Rolando Simmons - DELUSIONS

Rolando Simmons


12" NL

030303 / 030EP017

Front View : Rolando Simmons - DELUSIONS - 030303 / 030EP017
Back View : Rolando Simmons - DELUSIONS - 030303 / 030EP017

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Great Acid Tracks by Rolando Simmons

new EP from Rolando Simmons is always a feast and this cracking piece of vinyl is no exception to that rule. Rolando throws it right in your face with the highly energetic Delusions, an upbeat and epic acid jam that grows deeper and deeper the more the track progresses - by the time it ends, you've probably completely forgotten where the hell you are... Classic Simmons! With Oceanic MS-20, another epic track that reminds of AFX's Analord series, Simmons goes a little darker; one for the introverted dance floors... Opening the B side is Sol, a washed out, melodic techno/acid dreamer with quirky, tambourine like hi-hats. The concluding track Earthshine is easily the craziest on the record, energetic, carnivalesque and distinctively happy/not happy; this one is set to go down well with die hard fans of the braindance genre. [info sheet from distr.]
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