks on his own label. the brane.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.08.17
incl. remixes of kiki (bpitch control) and hiroshi watanabe aka kaito (kompakt). tomi chair s deliver his first ep on gabcat with 2 original tracks and 2 extraordinary remixes. a great and versatile ep from an outstanding japanese artist.
GabCat Records
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.08.17
das ist die dritte veröffentlichung vom label funk injacktion records aus berlin als kollaboration von d. instructed und froyd. eine skurrile mischung aus rudimentärem industrial samba und free jazz artefakten frei von der leber weg und säurefestem electrofunk . einigen freunden der elektronischen musik ist sicher noch der name autopilot vom label elektrolux aus frankfurt bekannt. das projekt d. instructed steht für eine freie herangehensweise an analoge instrumente bzw drums . aus den jams und der improvisation entstehen die tracks genauso wie bei froyd. über die ehemalige stadtgrenze berlins hinaus. aus der ehemaligen ost-west-wurzel entstand ein neues mutterschiff für den märkischen funk.
Funk Injacktion
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 25.08.17
music must be free. freedom in music is often suppressed by lack of. or by obstacles for creativity. which stops forward progression. the development that fontan’s songs have gone through. reaching this ep is unexpected and surprising but still. the bodies and characters of the original songs are intact and recrafted with fingerspitzengefuhle. from the core of fontan’s psychedelic and dreamy music. the artists involved on this release have hit cuts and chips off like cro-magnon people creating specific tools. tools with the power to blow holes open in the listeners mind.
Hoga Nord Rekords
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12" Vinyl D 14.08.17
side-b contains a surprise: no sample. (you will have to trust us on this). roras 14 th release by label founder romar. nothing more to say. vinyl only and 180g.
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.08.17
come together: re.yous younion returns with more sublime unifying forces. beats that bring us closer. feelings that break down barriers and artist partnerships whose creative connections are more than the sum of their parts. the message is clear in every directio. from the longstanding younion parties across europe to the slow-but-smouldering rise of the label. of which we are proud to present its third release tapping into the very same younion spirit that regularly shakes the walls of iconic clubs such as watergate berlin and pacha barcelona. this four track ep is an incisively curated collective ep comprising three acts who complement each other implicitly. as the dust still settles from florian busses recent younion outing. and solomun continues to hammer the labels first release from eins tiefer. the timing couldnt be better. the perennially on-point dutchman rancido takes the lead with two deep tribal odysseys that take root in the sound he’s made his signature. both >lagos< and the vinyl-only >rabat< conjure deep mystic textures around his stately. restrained and constantly developing grooves. there is a reason he is released with the mighty innervisions in the past. deeper again whips up a percussive storm over palpitating synths in the form of >dao< before handing the controls over to rising german duo cosmo & kramer for an inspiring finale. a duo has been championing since they warmed up for him five years ago. >dance< is a calling card for an extremely exciting future… and it more than lives up to its name. three releases deep and younions unifying forces couldnt be stronger. its time to combine.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.08.17
berlin-based producer. yapacc take on the original sees him transferring the song into a dancefloor-ready track whilst subtly maintaining the ambience of the original. off-beat house-esque sub-rhythms and a melodic bassline helps to keep the energy of the track moving forward. whilst the top end guitars and vocals keep the listener interest up until the very last second. russian-based dave pads remix also helps the original move onto the dancefloor with this incredibly funky. groovy-laiden back beat which simultaneously manages to hold onto the original tracks esthetical ambience. euphoric house stabs and a continuous layered texture sits behind the tracks groove. adding a sense of nostalgia and depth to an already emotive original.
Ylotana Music
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.08.17
four track vinyl label compilation. vol.4
PBR 044
Plan B Recordings
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10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.08.17
apollo proudly welcomes the return of gacha bakradze (now recording under his full given name) to the fold with the ‘we must be woods’ ep. five stunning tracks which represent his finest work since his debut apollo lp ‘send two sunsets’ in 2015. this has already been a great 2017 for bakradze. with stellar releases on fort romeau’s cin cin label and his own transfigured time imprint.
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8.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl D 06.07.17
pt.ii sees tale of us collaborating with ovend. a french producer whose only prior output is a pair of eps for amandra s ahrpe label. mathew jonson. hunter/game and keith carnal are also among those making their afterlife label debut. while recondite. woo york and aether are back after previously appearing on the label.
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24.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.10.17
the project -get in touch- is based in mainz and berlin. and was founded by the guys behind orbit iii. their passion is to create a blend of trippy minimalistic sounds with classic house and techno elements and to get in touch with the music. for their first release they are proud to present a primetime killer remix from nicola kazimir contrasting the rather smooth original by willberg on side a. klaser&karrenberg. the highly recommended newcomers from mainz. showcase a dry acid interpretation of the playful floating orbit iii track on side b.
Get In Touch
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.08.17
roger gerressen releases with this two tracker tartouffe’s sixth imprint.
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl D 21.07.17
ltd 2017 repress !! <br >stunning detroit monster incl delano smith & xdb rmx
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8.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp D 12.07.17
for rainy days. only one per customer... ltd repress
glg lp 06
in stock
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12" Vinyl D 31.07.17
it s now time for one of resopal s current crop of exciting young producer teams to get a step up: the two producers debut on the label with a 12- ep entitled fresh trax. this is a versatile ep with three different tracks in the fields of house that have great range. and more than enough skill to pull off many different tricks.
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12" Vinyl FR 15.05.17
howl have unlocked some of the best 100hz unreleased house classics and has delightedly us with 4 stunning retro tracks. real house anthem mixed with pure analogue wickedness. elegantly rolling with a solid funk groove that stinks of cool and some seriously big drops
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12" Vinyl + 10" Vinyl FR 09.06.17
rebirth of a legend. travelling through time and space future makes no mistake. halo varga’s unforgettable hymn can shake the dancefloors even after 17 years. this golden song was released by siesta music and the legendary hooj choons imprints. and now after more then a decade its landing on all inn records sorrounded by 6 incredible reinterpretations of janeret. coldfish. howl ensemble. pola and jaffa surfa. together with all these different shades and shapes this is truly one of the most remarkable gem of the label
All Inn
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12" Vinyl UK 07.08.17
freestyle techno nonstandard dj sotofett produced this cosmic ambient excursion together with two finnish producers kalifornia keke and stiletti ana aka jesse during his numerous helsinki visits in 2016-17.
Keys Of Life
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12" Vinyl D 28.07.17
when talking about the current status of house and techno in brazil. the names davis and zopelar will inevitably pop up. the two fgureheads of sao paulo s vital electronic music scene are both responsible for the in their feelings label. as well as being known as residents of the odd collective. a very popular off- location event series. this summer. they will play several gigs in europe. including some highlights in germany like the melt! festival. panoramabar and robert johnson. it s defnitely the perfect timing now. to drop their debut ep on connaisseur and we are certain that this release will cause some major waves. three tunes for three different occasions. enjoy the diversity! try catching davis & zopelar at one of their europe gigs. more info can be found on their facebook profles.
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