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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: luca musto
12" Vinyl D 25.04.19
musto returns with a blend of handmade instrumental sound by his fellow musicians and that special dash of his notorious intricate groove.
Feines Tier
in stock
11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
on their latest release, the magic movement presents a concept ep by luca musto, in which he reflects on the story of his provenance. dipped in blues and marinated in jazz, this release is a diverse journey in all the ways: once upon a grind kicks off with a reflection of his father s immigration from italy to germany. the strong groove of this moody gem reveals luca s roots in hip hop, making heads nod without any trouble. next up is parabel , a hypnotic slow-house jam, with rich textures and alluring vocals which tells of new adventures on the road. let me down opens the b side with dense soundscapes, sprinkled with dreamy synths and strings, while iorie closes the curtain with a dubby and stripped down remix of the track on b2. -be water he said, this state is tremendous.-
Magic Movement
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
cd D Pre sale
el rey alobar is a compilation crafted with exceptional music and tones of love. nomad sounds blending with the warmth and passion that deep house and electronica have to offer, creating a unique outcome.

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13.99 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl D 01.03.18
cologne’s feines tier is delivering their first label compilation, incl. 23 exclusive tracks by a lot of friends and recent guests of their well known party series. spreading vibes from slow chuggers and hip-shaking house to uncompromising techno - this is versatile electronic music for making the occasional narcotized convolutions of your brain feel much better. on the double vinyl edition you’ll find four slower tunes on the first disc, and four tunes to make the crowd go wild on the second one. the black & white double vinyl includes download-code for the whole 23 track album – redeem via bandcamp. silk printed and numbered vinyl covers with cover art by zoologne.
Feines Tier
Last Copy!
18.99 EUR *
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