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12" Vinyl NL 15.12.17
for release number 16 on de:tuned stefan robbers aka terrace steps up to the plate. the veteran and well-respected dutch producer from the city of eindhoven unleashes four brand new techno tracks with a strong detroit dna for the discerning dancefloors. it’s everything you’d expect from a terrace release: a crisp and warm analogue sound with plenty of melody and groove, dubby undertones and fat chords. the icing on the cake is the optical themed artwork created by designer openmind (aka strictly kev, dj food, ninja tune). as per usual matt colton from alchemy mastering reworked the source material to guarantee a flawless listening experience. this release will be available on 180 gram vinyl. a digital release will also be available from all the usual outlets. stay tuned!
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3x12" Vinyl NL 08.06.18
de:tuned proudly presents the return of one of the uk’s pioneering drum & bass producers, peshay. “reflections” is peshay’s first new drum & bass album in more than 10 years that looks back while pressing forward. jazzy and acoustic flavours combined with deep bass and rolling drums will have you grooving from the get go. it’s that classic fusion sound that peshay does so well, fully updated for present times and 100% future proof. the accompanying cover and label art was designed by openmind (aka strictly kev, dj food, ninja tune) and captures the warm and funky vibes perfectly. the tracks have been mastered by matt colton at alchemy mastering to ensure the highest playback quality. this album will be available as a triple 12” pressed on 180 gr vinyl. paul, it’s been an honour and a real pleasure working with you. stay tuned!
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12" Vinyl NL 16.03.18
it’s been a long time coming digging through the archives, legendary uk acid don luke vibert drops an exquisite solo record on the belgian de:tuned label. on phlacid and arcadia luke shows off his ability to produce funky yet quirky acid tracks that will put a smile on your face. both balath and worry ledge are intense uptempo electro workouts with enough 303 squelch to melt your brain, proper warehouse vibes! the artwork for this release was designed by the wonderful gents at the designers republic. mastered by matt colton at alchemy and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
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12" Vinyl NL 02.02.18
uk techno veteran kirk degiorgio takes on the future/past guise once more for an exquisite 4 tracker on the belgian de:tuned label. kirk struck gold during a recent dig through some of his old dat tapes and unearthed 2 previously unreleased gems: a finished version of his widely acclaimed 90s classic “hyperspace” described by kirk as the real hyperspace and “cosmos”, a rough uptempo percussive workout, proper crunch future/past sound.
the dat tapes also revealed a couple of tracks that were only ever released on cd: “try 2004 funk mix 2” (from the historic 1993 “applied rhythmic technology” compilation) and “locator” (from the sublime “objets d’art 92-95” compilation). the cds have become rare and wanted items, and so kirk and de:tuned decided to finally press these tracks on wax.
all tracks were mastered straight off the original dat tapes by matt colton to guarantee that extra crisp sound quality. this release will be available on 180 gr vinyl.
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MOTH (180G 2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl lp NL 17.11.17
after a career spanning more than 25 years john beltran lands on the belgian de:tuned label with the long-awaited follow-up album to his widely acclaimed classic 90s masterpiece “ten days of blue”. on “moth” beltran opens his heart by combining melody, emotion and soul with infectious grooves. as such he lays down the definitive and timeless detroit sound with a clear nod to the early innovators. from 4/4 dance floor burners to tribal shufflers and ambient interludes, “moth” is a well-balanced journey full of blissful atmosphere for both the mind and feet.
the matching artwork was designed by the talented plastica from spain. matt colton took care of the mastering duties to ensure the highest playback quality. the album will be released as a 180 gr vinyl double pack.
de:tuned would like to thank john and everyone that has been involved in the making of this wonderful album. stay tuned!
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12" Vinyl NL 19.05.17
one of electronic music’s greats steps back into the limelight with his first ep in more than 10 years. erik van den broek, the dutch producer who is probably better known under some of his pseudonyms such as shiver, essit musique and acid kid dominated the 90’s with a slew of brilliant acid and electro releases on dance arena productions and shiver. erik was a firm favourite of dave clarke and laurent garnier who included some of his tracks on their perfectly blended mix cds (x-mix electro boogie and laboratoire mix respectively).
erik already made an appearance on de:tuned’s 5 years box set in 2014 with the track primerose and now he’s back with more previously unreleased material. the tracks on offer are all on a deeper tip, with warm yet slightly eerie and mysterious sounds, clever programming and subtle effects. proof that erik has still got it after all these years. these tracks were made during an emotional time for erik, something that is clearly reflected in the music.
once again we enlisted alan oldham for artwork duties and matt colton for mastering the source material to perfection. this ep will be available on 180 gr vinyl. a digital release will also be available from all the usual outlets. de:tuned are honoured to have worked with erik on this release, a very personal record for him. thanks erik & emiel for your confidence and support!
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12" Vinyl NL 17.03.17
after last year’s massive “brainbox” album, de:tuned presents the 7th and final installment “unboxed brain” which contains 3 excellent re-interpretations by future/past (aka kirk degiorgio), mark broom and the black dog of selected tracks off the album and an exclusive new track by the future sound of london. yet again, mastered by matt colton (alchemy mastering) and related artwork by designer kevin foakes from openmind (aka strictly kev, dj food from ninja tune). both kirk degiorgio and mark broom rework b12’s “worlds end”. kirk degiorgio, who makes a rare appearance as future/past, increases the energy levels and turns the original into a dance floor bomb. broom’s version heals back to a more electro and breakbeat vibe by adding some deep ballsy and stretched out beats. on the flipside, scanner’s “eros” gets the black dog treatment. the illustrious uk outfit strips down the original into an eerie futuristic soundscape. lastly, the future sound of london brings us an intense piece of sound design: sit back and let the music take control, stay tuned!
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6x12" Vinyl boxset NL 18.11.16
brainbox shows the open-minded and versatile character of the belgian de:tuned label and explores the more cerebral output within the full spectrum of electronic music.
the album compilation features 25 tracks of both new and previously unreleased material, offering a widely eclectic mix of ambient, techno, idm, broken beat and drum & bass from a range of well-respected and established artists who ve pushed the musical envelope and have inspired a whole generation of music enthusiasts. the tracks have been mastered by matt colton at alchemy mastering to ensure the highest playback quality.
in addition to the music, de:tuned has worked with designer kevin foakes from openmind (aka strictly kev, dj food from ninja tune) who has translated the diverse musical theme of the album into stunning graphic artwork.
brainbox will be available as a limited edition (300 copies worldwide) numbered box set consisting of 6 heavy weight 180 gr records housed in individually printed inner sleeves. the vinyl box includes a download card and sticker.
de:tuned would like to thank all the artists for their contributions and support. stay tuned!
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12" Vinyl + 10" Vinyl NL 29.04.16
electronic music composer, synthesizer connoisseur and studio wizard david morley returns with a brand new release for the belgian de:tuned label. “the origin of storms” is a series of purely synth based tracks inspired by the music of conrad schnitzler and consorts. beautifully crafted ambient presented as a limited 12 + 10 inch vinyl package, let the music take control!
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12" Vinyl NL 26.02.16
b12, one of the uks first wave of pure techno acts, are back again to take you above and beyond with their trademark deep space techno and electro soundscapes. after appearing on the *5 years de:tuned* album with the track *let me free*, b12 return to de:tuned with more transient music for the mind.
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2x12" Vinyl lp NL 19.11.15
*agraphobia* by la synthesis is considered by many as one of the most beautifully crafted string-driven techno tracks of all time. originally released in 1994 it has received somewhat of a legendary cult status. 21 years later it is now time to breathe new life into this essential track and make it available again for a new generation of electronic music enthusiasts. together with de:tuned, la synthesis handpicked some of their favourite producers to rework the original and the results are mind-boggling to say the least.
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12" Vinyl NL 08.06.15
after celebrating 5 years of operation with the 5 years de:tuned box set album, de:tuned are back with a 4 track release by one of the true heroes of the new york city and global techno scene, steve stoll. this release is presented on 180 gr vinyl and is limited to 300 copies worldwide.
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12" Vinyl NL 30.05.14
daat, montreals most dynamic musical duo, return to the fold with another slice of futuristic sonic soundscaping. representing the next step in the evolution of their own detuned transmissions imprint, both fridge and apache take us deeper than ever before into daats world. a tantalising preview of daats long-awaited hvac lp later in 2014.
Detuned Transmissions
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2x12" Vinyl lp BE 16.05.14
the 5th release on de:tuned comes from prolific german producer thomas p. heckmann and features 8 previously unreleased tracks from thomas vaults recorded between 1991 and 2001
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl BE 28.11.13
for the third release on de:tuned we proudly present the kosmik kommando aka mike dred. mike hardly needs an introduction, considered as one of the masters of the roland tb-303 mike has been releasing records under various aliases since the early 90s. he has recorded for high profile labels such as r&s and rephlex as well as his own machine codes label. together, with aphex twin, mike was behind the universal indicator releases which are among the most collectible and sought after records in techno history.
this 8 track project will be available on limited 180 gr white double vinyl with label and sleeve artwork by mike himself. stay tuned!
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