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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: twr72 x nocow
12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
figure jams is back with a another fresh and exciting pairing of artists. this time the record is a collection of pure analogue goodness, sparkling ripe with synthesizer magic. the a-side comes courtesy of duo-of-the-moment twr72, who happen to distill perfection through simplicity in their stripped-back productions. while‚polished is a pulsating bit of beatless yet captivating clean-cut loops, their other contribution shows their talent at crafting something lean, dry and punchy, which is still undeniably driving and hypnotic. picking up on the synth-heavy theme of this release is st. petersburgs finest aleksey niktin aka nocow. inspired by the endless baltic winters, the producer packs his tracks with emtions that feel cold but not icy, engulfing the listener in winching waves of melancholic electronica.
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