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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: system 7 & a guy called gerald
12" Vinyl US 22.06.11
>positivenoise< is collaboration between system 7 and british house music legend a guy called gerald who now lives in berlin, and is one of two tracks on the new system 7 >up< album that they worked on together. the original club mixs exuberant sounds and crisp beats exude an infectious feel-good quality and a bright tech confidence inspired by berlins leaner sounds - already gaining plaudits and plays for its modern club sound. the carl craig remix strips down the original, and twists and turns for the dancefloor with dubby deep techno in carls own legendary style. a.mochis remix is a darker interpretation, with a long dropdown featuring shimmering s7 trademark sounds and a breakbeat build-up.
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9.99 EUR *
cd FR 30.07.13
fresh bosconi mix-cd!!! incl. rondinion, nicholas, altered natives, san proper & the clover..
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13.99 EUR *

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