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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: delusions / tomohiko sagae / systemic
12" Vinyl NL 11.07.13
the a side opens with redence delusions introduced by a delay metallic notes, and a line grating background that give entry to a hard nut to crack hype joining the above sequence to form the groove. the delays become more important as the track progresses, and more incisive percussion, dance inducing wilder. the second track on this side sagae has been granted to tomohiko sagae, the japanese producer emerges on the scene to give it a fresh industrial sounds dark dye forcefully included. catalog is part of the prestigious british label rodz-konez, in addition to works published in huehelix and atrocity. we present a cut with a pounding bass drum rhythmic against a distorted sequence taken from a radar air booming steel industry, and dark piercing screams that increase the intensity of its entirety through the plug-in more severe. a full-blown rebellion industrial sounds with those harmonics so peculiar that offers japanese school.
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