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12" 26.09.22
a hidden gem within the uk house and minimal landscape, yet an imprint home to favourite cuts for many of the scenes biggest names, modula records has been steadily building its reputation as a home for quality material from some of the scenes brightest rising names over recent years. a stand out of those, ross mccormack, better known by his alias rossi., has risen to become a name at the forefront of londons new names with recent appearances via the likes of fuse, eastenderz, locus, and tamango records. having released his first ever track >rkinn< on the label back in 2018 as part of the mr001 va, he now returns to offer up a facelift alongside the original in its untouched, complete form.
Modula Records
in stock
9.24 EUR *
MR001 - VA
12" (shrinked) 12.06.18
we have waited 3 years to release the sound we want to inspire with, but we now have the modula records first release coming out soon on vinyl only. mr001 comes in the form of a various artists ep featuring the very best producers around right now, maksy, mehlor, steve butcher & ross mccormack. this 4 track ep takes you on a deep and minimal journey with guaranteed grooves.
Modula Records
out of stock
8.18 EUR *

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