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12" Vinyl UK 22.04.09
melbourne based junji masayama swerves his debut bearfunk release flying in from leftfield in the guise of his green circle ep. its a fine four tracker for which the adjective eclectic was surely made. smatterings of disco sensibilities, bleepy house, deep groove & squelching synths. green circle leads the pack with all its underground rhythms and chunky synths. monotone radio is a drum led wonk soundscape whilst sponge feet is one for the more uptempo alternative disco floors. oyster rounds things off with more eclectic beats and disco firefly darting keys. one for the varied tapestry that is bearfunk.
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12" Vinyl UK 11.05.18
* there is a way* opens with a soiree of shuffling percussion, which drives it forward throughout. the tune holds its nerve and refuses to cash in, constantly bubbling and building as layer upon layer unfolds almost to breaking point. an exhilarating statement of intent. never looking back. side a comes to a close with * tricks*. it confidently boasts a heavy hitting kick drum, set to shake speakers and alter heartbeats. a relentlessly positive guitar sample and buoyant bassline set the mood of a lively cut, which builds to a pay-off that brims with shimmering brass and crisp hats. a sunshine filled stormer, sure to get even the most cynical city worker moving. drums, drums, drums. as * mistakes* begins we’re swept away by salary boy’s effortless command of groove, before a booming bassline snatches back at our attention. “everyone makes mistakes” is the refrain from the vocal sample. i’d usually agree but our hard hustling, hi-hat wielding hero hasn’t put a foot wrong so far. an evocative piano loop anchors ‘cry’, a tune made to define the early hours. equally adept at touching the heart, as it is at moving the feet. endings are important, and this is as strong as they come.
Shadow City
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cassette / tape UK 21.07.17
first chapter of cassette beat tape series most blunted is a debut from warsaw-based producer and live performer bass jan other (privately an acclaimed visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer jan estrada-osmycki). stylistically, washed by waves varies from dub techno jams to syncopated, jazz-funk-oriented beats with lots of pads, space and random events. technically, the album consists of layers of sculpted synthetic sounds made using a teenage engineering op-1, a yamaha dx7 and digital production. produced in limited run of 100 purple cassettes with risography artwork designed by author himself. each item includes a free digital download code.
MOST Records
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12" Vinyl UK 13.02.17
repress 2017 !!
after over 10 years out of press, very limited vinyl re-pressing of the he extremely sought after dj assassin >a face in the crowd< 12 inch on cross section records. a total classic house track from 1998, that sounds even fresher today. the vocal is minimal, yet haunting and the bassline just revs like a an engine, proper house music at its finest.
supported for years by: craig richards, villalobos, mike huckaby, dj sneak, phil weeks, hector morales, monoman, dj mes, chris cutter, cedric maison, marco faraone, boris werner, to name a few.
Cross Section Records
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12" Vinyl FR 19.10.16
if anything, stojche’s take on detroit inspired techno rarely requires your permission for engagement. the fifth installment of his own label, tangible assets, is no different. this singular producer always manages to conjure up otherworldly atmospheres that resonate from head to feet. with that said, we could spend the next three paragraphs throwing around adjectives and splashing colorful words all over this press release regarding his sound, the aesthetic within each track in this release, and we could even volunteer a side helping of words that somehow make sense of this young producers studio ability. one thing however is for certain. tang005’s true charm lies in its ability to capture an honesty and sincerity that’s as captivating as it is transcendent. there’s a clinical yet organic approach that stojche adopts time and time again in formulating his tangible asset releases, and if anything, tang005 should provide further evidence of his depth, maturity and innate ability to create enchantment. this record is wrapped in captivating moments born from flourishing stabs, twilight synths, rolling charges of calculated manic rhythms and subatomic motions living within a range of intricately programmed beats. add to that a host of cinematic sweeps that develop into harmonic clouds of melancholy and you’re one step closer to the true romance etched within the grooves of this record. once again, stojche has created an ep that catalyses imagination. a series of intense voyages with thoughtfully considered moments and movements that have been executed by a man well in tune with his craft.
Tangible Assets
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2x12" Vinyl UK 31.07.13
after 17 years at the top of its game chronic is undergoing an evolution. from its beginnings as an undercover outlet for some of the scenes biggest names chronic has always kept its feet firmly on the dancefloor. with d&b now commercially accepted the world over, 2013 sees one of the scenes original no frills labels reborn, with a new look and a renewed passion to cater strictly for the underground on which this scene is built.
a new roster of fresh talent joining forces with established artists to produce what can only be described as raw, uncompromising drum & bass. switching between straight up rollers, deeper darker beats and dancefloor smashers. 4 huge tracks taken from the 20 track chronic rollers album this double pack gives a snapshot of the chronic sound, and you need that sub turned up loud to feel these – these tracks are not for daytime radio!
club support: bailey, bryan gee, crissy criss, dj hype, sub focus, dj marky, dj krust, dj craze and more!
Last Copy!
14.61 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 05.06.13
transparent turquoise vinyl. dev pandya drops his 149th career vinyl in the shape of the b-boy hip hop influenced drum machine. sharp breakbeats step forward, sideways and roll with female rap vocals that get the feet shuffling to drum machineÆs unique groove. rumbling subs and cuts of distorted bass hold everything bolt tight with intricate effects, stabs and vocal riffs. random twists and turns lead the mix into a vocal breakdown where the drums u-turn into a funk assault of drum and bass. the flipside core jungle highlights paradoxs early hardcore roots with vinyl-rip samples, crunchy funk breaks and raggamuffin fx delays that take you back to the birth of pandyas jungle influences. core jungle was written specifically for vinyl mastering and will not be available digitally. exclusively for the analogue crew!
support: marcus intalex, friction, dj marky, loxy, london elektricity, presha, naibu, bailey, flight, asides, amit.
Paradox Music
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9.25 EUR *
2xcd D 08.11.07
what a pack of jump tune ... 50 bast of jump styled tunes on 2 cds mixed ...
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13.64 EUR *
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