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12" Vinyl US 27.03.18
akokan is a yoruba word used in cuba meaning from the heart, and indeed, every song on the self-titled debut album (march 30/daptone records) by orquesta akokan feels like a heartfelt gift from the band to the listener. assembled and led by cuban vocalist jose pepito gomez, orquesta akokan is a big band collective of the finest musicians on the island, both young and old. it features all-original music and was cut live to tape over a three-day session at havanas hallowed state-run estudios areito. areito is one of the longest operating studios in the world and where important cuban records have been made. the album was produced by jacob plasse and arranged by mike eckroth. comes in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
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7" Vinyl US 02.03.18
direct from havana, cuba daptone records is proud to present the debut single by orquesta akokan. featuring some of havanas most formidable musicians playing with a groove, a tumbao, that hasn t been heard for decades, orquesta akokán is a classic mambo-inspired force of nature. mambo rapidito, a lively up-tempo one-chord vamp in the vein of prado or more, boasts an undeniable energy ripe for a freshly polished dancefloor! on the flip, un tabaco para elegua, describes a tambor (an afro-cuban religious ceremony) over a slow, bubbling groove a perfect compliment to sipping distilled sugar cane. the two massive sides offered up were recorded at the pre-revolutionary 1940s era areito studios in centro havana where the spirit of aragón, tata güines and elena burke still reverberate through the walls.
Daptone Records
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