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2x12" Vinyl D 30.11.18
russian born and very gifted musician aleceo is a new addition to the ongoing rooster of copenhagens prolific music for dreams label - aleceo came to attention of label boss kenneth bager with the brilliant first ep clouds. aleceo has his own musical voice, he produces and composes music that is rich in harmonies and melodies he sits somewhere between balearic and deep house combining the past and moving forward and this double vinyl teletrip is an excellent taster of his many talents and a real body of work.
Music For Dreams
in stock
29.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.09.16
after the interruption ps is back. this time with the tropically-balearic ep by moscow debutant aleceo , who has changed his organised top-manager, live with a slow 808 tempo, juno chords and microphone in the studio on the beach of magic island of bali. with the magnetic remix, by tokyo based maestro max essa, this pacific jam becomes a perfect, vinyl only slice of endless summer.
PSR 003
Plus Seven
out of stock
8.95 EUR *

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