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Front View : Nocow - AVALON - Turbo Recordings / Turbo206
Back View : Nocow - AVALON - Turbo Recordings / Turbo206

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Turbo Recordings welcomes Nokow from Russia

Russia’s Nocow refuses to mourn the failed experiment of human contact on his Turbo debut EP, delivering cathartic anthems alongside giant warehouse jams you are free to call “deep” and “cavernous” with full knowledge of the risks involved. ?? On lead track “Never Leave Me,” the Saint Petersburg-based creator of “Cloud Techno” runs emotive vocals through a hazmat filter and into the emo-globin contained within your fluorescent-green blood cells. Meanwhile, after-hours love-weapons “Back On,” “Avalon,” and “Soder” each take different routes to activating the phantom arousal mechanisms of your soul. Finally, some people have been calling closer “Starfall” a “magical ticket to Vocal Sample Heaven” and “a timeless all-inclusive ravecation from the cares of this workaday world.” While we would never choose to word it that way, we concede that both descriptions are generally pretty accurate.?? In these times of social isolation and uncertainty, we remind you that it’s vital your Restless Heart Syndrome not turn into Reckless Heart Syndrome. Instead of frequenting illicit “Droplet Transmission Parties,” why not peep the vast network of Landline Raves we’ve been hearing about via our vast network of peeper-drones? Also, please try to keep in mind that all of this is simply selection pressure forcing you to evolve new and viable ways of connecting with the hottest singles in your area. So stay inside for now and stay inside our hearts forever. [info sheet from distr.]
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