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2x12" Vinyl UK 28.11.18
brand new rekids lp output by russian producer nocow. aleksei nikitin showcases his versatility on fourteen tracks bethween deep house, electronica, techno and ambient
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12" Vinyl D 16.02.18
vozduh (air) marks the first in a series of eps by nocow for figure, showcasing his emerging signature-style of electronica-tinged techno. drawing inspiration from the sheer endless winters of st. petersburg, his series builds on classic idm tropes, imbuing them with a noticably russian and deeply personal sensitivity. as each part of the trilogy is represented by an element, the tracks on vozduh are vaporous by nature: from the crackling ambiance of opener bouis to the weightless vocals on stoic forgiven, as well as a surprisingly introspec-tive take on ghetto-house or the wafting melodies closing out the records b-side - all forms seem to be in con-stant shift, casting a dense yet permeable body of sound. with two more releases on the way, which will be exploring the themes of voda (water) and zemlya (earth) within this artists singular spectrum, the outlook (which also includes a full- volume edition) on this approaching season is anything but gloomy.
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12" Vinyl D 16.02.18
voda (water) the second part of his trilogy sees aleksei nikitin delving deep into baltic seas. coming up again with chilled flows of acid on vdaleke, the bubbly yet driving thump of subaqueous place-holder, then he goes diving even further on the flip, cruising through underwater caves filled with ten-tacles of twisted, seductive electro, gnarly acid-techno, before finally emerging in iskatel, ears still ringing with harmonies of shredded beauty.
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10.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.02.18
zemlya (earth), the final installment of nocows three-part ep-series for figure unearths the artist‘s maybe most drastic work to date. while opener libbi still sprouts gently into crystalline arteries of ambiance, the incessant arps of synchronicity loom ominously. equally challenging, yet offering conciliation in form of string-led soothing is rave button, after which the record finds closure in the seemingly open-ended sound spiral of troubles will be miles away.
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10.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.01.18
len faki is ready to share another batch of his personal secret weapons, this time giving away three floor-focused edits, starring a pair of russian producers philipp gorbachev and nocow. first up are two takes from gorbachevs recent lp, a throwback into the rave scenes heyday. featuring anthemic synths and even front-row vocals by polina. the catchy album opener gets rigged with a solid fundament and peak time-friendly bpm, while similarly sumptuous cut lazer waltzes through fakis tested and well-proven percussive layers. boasting massive low-end impact on the flip, the hardspace mix of nocows k$$$$ hits a special spot, mixing heavy bass, idm-grade level of detail and ghetto-ish vox into a unique and heady power-blend. as with all releases of lf rmx, the proceeds of this record will be forwarded to the berlin organization straßenkinder e.v. to be used in actions against child poverty.
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.12.17
russian producer nocow debuts on rekids with five murky tracks this december. based in st. petersburg, nocow is undoubtedly one of russian electronic musics most remarkable protagonists having released on clone, figure, fauxpas musik, gost zvuk and styrax. recognised for maintaining consistency whilst traversing various sub-genres, nocow is as comfortable producing intricate idm and robust techno as he is calm ambient and melancholic electronica. in soul connection a spoken word vocal mutters over metallic percussion and ominous stabs whilst a dense pad washes over everything. an undulating synth and ethereal effects make up disappear before moving onto syncopated drums and shadowy atmospherics in samaya dolgaya noch. next up, stop is comprised of mesmerising melodies, sturdy kicks and a looped vox until nocow concludes the package with a short 2-step cut titled aesthetic mind.
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12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
figure jams is back with a another fresh and exciting pairing of artists. this time the record is a collection of pure analogue goodness, sparkling ripe with synthesizer magic. the a-side comes courtesy of duo-of-the-moment twr72, who happen to distill perfection through simplicity in their stripped-back productions. while‚polished is a pulsating bit of beatless yet captivating clean-cut loops, their other contribution shows their talent at crafting something lean, dry and punchy, which is still undeniably driving and hypnotic. picking up on the synth-heavy theme of this release is st. petersburgs finest aleksey niktin aka nocow. inspired by the endless baltic winters, the producer packs his tracks with emtions that feel cold but not icy, engulfing the listener in winching waves of melancholic electronica.
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2x12" Vinyl lp NL 07.04.17
the latest offering in the ever so refined gost zvuk series is a full length album (2x12) by russian master of all otherworldly sounds nocow.
“ledyanoy album” is an ethereal feast containing orchastrated textures and thumping cuts alike. the winter theme of the album is easily recognized through the icey synth sounds and the beautifuly array of bells and fx which blend this lp to a cohesive collection of heart wrenching ambiances.
Gost Zvuk
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12" Vinyl D 13.02.17
mysterious kiev based label. iv mickey, shine grooves & michel, kiddmisha, nocow with raw n dirty groove tools. amazing record!
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12" Vinyl NL 28.04.16
stomping four track house vinyl from detroit to chicago and back
Clone Royal Oak
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12" Vinyl lp + mp3 D 09.06.15
our russian friend alexey nikitin is back with his new lp. the title ravine reflects its program - 7 tracks that go right under your skin. timelessly beautiful, one could think it is an old warp lp. the ravine lp will come out in three different versions with handmade silkscreen-covers and download code. vinyl tastes better…
Fauxpas Musik
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 02.02.15
established in 2009 - roots united is a large formation of people who share mutual preferences in music and art - for more than 5 years remains one the main visionaries of electronic scene in st. petersburg. it is not just a music community - running their own monthly events roots united earned status of the most conceptual and noisy techno / house parties with over a hundred foreign artists in the list.
Roots United Records
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp , 180 g + free mp3 dl code D 23.09.13
after a short summer break fauxpas musik is announcing its comeback with the album solus by nocow. the tracks of the st. petersburg based russian remind us a little of the old aphex twin and autechre records. the record comes in heavy 180 gram vinyl, + download card + handmade silkscreen print cover! the artwork has been made by igor rudyak, design and concept by alex ketzer. vinyl tastes better!
Fauxpas Musik
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15.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp D 18.06.13
we are excited to present the remixes of the amazing album behaving like a widower by producer holger zilske and swedish singer-songwriter august landelius. the album was released on our label in 2011 and was nominated for the award deutscher radiopreis in the same year. behaving like a widower is so good, it actually wouldnt require any remixes. nonetheless, our friends went down to work with great care and passion for detail. monokle, nocow, almunia, kim brown, stimming, dave dk, irrelevant and lake people have contributed to this double vinyl. its up to you to choose whom you prefer! vinyl tastes better
Fauxpas Musik
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15.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 10.01.13
limited to 200 copies in innocent white vinyl ! fantastic burial style, just listen - no more words necessary
Styrax Records
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8.59 EUR *
coloured 10" Vinyl D 04.12.12
hence number ten comes in a nice 10inch format. and again a new artist is on board! essay is his name and hes from heidelberg. additionally the two exceptional artists nocow and desolate are contributing two fantastic remixes as a thank you for an awesome collaboration with fauxpas musik. vocals are coming from stunning norwegian singer ida dillan. vinyl tastes better
Fauxpas Musik
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9.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl lp D 18.06.12
this masterpiece was produced by st. petersburg based musician alexey nikitin aka nocow for the siberian label gimme5. the lp version will be released as coloured vinyl by fauxpas musik. this picture-perfect album with twelve tracks holds a special vision of perfection. rumbling beats just as burial, the melodies, dubs and sounds though seem to evolve a life of its own and in the end you are overwhelmed by the dimensions of these tracks. vinyl tastes better.
Fauxpas Musik
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10" Vinyl FR 04.11.11
space-electronic beats from saint petersburg. please welcome lyosha nocow. dope!
Ethereal Sound
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7.99 EUR *
4x12" Vinyl D 21.09.18
4x12inch set, special 15th anniversary edition, with special deluxe 4 gatefold, shrink wrapped incl download card celebrating its 15th anniversary as well as the monolithic catalogue 100, figure releases a gem-packed compilation featuring 15 artists who are shaping the current sound of the label.
in stock
40.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.10.15
capital bass continues to gather russian names under one roof and expand stylistic variations. next big thing is a three-track ep from ponty mython (alex). this is the second ep by sir ponty mython on capital bass. it has been two years since his bulletproof jesus ep in 2013. during these two years ponty mython has been working with such iconic house imprints as arma, quintessentials, dirt crew and others. his new adverbs ep is a quite eclectic thing. side a is a filtered house banger gracefully - a result of sampling games with moscow house star lay-far (local talk, in-beat-ween). side b - afterwards tune is a real one-loop thriller, dirty and raw, with african samples and invisible sub bass line. on b side you can also find a psychedelic version of afterwards by saint petersburg techno artist nocow (roots united, fauxpas musik). (roots united, fauxpas musik)
Capital Bass
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp NL 09.10.15
the first lp by notorious russian producer lapti showcases his classic material made over the last 10 years. this is a landmark release, encompassing the heritage that has had a huge influence on the new generation of russian producers. every track on this album is a sonic universe bridging the past and the future. a highly anticipated collector’s item.
supported by kutmah, matthew david, samiyam and many others.
Gost Zvuk
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13.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.08.15
tiger recitative was originated in ethiopian desert in 1967, add a dash of dub to it, a pinch of noise and you got yourself a strange brew of the holy owl. served on the side with remixes from alexei nikitin (gost zvuk), nocow and the pocket acid edition.
fox trax
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9.29 EUR *
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