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12" Vinyl UK 17.10.18
german producer and dj boys noize has announced the release of his much-anticipated cover version of adamski and seal’s 1990 rave classic ‘killer’ on 12&#8243, vinyl, via the vinyl factory and boysnoize records. featuring vocalist steven a. clark, the original 12&#8243, version is backed by an instrumental, both of which you can listen to below: as boys noize says: “being a ’90s kid i kind of grew up with this song which later became one of these tunes i’d play out at the end of the night. when i met steven and heard his voice for the first time i immediately thought of that track and the idea of doing a cover version was born. it was initially just for fun but it turned banging and lit the dance floors wherever i’d drop it.” adamski and seal’s original represented something of a breakthrough for both the producer and vocalist, spending four weeks at the top of the uk singles chart in the summer of 1990. speaking to journalist dave simpson in the guardian in 2013 seal explains the impact the song had on his career: “within a week, i went from being a relative nobody – this weird guy at raves, with silver bits in my hair – to a household name.” boys noize’ ‘killer’ is out now on 12&#8243, vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
Vhe Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 16.10.18
marc & oveous bring the classic bruk flavours to atjazz’s label with their new e.p. ‘on again’. the original harks back to the old co-op nights with a tough bass synth and oveous’ soul laden vocals, tied together behind a punchy, syncopated broken beat rhythm. dress to sweat, this one will make the bodies move. first up on the flip side the ‘4x4 dub’ switches the rhythm to a straight up 4x4 house beat, but that subby synth carries through the broken beat touch. the original mixes’ vocals are dropped in favour of one of oveous’ short spoken word monologues before he steps back to let the music do the magic. the ‘dubstramental’ gives you one final interpretation utilising the same dubbed out template as the b1, but reverting back to the original broken beat pattern to give you three different flavours to throw down with.
Atjazz Record Company
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coloured 12" Vinyl US 15.10.18
ltd to 200 copies, handnumbered , incl dl code , audio soul project drops 4 new cuts. a1 brings an acid stormer getting major plays from eris drew. a2 remixes a manik original with ukg and breakbeat vibes. b1 is a moody vocal featuring brett barton. b2 is disco cut-up with chicago beats & analog squelches. yellow vinyl screen-printed
Fresh Meat Records
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12" Vinyl UK 11.10.18
summer may almost be over, however gasp records has teamed up with la dune label co-founder jacques torrance to reminisce over those jubilant days in the sun. crafted during a short stay in south germany, nach5000 is an ep that takes you on a journey beyond distances. think of it as a never ending summer voyage straight into the 90’s, with a sprinkle of acid and a final visit to your favourite psychiatrist.
GASP Records
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3x12" Vinyl UK 10.10.18
back in 1995 while living on the west coast, at the peak of the rave experience, dj spun and dhyan moller recorded a bunch of live tracks, without any sequencer, all direct to cassettes. spun aka jason drummond, reached out last spring after rediscovering all the cassettes and asked us if wed be interested in releasing some of the tunes. jason shipped us the cassettes and after a good transferring session, we decided we had to release all the tracks under a 3lp set. this stuff is fire. we still love dj spun and dhyan moller!
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12" Vinyl UK 10.10.18
the belfast based dj & producer, garry mccartney, otherwise known as ejeca, has been steadily and consistently building his sound and profile over time, through a series of impressive releases for aus music, unknown to the unknown, w&o street tracks, bpitch control and last night on earth, amongst others.
ejeca carves out an energetic slab of audacious party house on ‘unloving’, resplendent with rolling beats and stabby chords, and topped off with dramatic strings and vocal chops. elsewhere on the ep, ejeca unleashes some 303 bassline action and dark vocals on ‘standard acid house track’, which thankfully rises well above anything standard! and on ‘crystal maze’, ejeca harks back to the darker dance energies that were a staple of the late 1980s uk acid house boom. wrapping up the ep, ‘iswhatis’ gets ever so slightly twisted with an orbiting synth hook and weighty stabs over a spirited rhythm section.
Four Thirty Two
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12" Vinyl UK 03.10.18
rob belleville is a producer from the netherlands. his music can be found in the same space as producers such as arne weinberg, microworld, sean deason and drivetrain. he is know for moving between ambient electronica and atmospheric techno sounds, always warm and well produced. this release is no different, as here we have two very special tracks with the same integrity as anything rob has written in the past. on the a side we ve got implacable force which features a driving techno foundation and washy synths, interwoven for perfect headspace. the second track in is sungazing, which takes you into a more lazy groove with swirling, warm pads and more good drum programming. the b side features rise n shine and sands of time, both blurring the line between deep house and techno, with a fine balance between the melodic textures and tech house percussion. if you like atmospheric, melodic textures and quality music in general, this one is for you.
CMD 005
Common Dreams
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12" Vinyl UK 03.10.18
debut release from label co-owner iron blu with his track fiery jack with a fiery 303 remix from the producers behind downfall records and parties out of london. pressed on a one-sided, hand stamped and numbered standard weight black vinyl release. accompanied by a printed info sheet insert.
Weapons Of Desire
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12" Vinyl D 01.10.18
psp-dancer : the name says it all. this song is about electronic music between past and present, hyper funky, a glitter ball full with memories between flared pants and hedonism and yet straight forward for the year 2018. that s no surprise as for decades it would have been hard to imagine the rhine-main house and techno scene without frankfurt bedrocks pauli steinbach, sascha dive and patrick kunkel, not least because of their cocoon affinity. patrick kunkel and pauli steinbach take out the acid disco hammer full with endorphine acceleration towards dance floor. deep vibes recordingsimpresarios sascha dive and pauli steinbach form a disco reverb mix with a house-like depth between wild pitch and balearics, with kinky disco elements shimmering through again and again. try to take it high
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12" Vinyl D 28.09.18
gerd returns to aus with the prophetess ep, a four tracker that showcases a producer capable of soundtracking peak-time moments anywhere and everywhere. the a side leans towards breaky drums and punchy melodies whilst the flip includes two acid bombs. if youre a fan of gs much loved ny stomp & geeeman monikers then this release should be no different
Aus Music
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12" Vinyl UK 25.09.18
andy hart launches a new series for voyage with two dubbed out club tools. neutron capture is a chuggy acid number with crisp drum programming, glitched out synths and a weighty 303 line. on the flip lftr offers up a hypnotic roller complete with reverberating stabs, crunchy hits and expansive textures. if this is a sign of things to come for hart s new outlet expect a string of club ready, dancefloor orientated cuts from australia s golden boy.
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12" Vinyl UK 24.09.18
ltd white label !
Swag Classics
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12" Vinyl UK 20.09.18
so here it is vol 6, with 6 trax, yes 6 trax, hows that for value for money. track 1 , kicks off the e.p with a monkey infused acid rolla from the he-men ,aptly named rolla, really deep acid rolling track for you head nodders out there , then track 2 comes courtesy of new family member bufo bufo, who already boasts releases on ritual poison and egd, his track is a real four/four breakbeat extravaganza, moves along lovely with breaks and bleeps, very excited about this track and a very please to have him in the tdo family. djpc returns with track 3, his track called danger man, and believe this is dangerous, proper old school sounding warehouse rave with wicked pianos and baselines .good to have him back. then flip over and boom side b, hits ya with dawl track party till the a.m , great advice and a great track from dawl, back to his proper full on rave breaks and bleeps to kick off side b the way only he can. then track 2 we welcome another new member to the tdo family, although he has mastered several e.p s and digi trax for us , this is the first track craig bratley has ever made for us, over the moon to have this man on board - craig has earned a solid reputation from a series of curiously erratic releases, releasing records across the spectrum of electronic music on labels such as futureboogie, suara, throne of blood, bird scarer, tsuba, instruments of rapture, claremont 56, leng, to rack and ruin and is it balearic and as well as his own magic feet imprint. the recent discovery of a box of old dat tapes in a house move has allowed craig to revisit some of his earlier attempts at making music in the 90 s. the re-sampling and editing one of these tracks has provided the basis for craig s contribution to tone dropout volume 6, back from the dat . from the dat really is a hats off tip to the rave generation, thank you craig proper got this right for our label. then finally track 6 , is bonus track , tones breaks part 2, a full on pow in ya face rave banger, a little feature we will be doing now on e.p s a nod to the legendary bones breaks of cours
Tone DropOut
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12" Vinyl UK 20.09.18
a coming together of some serious house music legends. boys own don terry farley teams up with kevin swain of d.o.p. for a peak-time acid anthem memory child. label boss posthuman strips it back for a sheffield bleep techno vibe remix, while kirk degiorgio rebuilds the track with modular acid and epic piano chords into a blissful, sunshine anthem. terry and kevin bring it all back with the more chilled acid tool mix to complete the ep.
Balkan Vinyl
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12" Vinyl UK 18.09.18
jamie jones joins forces with new york’s david berrie for an electrifying two track release on hot creations. doctor zouk is the result of a friendship spanning many years, and is set to be unleashed this autumn. title track doctor zouk is a bumpy, chuggy roller with a prominent percussive break and heady tribal undertone. future society uses thumping drum pads over a growling bassline with unmistakable high hats weaved together over futuristic synths. jamie jones is one of the industry’s most in demand and recognised djs. he heads up one of ibiza’s most treasured parties, paradise at dc10, and now takes it to all corners of the globe. his revered hot creations imprint has put out more than one hundred releases as well as playing a major part in launching the careers of patrick topping, richy ahmed and detlef. spending his formative years in new york, sneaking into the city’s diverse and flamboyant nightclubs and heavily influenced by a broad spectrum of genres, it wasn’t long before david berrie took to the turntables. he released on jones’ hottrax label last year and has had a number of releases on nervous and monique sp é ciale. he commands regular slots at bpm festival as well as at the paradise nights.
Hot Creations
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12" Vinyl UK 17.09.18
three hot new tracks and a handy reprise tool feature on this new outing from london’s mysterious hardworking families. machine funk electro, deep acid flecked bombs, and a gentle nod to the old skool on sunshine.
Hardworking Families
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12" Vinyl NL 17.09.18
the second release of the label alley version, features the return of takeshi kouzuki, with his combo of jackin house rythms with melancholic, deep and outer space melodies. exclusively in limited ed. 300 copies 12&#8243,, vinyl.
Alley Version
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
phat 90s laurent garnier styled techno
Enliven Music
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12" Vinyl D 07.09.18
classic, idiosyncratic workshop style house: uplifting groovers blended w/ chilled drifters
Workshop 25
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12" Vinyl UK 04.09.18
i like to move it, go on move and can you feel it had already established erick morillo and the mad stuntman as one of the biggest new acts in 1994 - and then came raise your hands . originally starting life as asuca by r.a.w. (another morillo alias on the legendary strictly rhythm label), the addition of the mad stuntman s unmistakable vocals helped give them their 4th top 15 hit of the year. the update comes courtesy of uk producer shadow child, no stranger to chart success himself. -i couldn t wait to get my hands on this one,- added shadow child, who also debuts his acidub edit as part of the record s release. -that infectious riff has been going round in my head since i originally heard it and it is such a honour to get to make 2 versions!-
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12" Vinyl one sided D 31.08.18
ltd edition, full cover artwork, dj sneak together with the mighty tripmastaz... a raw dirty acid monster... no doubt floorfriendly as well
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12" Vinyl NL 30.08.18
too smooth christ returns to supergenius records and widens his singular approach to introspective dance music to new musical horizons. infinite fall dmz is a slow house jam built around a hypnotic and endless fm pattern and a strong chorus bass, emphasized by a myriad of shiny bittersweet 101 sparks. pheqs125, originally made for tsc current live act, triggered such keen reactions in clubs that we decided to cut it down. its an acidish banger, elaborated around a 303 pattern, a rave detuned bassline and a b-more breakbeat, tickled by synthetic voices. with its rainforest chords and melodies and its muffled breakbeat, the eponymous track with you in mind is a love declaration between balearic house and old-school jungle / idm. etoile closes the ep with its uk bass vibe, a combination of tribal drum patterns and a grime beat and narrative bassline which will attract you in some mysterious caverns where the magic monsters hide.
Supergenius Records
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12" Vinyl UK 27.08.18
acid fans may well be aware of dj arg (also known as faceless junkies deluxe) and know that the man is a machine, literally churning out hundreds of the nastiest and most purist 303 based techno and house tracks and uploading them with alarming regularity to his soundcloud pages. super rhythm trax is proud to present to you his first vinyl release, it was really hard to decide on just four tracks, but these ones were jumping out for a release. sick and twisted 303 abuse for lovers of the silver box.
Super Rhythm Trax
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12" Vinyl D 24.08.18
nous lavons trouve, le ciel rouge, plein de promesses, mystique, chaud.
2018 repress
Mountain People
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12" Vinyl UK 22.08.18
everybody on the west coast knew bubbles bubblesynski. we were going to make a record with him before he was murdered. we made it anyway with audio from his facebook posts and well be donating all profits to lgbtq friendly organisations in san francisco. hypnotic, repetitive, pounding acid house for djs & dancers.. 1 per customer
Paranoid London
B1: Beats & Bubbles
B2: The Boombox Acidapella
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12" Vinyl D 20.08.18
second round of our remix rampage ! this time with four tracks on the edgier side that will leave no dancefloor undisturbed, be it through percussive precision (jay shepheard), brute force (inigo vontier), acidic complexion (yuki tosaya) or some vocal batshit crazyness (mr ties). because rough is right!
Ancient Future Now
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12" Vinyl D 20.08.18
after a triplet of solo 12inches, all courtesy of label main man rupert marnie, hamburg-based imprint the press group are set to break 2018 in with the multi-flavoured tpg004 - a versatile debut va that offers a fine close up on the labels whole cast of operating forces with some choice contributions from tpgs core tetrad including youthman(29), ten letu, dj dodo and marnie himself. mind your backs! shape-shifting yet coherent as a whole, this collective effort puts together a swinging confluence of sounds and aesthetics clearly aimed at the dancefloor but equally poised for laid-back chill sessions. first release on the label to reunite the entire crew, tpg004 mashes up a wide-spanning array of grooves and tempi in exploded view, giving full vent to each artists idiosyncratic universe whilst establishing a hyper-modern sound id, both infectiously funky and undeniably potent. casting its net far and wide: from the pared-down astronautical breakbeat of youthmans ‘aemilia to dj dodos breezy jacking jazz-footwork hybrid ‘the machine via rupert marnies lithe ganjah-smelling shuffler ‘health and ten letus muscle-flexing acid roller ‘ah, you shot me!, its a feast of feelgood beats that youre invited to, neatly connecting the dots between the guys shared love for video game soundtracks, liquid dubstep, heavy jungle breaks, minimal house and further daydreaming, hazy harmonics to drape yourself into. vital sales points: first 12? from the press groups whole cast of members including a locked groove on the b-side.
The Press Group
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12" Vinyl UK 17.08.18
simply an iconic track from swiss brothers mandrax and seb k aka shakedown, ‘at night’ is one of the most recognisable house tracks of the last two decades. with one of the most-hyped remixes of the year, artist of the moment peggy gou delivers with a squelching 7 minute groover, bringing in that iconic synth motif to lift the production and keep it rolling. stepping up to tackle this masterpiece with a nu-disco dance track, tiger & woods use cowbell to accent a b-boy beat, with drum machine breaks bringing it back to the dancefloor. with a sophisticated house remix with a nu-disco edge is purple disco machine, fusing a funk-infused bassline with terra deva’s unforgettable vocals. finally is a brand new version from the shakedown duo themselves, the galactic boogie mix. with saturated synths and interplanetary breakdowns, shakedown bring a carefree 80s quality to this iconic track’s irresistible after-dark charm
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12" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
the rising london based label is quickly defining his own and unique sound laying down the law with another live jam recorded 4 tracks release by his own boss dothedu. following the success of the first release, senseverse records has came back with lost acids ep, a rough lost minded trip with an unusual sense of refinement. the producer lets the trip s curtain rise with lost acids which takes us to a gloomy hidden place on the edge of the house and techno roots with a banging 909 and crescendo 303 which dives smoothly into the background own producer s voice, colombine acids explores the happier stage of the trip and keeps the sound on the thin line in between the 2 genres with his fat kick and the flying and clashing crashes. the b1 throws us right back deep into the dark with a slowed down and mentally twisted remix by the very well known producer florian kupfer. finally early acids rings down the curtain s trip with some fine classic house music sonorities that lead us to a dreamy and dancy closing.
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12" Vinyl UK 08.08.18
support from: ben ufo (hessle), oli_n (phonica), ander b (robsoul), eltron john (uncanny valley), simon caldwell (fbi radio), herzel (hivern disc), nori (posivision), sascha funke, nathan g, dmitry (neo violence) acid influenced many of us. in fact, for a huge proportion of us, acid kicked off this sweaty, painful, yet incredibly fulfilling journey. the 2 originals by dircsen utilize the 303 in different ways - the opener ‘beyond collapsing silence’ sounds like an instant acid house classic with its energetic drums & dreamy atmosphere, whilst ‘depth scan’ slows it down, focusing more on hypnosis. rounding off the 3-track ep is an idiosyncratic remix of ‘depth scan’ by l.i.e.s. legend, florian kupfer. a dubbed out original gets well and truly saturated.
Beef Records
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12" Vinyl UK 03.08.18
acid house alert! we are really excited to introduce you our new release. tomlin is a misterious producer from our gang and we are sure you will love him. pure analog stuff for omar s and levon vincents fans. dont miss it!
We Play The Music We Love
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12" Vinyl UK 02.08.18
phreaky jackin acid house madness
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12" Vinyl UK 02.08.18
tracks of fuel flamed floor movers. dos , ray kandinski , gallery s. , anthony fade , dj bowlcut and dj longdick have all outdone them selves and the fuel keeps burning baby. acid infused tracks floor moovers all you want in 6 tracks.
Nerang Recordings
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12" Vinyl one sided D 02.08.18
dj sneak teams up with tripmastaz , two great floorfriendly acid laden tracks ... ltd edition , fullcover artworks
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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 27.07.18
not content with already steering the vigenere and oscillat labels and appearing regularly on will & ink and lazare hoche, malin genie has launched his own self-titled label as a vessel for his most intriguing twists on the house and techno template. the record strides in with the tracky tones of hypothetical island of stability, a feast of micro pops and squiggles strapped to a rock solid beat. fudeoroshi is more overtly minimalist in nature, using the barest of ingredients to make a potent dancefloor cut. bulbocavernosa opens up the filters and lets a little nasty acid fun and games into the mix, and then mer neith it es rounds the record off with a soaring slice of melodic, deep techno that stands confidently apart from the rest of the tracks.
MGM 02
Malin Genie
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12" Vinyl FR 23.07.18
framework recordings is back with a very special, limited run vinyl ep that features five fantastic artists in oliv, o’hana, blurred, fred and ground16, and deep house doesn’t come much finer. first up is the low key oliv, part of the heady party collective bedford crew. his ‘submarine cruise’ is an effortlessly atmospheric dub house track. sandy shakers, balmy pads and an astral lead synth line all ooze underground class. o’hana is another emerging producer with an already well formed sound. his gorgeous ‘lune’ is another prime bit of deep house with analogue kicks and hits, subtle vocal samples and cavernous pads that melt into the horizon.
blurred are a young italian pair from labels like lapsus, safe music and hotfingers and keep up the cultured dub house vibe with more deeply enveloping grooves and dusty hits. the chords here are smeared in the background and sure to find favour with the more intimate dance floors out there. then it’s to impressive new swiss artist fred for ‘mw.’ it’s deep and house-y again, but this time it drives forward on huge kicks, with acid lines and icy hi hats bringing the energy while yawning synths soften the edges. closing out a tasteful package are swiss pair ground16 with ‘3rd street.’ cosmic in nature and with wide open pads, this house groove is another analogue beauty with warmth, smart vocal snippets and dreamscape pads. these are timeless deep house cuts that are deceptively simple and superbly executed.
Framework Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 23.07.18
this new chicago based label is runned by steve poindexter and traxman. the first release comes also from the label heads. track a2. is an remarkeble co-production between steve poindexter and legendary armando. on b2. traxman remixed armandos -snare yo azz off-. must have - not only for all chicago house fans!
Factory Music Chicago
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12" Vinyl FR 23.07.18
various styled split ep with mad rey and mezigue
D.KO Records
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12" Vinyl D 23.07.18
paramidas love on the rocks imprint readies its eighteenth release, in this, the year of our lord, 2018 - the latest instalment on the ever-evolving, hard-to-define label is a decidedly non-dancefloor oriented, melancholic/euphoric instrumental number from promising lon-don/lisbon producers elles & violet.
Love On The Rocks
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12" Vinyl UK 20.07.18
after recent individual releases on ecstasy garage disco and tone dropout, ritual poison bosses bufobufo and corporeal face join forces for their new escape earth project.
a psychedelic pulse of chugging acid marked disco, ‘escape earth theme’ is an animist call to arms in the obscene face of the anthropocene. 303 master bawrut transforms it into a hymn for early morning rave reflection, adding breakbeats and psychotropic synths.
crushed by its own supermassive weight, ‘gravity well’ then condenses escape earth’s love of jungle and hardcore into a 128bpm stepper of rumbling low-end, polyrhythmic beats and otherworldly melody.
Ritual Poison
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12" Vinyl ES 20.07.18
shadows lengthen, the nights heat up, and flexi throws down the new piada vibes. like any italian dish the ingredients are simple and effective (let s say piadina romagnola)!
Flexi Cuts
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2x12" Vinyl ES 20.07.18
lost tapes from khan, a collection of unreleased gems from a master. 200 limited copies, underground anthem alert!
Libertine Records
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12" Vinyl D 19.07.18
sensual and primitive, chante afrique ep is perfectly encloses the most acid house digressions and its deepest roots. a work that well combines past, present and future. all the genius of the legendary paul johnson in three original mixes and the -wild circus mix- of chante afrique track by lello di franco aka l.d.f., an introspective and sophisticated remake. a must have!
Nice To Be
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2x12" Vinyl ES 19.07.18
seekers deliver another double treat: a beautiful lp recorded somewhere in usa....hope you ll enjoy as much as we do.
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12" Vinyl FR 18.07.18
steffen baldo aka ugly drums is a german producer, dj and selecta hailing from cologne, with previous releases on rush hour, faces records and quintessentials. one of the best kept secrets of german deep house, ugly drums delivers the second release of le petit zoo, a new french label ran by pablo valentino (mcde) and lb aka labat. starting with you taught me (reasons), an acid track that keeps you on your toes, he advances smoothly to three classy deep house cuts, full of lushful synths, groovy basslines and clever hooks. tip!
Le Petit Zoo Records
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12" Vinyl FR 17.07.18
4 track ep with a remix by sfv acid & other by roza terenzi. good music from la to australia.
Third Try Records
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10" Vinyl UK 17.07.18
summertime funtime courtesy of... someone from somewhere. who know? “liwando” is madchester rave culture with a disco underbelly and a bongo and conga fervor. jacques renault’s mix somehow manages to cram a few more sticks of dynamite into the mix, beefing up the funkiness quotient (that bass!) and embellishing the breakdowns (that horn!) “didn’t i (acid version)” is definitely the afterward to “liwando,” a joyous, soaring encore that has, yes, a touch of acid folded in.
Lets Play House White
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12" Vinyl UK 17.07.18
chicago house pioneer dj sneak and russian export tripmastaz have proven themselves to be a formidable pairing since their first ep landed on sneak’s imprint, i’m a house gangster, in 2014. in july, they add to their joint discography with a three-tracker dispatch on cassy’s burgeoning label, kwench records. the label’s sixth release, cassy takes a step back and gives this collaborative duo yet another outlet to showcase their dancefloor fodder, which follows releases on kaluki music, mr. nice guy, reptile dysfunction, ovum recordings and, of course, i’m a house gangster. extraterrestrial intelligence reminds fans of not just their deftness in producing tough house cuts, but also their prowess at manipulating the roland tb-303 to deal a solid smacking of acid. ‘ufo’ reaches out to roughen up the humanoids of this planet with the 303’s distinctive squelch and those clattering drum machine rhythms – a track that’s guaranteed to get you twisted. gruff vocals on ‘click thang’ break through as a tough bassline ensures your participation on the floor, and ‘last daze of dizko’ maintains momentum with a thumping bassline that any peak-time burner should possess.
Kwench Records
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12" Vinyl NL 16.07.18
linea beat 5 the fifth collection in our dance-floor only series is the aptly named -dance-. arriving in two different versions for those times when you need alternative vibes on the dance-floor, music is backed up by a slamming, jack-time remix from passarani, a.k.a one half of tiger & woods.
Slow Motion
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12" Vinyl UK 13.07.18
sb traxx returns for their second outing, flexing four original club traxx from anthony fade. mind games opens things up - a jackin acid drum machine workout awash with 707 hits and 303 squelch. the a2 m1 cause everyones gotta have fun then hits you with a piano rave weapon - gritty and hard hitting coupled with those classic m1 stabs. flip it over for a top-down summer anthem in i m weak marrying rnb tinged vocals and shuffling rhythms before dr. ice closes it out with a golden-era hip hop inspired deep house groover.
SB Traxx
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12" Vinyl NL 12.07.18
next release on echovolt s regular run is the debut ep by priori, co-founder of naff recordings. three cuts of large-scale psychedelia where machines get squeezed and bent for sound. it’s dynamic acid for our constantly evolving and restless minds. an ode to the environment that nurtures us, an attempt to ring mod the sun and the sea.
EVR 029
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12" Vinyl D 12.07.18
nicolas lutz teams up with omar to do a release from his own my own jupiter.
My Own Jupiter
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12" Vinyl D 12.07.18
the superb new comer “michelle” from urguay drops 4 track killer fromel milagro rec. bomb!!
EL Milagro Rec.
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.07.18
in 2017, benedikt frey released his breathtaking debut album with the esp institute, artificial, and now as we finally come up for air, we’re more than proud to offer an eclectic collection of remixes that’s nothing short of essential. side a leads with h for hysteria remixed by a beloved hero, nicolas chaix a.k.a. i:cube, one of the most prolific and respected electronic artists paris has to offer. his touch is considered and elegant, imbuing the track with a tasteful 303+808 backbone to support an array of patiently floating melodies and angelic vocal samples. following this, tolouse low trax of du&#776,,,,,sseldorf’s infamous salon des amateurs remixes the same track, stripping instrumentation down to a skeletal palette of bass guitar and stabbing percussive punctuations, chopped up inna minimalist stylee that has become his beat-making signature. side b leads with a remix by another du&#776,,,,,sseldorfer, dj normal 4, whose re-imagination of private crimes takes us for an even more menacing ride, half-timing the tempo and skillfully rolling out a barrage of jungle snares from rave days of yore. closing the release is the most aggressive remix of them all, a bonafide techno beatdown of the same track by dalo, the co-producing artist to whose haunting vocals lace the original version. her dark vision opens with sparse industrial drums that blossom into a driving assault of raw machinery, definitely not for the faint-of-heart. an all-around solid release here, fun for all the family... more than just the tip!
ESP Institute
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.07.18
rawax welcomes markus fix & dorian paic to the artist family! we as frankfurt based label are happy to present you on the 25th release two real frankfurt ambassadors!
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.07.18
following up lou karsh’s excellent “ataraxia” ep we’re hitting up australia once again, such is the level of burgeoning talent down under. this time it’s the turn of sydney native e davd.
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.07.18
the second outing from lisbon based percebes mu&#769,,sica comes from ka§par, a respected portuguese author who consistently releases on many revered deeper dance music imprints. the “epicurismo” ep is a fresh and well humored record, conceived as an homage to the greek philosopher epicurus, who widely professed a personal mantra for happiness.
Percebes Musica
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11.69 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 06.07.18
bbe present the second volume of their 7 only foundations series. this time a double dose classic from house legend tyree.
in stock
11.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 02.07.18
2lp comes in gatefold! follow up to a blink of an eye (rblp06/cd06) + i ve got my eye on you (dfa). written and produced by maurice fulton!
Running Back

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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21.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 29.06.18
french duo too many cars are launching their own label too many cars records in order to release the finest house, italo, breakbeat and acid music. side a is all about house and breakbeat stuff while side b shows off italo s huge comeback in modern dj culture. perfect for club use!
Too Many Cars Records
in stock
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 29.06.18
following his ep for amazing stories, otis makes good on his long time friendship with the partisan crew via four dazzling cuts of future-minded machine funk. from swinging techno to breakbeat and electro, all glued together by that 909 house vibe, the playful side of otis’ unique sound masks an understated swagger that will rock the floor wherever it’s played.
Last Copy!
12.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.06.18
vinyl only w/ mike huckaby remix. jorge caiado’s new “cycles” ep, offers 3 strong versions of title theme plus a remix by detroit legend mike huckaby. a house/techno manifesto that takes his artistic vision one step further, placing him as a cutting edge producer internationally supported by the likes of move d and others. from lisbon via detroit, “cycles” will make any worldwide dancefloor take a peak. so grab it, play it and check the results.
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.06.18
adding and connecting the bits, dots, hats and kicks once again, rtct.records invite two italians to join forces for a shared ep. it features three tracks per artist and it s got everything from ambient over lo-fi house, acid, techno and even garage. both of the artists have been making music under different names for a long time now but this release marks the launch of their new monikers: introducing dj chupacabra from the mountainous north of italy and crisco from mediterranean sicily. this is where the surf & turf theme of the ep comes into play. with this release rtct.records are taking a step forward and broaden their output after the well acclaimed deep house/disco tinged releases by leo woelfel, demuja and laroze. artwork by gus nobel.
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.06.18
casey tucker is on a roll at the moment, and his infectious brand of uplifting, full-fat machine soul seems to have struck a chord in many places (not least via his reissues on for those that knoe). after appearing on love notes back in 2015, tuckers back on the label with another salvo of colourful, charming and utterly magnificent house jams shot through with the inventive programming of techno. alternative faction is many things a bubbly acid track, a swooning deep house cut and a sassy broken beat affair and yet feels utterly smooth in its execution. that time of year has plenty of motor city soul feeding into its composition, not least in the gorgeous synth strings, and new mission gets busy in the swing with all kinds of bouncing melodies and rhythms.
Love Notes
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 22.06.18
every release is special for us here at hizou. but to clock up our tenth one is a particularly special moment. so it is even more pleasing that we reach this milestone by welcoming on board a producer we admire enormously, life recorder. the man from marseille has a lengthy discography of must-have records to his name already and the super-deep pressure jazz ep will only add to that growing list as he delivers a trio of prime cuts, from the punchy, raw analogue sounds of the title track to the warming subconcious drive and the melodic, acid-flecked traffic jam.
Hizou Deep Rooted Music
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.06.18
there s only one haus - it s dj haus! we re happy to continue the journey with uttu label boss !
in stock
9.99 EUR *
OFFFM #2 (2X12 180G)
2x12" Vinyl D 21.06.18
connecting the dots between frankfurt and offenbach.
in stock
22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 21.06.18
mark du mosch, credit 00, william the squid, jared wilson and eluize join on pt. 2 of this year s war child fundraiser from craigie knowes. acid, house, disco-vibes and dreamy electro sounds across this awesome 5 track ep - the second instalment of the two-part series.
Craigie Knowes
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.06.18
slamming alalogue dbl header--- ltd 2018 repress
Phonica White
in stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.06.18
beautiful strangers marks the return of theo kottis with this sampler of his debut lp. it reveals a new chapter in his artistic journey in which he resets his creative output, free of compromise, conveying his devotion to the dancefloor, and revealing a new concept that everyone can ascribe to. reasons kicks off the record with a slice of disco tinged house music overlaying infectious guitar and string loops, with slick piano flurries to make for a sure-fire summer winner. the a2 houses the get down a more heavy hitting workout packaged for the dancefloor, with a percussive bassline over the top of a choice breakbeat, tied together by a thumping kick. flip it over and you unearth the lovechild creation of a 303 coupled with a brazilian classic in the form of acid disco. a driving kick / hat combo, squelchy acid and pitched down brazilian vocals offer up a raw but energetic stomper. finally, u need to keep it simple takes you on a more emotive and powerful acid trip. the sweeping synths building throughout the track coupled with soaring strings, alongside an alluring acid line proper!
Beautiful Strangers
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9.49 EUR *
10" Vinyl NL 15.06.18
frak – grown up guests
like a diy brick-shithouse frak feel like they are preparing for some nasty. kicking off the track with some serious drums. eerie synth lines and creepy bass pads lend for a slightly deranged and unsettling feel. there is a strange air about this track. tuff snares kick in that galvanise and ready the troops. the strange difference between the everyday title and the militant feel of the track makes for interesting concoction. its like a bunch of psychos preparing for a dinner party. sweeping the floor and combing their hair to precision. the house might look nice and the cake might be delicious, but these guys psychos.

jack pattern – kernkraft
kernkraft translates as nuclear power and from the outset reverberating sequences visualise a bleak working environment. mechanical sequences rotate. clouds of sparking particles swirl overhead menacingly. a kick drum stumbles into actions, the machine has powered up. cold hi-hats shimmer, and hollow synths give the feel of some sort of labouring workforce continuing their daily grind. this doesn t feel like a nice environment to live in and reflects the reality of some peoples everyday life. living to work for the greater good and sacrificing their lives in the process. it is a powerful piece. strong, monotonous and mechanical.
Cosmic Pint Glass
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.06.18
first record of the jamn ensemble.the record features 3 unique sounding deep house cuts. the tracks are composed of subtle acid bass lines, rhodes chords and roland tr series beats. idylle melody is played by vibes. jamn ensemble always keeps in mind acoustic instruments legacy.
Jamn Ensemble
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12" Vinyl NL 13.06.18
ltd 2018 repress >> long awaited restocks of the third loosefingers from larry heard. fresh and remastered cut of what is house? which is one of the dopest acid tracks that has been released in recent years! on this 12 the great extended version. very stubborn and fierce track that has an endless cool groove that s just plain basic, but as most of larry heard s releases so powerful! on the flip side a long version of the deep and smooth dreaming of better days, that has that trademark jazzy sound of larry heard. essential house record!
Alleviated Records & Music
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.06.18
12inch with printed deluxe sleeve, affetto played by bufiman at his dekmantel set for boiler room, incl. gerd janson remix
good news, kids: now you can play a different kitjen record every day of the week, because just as last summer, we have some hot dutch jams coming your way for kitjen 007: utrecht s own stijn sadée, who has been making moves in the dutch scene for a while and runs the infamous club sauvage night, brings us three mystically exotic joints that showcase his manifold sources of inspiration and will bang your gong this summer. none other than hessen s love doctor gerd janson stops by to seal the deal by turning -affetto- into a 12 minute dancefloor journey. pack light!
in stock
9.35 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl FR 05.06.18
new release by oshana, serving up a trio of electronic beats on yoyaku’s sub label yoy.
Last Copy!
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.06.18
excellent deep house brasil edits - ltd qty
Adesse Versions
in stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.06.18
bell towers is finally back with a new record for public possession. ikea hack origi-nally produced for the runway, was too good not to explore further. once again perfectly showcasing bt s abillity to transform emotions into melodies, bridging gaps between various musical influences the revisited and extendend ver-sions presented here, will leave you with two choices: chillout & dance mix. in ad-dition the material was handed over to baba stiltz, who delivered his very own more minimalistic, extremly hypnotic take on the ikea hack.
Public Possession
in stock
10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.06.18
first in a series from someone you might know using obscure and sometimes not so obscure elements from days gone by
White Label
in stock
9.99 EUR *
rawax joined forces with the great dutch slapfunk label! the result is a fantastic v.a. ep called -slap wax 1- with track by samuel deep, locklead, william caycedo and julian alexander!
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.05.18
vinyl only, 2nd output
Last Copy!
9.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.05.18
osynlig fetma is the production duo arvid wretman (aka your planet is next, sexazoid) and dennis vera. the two stockholmers have created a diverse ep of analogue lopsided dance music. freaky vocals take place over freewheeling jazzy jamming synths and drum machines. house music for dancers with two left feet. comes complete with a mix mup remix. download code included.
Red Curls
in stock
10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.05.18
london based artist, shamos, takes sze on a trip through mutations of rugged and tripped out analog house, techno and left field cuts.
in stock
11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.05.18
dos attack are two childhood friends come djs and producers from madrid who ve have managed to create their own little space in the electronic music landscape. the masterminds behind cult label riverette, with releases by such exciting and forward-thinking artists as legowelt, oskar offermann, kornel kovacs, and minor science, the two are insatiable diggers to a point that they opened their own record store in the center of their hometown, named after the label. both as djs and producers, their creations are a reflection of their collection and taste – sometimes trance-y, sometimes hyperactive, always weird and wonderful, mixing the energy of late 70s new york with the good vibes of 90s rom-coms – pure love.
Turbo Capitalism
in stock
11.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl NL 24.05.18
recorded in an ageing holiday park during off-season, center parcs is the debut lp by dutch artists betonkust & palmbomen ii a conceptual, musical-tristesse full of lo-fi harmony, and fanciful, psychedelic-coloured modulations, with an undercurrent of saturated, outsider-house beats, all recorded to tape. with a shared passion for experimental music, and gnarled dutch electro, the duo have crafted an lp of esoteric-electronic-pop, reflective of the time the two spent holed-up in isolation, in the out-of-time center parcs setting
in stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 16.05.18
the last time we heard from jex, he was cruising dance floors with his 2015 slapper -studio e- on running back. three years later, jex returns with -bad timin vol. 1,- a four-tracker made for working djs on the newly christened bad timin label. ranging from the scorched-earth acid of -zone phased- to the melancholic deep of -fee wifi,- the ep has something for everyone--well, everyone who likes hanging out at dance clubs, that is!
Bad Timin
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.05.18
over the course of four unforgettable eps released on throne of blood since 2013, hardway brother sean johnston has cultivated a broad international following for his singular brand of dancefloor fodder. best known as one half of legendary dj team a love from outer space alongside the one-and-only andrew weatherall, johnston’s roots in the dance music scene include a clutch of leftfield 90’s era bangers on labels like sabres of paradise and flashcomm. beyond his original output, johnston has also remixed the likes of man power, the asphodells, museum of love, split secs, clandestino and many more. the laser ep is peaktime hardway bros business. friedman feedback loop revision (a nod to tob boss james friedmans highly-valued opinions) is a masterclass in efficient simplicity, elevating a few basic loops into an exhilarating 8 minute monster. the laser rounds out the a side with a classic electro rhythm/bass/vocal sample combo could easily have landed in retro territory. instead, hardway bros easily flips a clutch of oldschool tricks into an utterly modern execution. the b-side finds tobs label manager max pask injecting friedman feedback loop revision with his love for all things analog and italo. with his impressive collection of synths brought to life by chinatown records brennan green, the song is transformed into an epic set closer thats already devasting dancefloors like berlins panorama bar. the ep closes with afro sirene, a midtempo groover with melodic arpeggios built for the discerning djs warm-up set.
Throne Of Blood
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.05.18
azzur owner, melokolektiv returns on galaktika with his first solo vinyl ep on the imprint where are you earth? a side brings three amazing original tracks to the table made of synthetic melodies, spacey beat and acid basslines. control the night and how to be drawn will, with no doubt, pleased the dancefloor while where are you earth presents something deeper and melancholic. on the b side, we are happy to welcome two of our all time favorite producers. first, langenberg, who offers us a sublime reinterpretation in the line of his deep and organic releases on liebedetail, drumpoet community and poker flat. then, uk legend mark e who delivers a functional, raw and hypnotic reinterpretation. definitely something which will please djs. timeless!
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.05.18
kim ann foxmans firehouse imprint storms into 2018 with an extra special re-release of the 1994 rave classic scott richmond and john selway aka psychedlic research lab, keep on climbin.the package features both original mixes alongside two outstanding remixes from deetron and kim ann foxman. mix 1 and mix 2 sound as glorious now as they did when they were released. mix 1, a bold, breakbeat construct, chopped vocal and emerging acid lines. mix 2 places four to the floor. it’s deeper with added percussion, soft chord stabs and an almighty breakdown to the drop. deetron makes his debut on firehouse with a tough, grinding version, underpinned by his signature, gnarling bassline sound. kim ann foxman incorporates acid lines to her revision. it builds intensely from start to finish, using angela johnsons iconic vocal loop to perfection.
in stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl () D 14.05.18
cinthie is best known for her imprint beste modus. for ground service cinthie delivers two strong floor bangers that will fulfill your needs on setting your crowd on fire. zky of cab drivers remixed both of the tracks. his interpretations with additional sounds and basslines give them a more jacidish twist.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.05.18
dirty funk house from colombia! with heavy remixes by seb wildblood (church), retrogott (ava, money sex) & dj qualle and pontchartrain. felipe gordon is new to the scene, but entering the house world now via toy tonics in a heavy way. just watch that remix package: felipe gordon has some massive fans already. he knows a few dudes and he has some cool releases coming on church, s3a records and intimate friends. in fact felipe is throwing some of the biggest underground house parties in colombia along with his nómada records crew from bogotá. and he is making tracks, too. dirty bangers. with a certain unique vibe. he used to play in bands before switching to samplers and getting addicted to old disco and house vinyl. you can hear that: his moody, raw tunes use samples of rare records. but selected carefully, adding his own juno 60 or moog synth chords (like on tell me something true). often using minor keys and lot of little noises and short spoken words by himself. never clean, always musically special. felipe gordon might be new to the international dance scene, but for sure you gonna hear that name more frequently over the next years.
Toy Tonics
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 09.05.18
rofirst volume with lorenzo - get deep (rosboulltd07), joss moog - forever pimpin (robsoul50) & phil weeks – hypnose (robsoul07) what else?
Robsoul Classic
in stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.05.18
five italian talents of underground scene. solid ep from raw house to jungle jams. elio (dancing like quagmire / 800hz) received likes by marcelus pittman, roman flugel, pablo valentino and pender street steppers. keep an ear on this guy because many releases will come out soon. robbenspierre (dusky adriatic), sheesma party resident. he really doesnãt like to talk about himself. all you need to know is that he is an italian dj and producer and that he plays records that will make your ass shaking a lot and your mind blowing out of the floor. he drinks strongly, so offer him a drink and donãt give up.
Marguerite Records
Last Copy!
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 04.05.18
first release for the italian label alley version is a split built up of rugged jackin patterns and brutalist house jams, all recorded on tape by mituo shiomi and drum machine.
limited to 200 copies.
Alley Version
in stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.04.18
the raw jacking sexiness of ghetto house has always played a big role in the killekill universe. so its high time to put out our first release which goes that direction. italian andrew soul is an artist we have been watching for a while already. when he sent the demo with the extremely raw and dirty tunes that you find on the a-side of this 12inch, the decision was easy: killer stuff which makes you bounce immediately we want to put this out! the b-side comes from dirtbox, who is also one half of snuff crew and therefore has been part of the killekill family for a while already. actually almost from the start. being the musical wizard he is, he can not only make house and acid music and anything else you could think of, but also class a ghetto house. maybe even more classic than andrew souls side but ranging from the percussive style of smmfd and work that to the raw energy of fukk it is definitely in no way less original. shake dat ass!
Killekill House Trax
in stock
10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.04.18
romanski takes you on a trip with edits and remixes of sexy bollywood disco, turkish 70 s rock and german prepared piano dreams.
Wonder Music
in stock
10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.04.18
alongside farfa and roby j, miki the dolphin kicked italy s tuscan techno movement into high-gear during the 1990 s. earning his first residency 38 years ago, the captivating sounds purveyed by miki and his compatriots would go on to influence the entire italian peninsula for the greater part of a decade. miki can still be found fusing elements of his avant-garde past with future-leaning house and techno in his dj sets today, having assembled a cult-following thanks to his sought-after mixtapes, highly-collectable releases and research into the 432hz phenomena.

originally released between 1996 and 1997, the tracks on this phonographic disk have been remastered and re edited with contemporary standards in mind for your listening pleasure and playability.
lead track, apple, incorporates live instrumentation with tough, northern italian rhythms. caterpillar glimmers and undulates across its pristine psychedelic and progressive landscape, sacre graal is a fine slice of timeless, electronic body music. one for those who know.
Life Of Marvin
in stock
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.04.18
the sixth instalment of slow motion s retro-futuristic international-sister label is the debut release of mysterious russian producer fakundo. this record sits at the heavier end of our musical spectrum and is brimming with hard-hitting electro swagger that conjures up a dystopian video-game underworld, the best bits of alien sex fiend and comes atop a whole bunch of wobbly baselines. not for the faint of heart this record is a total dance-floor destroyer.
Wrong Era
Last Copy!
11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.04.18
this vinyl is a tribute to esplendor geometrico, one of the greatest industrial music icons in spain and abroad.
each one of these remixes has been produced by local artists from madrid, homecity of the band, as their particular homage and acknowledgement of the crucial role that the group has been playing as an example and a catalyst for the most avant-garde electronic music scene. thanks!...
special thanks to our friend and fellow andre&#769,,,,s noarbe, the man behind geometrik records and rotor discos. this project wouldn t have been possible without him.
the original tracks from esplendor geometrico selected for this release are included in their last lp -fluida mekaniko- published on geometrik records.
Industrias Mekanikas
in stock
14.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.04.18
the next release on moreaboutmusic comes from one of chicago houses best kept secrets, often name checked by legends such as mike dunn, marshall jefferson, glenn underground and tyree cooper to name a few. a dj and producer, hugo grew up during chicagos heyday, at one point living with mike dunn and tyree cooper, where they would spend their days producing and recording tracks on the 808, 303 and 909, along with any other equipment they could get their hands on. the on to another time ep showcases hugos talents, giving you two straight to the jugular acid tracks with in, out & in (part 1) and in, out & in (part 2) with the flip seeing the mood shifting slightly with the deeper vibe of on to another time, the ep finishes up with a cut up disco joint the beat goes creating a solid ep and an excellent introduction to hugo h
More About Music
in stock
10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.04.18
after the uneventful resolution of a labour dispute at assistance hq, the resident pencil-pushers turn their tempo dial to a leisurely 105bpm, at long last serving up lukewarm plates of beam-03 to the more sluggish peak-time massive. in mambala , the now-obligatory bongo jostles with squelchy synths, whilst echoed claps and ominous bells should see even the most hesitant rabbit dragged down the hole. bebny experiments with low ph levels, metallic clutter, and some surprise horn cameos.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
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