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12" Vinyl NL 09.01.19
spannender electro!
Analogical Force
in stock
12.49 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl UK 16.04.18
“world building” is a blissful and introspective mission into melancholy that wanders over terrain both familiar and unknown. bright and sparse melodies shimmer over icy landscapes, hewn with a careful composition and attention to the most minute detail. ghostly voices swell into symphonic chorus while an analogue rhythm section keeps an almost human-like groove. arguably his most complete work to date, “world building” is a satisfying listening experience with a strong narrative - an auditory tale of an epic journey with warmth and depth from one of europe’s most exciting producers. pressing on green marbled double vinyl.
Love Love
out of stock
26.99 EUR *
10" Vinyl UK 13.10.17
very limited 10- release! new electro talent rolando simmons delivers two charged remixes of penelope’s “what i gotta do” as the follow up to their debut ep on redcurls. simmons starts out with a gushing yet dreamy electro version of wigd, complete with shattering snares and claps, keeping lush chords and whirling vocal samples firmly in place.
the b-side hears a slower perhaps more seductive side of roland taking on the title track. a pulsating bass line leads you into an intimate room of sound filled with warm breath sand possessed vocals, complimented and caressed by a slinking synth melody, spun in mystery by the help of careful harp strings. download code included.
Red Curls
out of stock
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 17.11.16
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.10.14
good job 030303 got their hands on these six tracks by rolando simmons as they remind you of where acid got its name from: this is music to trip to. the 303 is abused to the fullest while simmons adds snares and outlandish melodies to the acid bubbles and bleeps that are never far away.
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 13.09.17
dutch maestro reimer eising returns with a new lesson in high class braindance electronica for analogical force. just one year on from the inspiring wingtip album on clone records and many (like us) have been looking forward to his new stuff, now the wait is over. alacasa , the result of months of work, sees reimer delving into his unique world of delicate drum patterns, kaleidoscopic synths, 4/4 beats and breaks, acid-tinged melodies, ghostly pads...blah blah blah... kettel has presented us with all of these things before but never with such immaculate care and attention to detail, production and pacing. he has never sounded better and fresher than this. the ep includes a dreamy and evocative remix from swedish hero rolando simmons, pure bliss to get lost in. no more words are needed, you know what to do.
Analogical Force
in stock
12.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 23.02.17
second chapter in the af voiceless series. the label run by pervert keeps on broadening its own catalogue by adding artists committed to the underground electronic cause. this ep is a 5-track new voyage through analogue-crafted soundscapes, acid-injected breaks, thudding bass lines, warm and intricate melodies...the sheerest voice for the voiceless. af005y introduces new members to the family as houston-based daed (ian lambert), who displays his ability to create a perfect acid-glitched called pulse lunar . thus, smiley moon is above all a glimpse into the analogue world of the well-known rolando simmons, proving himself he s one of the brightest electronic artists of the moment. sheffield based dave forrester (techdiff) twists the modular in jamuary with a killer aphexian/jenkinson temper. longing raving days are depicted in quest with an evocative electro halo by the hand of the irish producer cignol. last but not least, smoke , an acid junglist and braindance orgy signed by gareth clarke, known for his previous works on canada s sublight records (venetian snares, bill laswell) and lovelove records. limited and handnumbered as usual.
Analogical Force
out of stock
13.49 EUR *
2x 12" Vinyl NL 28.01.16
the 030303 crew come with a brand new various artist package in a beautifully designed sleeve to celebrate their 10th anniversary. while not all featured artist are new to 030303, the label mainly sticks to what it does best: digging up exciting new names from the raving underground. the smooth electronic tracks on the comp hold the middle ground between acid, idm, braindance, early 1990s 808 state-esque uk acid house and detroit techno.
out of stock
17.99 EUR *
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