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12" Vinyl D 02.07.20
small great things is a new label from luca olivotto of endless music and its first release sees the berlin-based artist deliver an ep of modern takes on classic deep house sounds. the small great things ep kicks off with an eponymous cut with steadily unfurling pads leading to a breakdown of light, uplifting melodies while rooted to the floor with a jacking rhythm track and bottom end. sometime ibadan and b-pitch producer dos serves up a remix of -small great things- under his given name, francesco mami, where the italian producer turns in a warm but propellant version with loose, rattling rhythms and saturated stabs creating a nifty, rounded piece. on the b-side olivotto opens with -swipe out-, a gloriously detailed track that balances slick synths and gritty bass perfectly, allowing a beautiful vocal to shine through. we are treated to a stirring song on closing track -dont blame me-, where soaring detroit influenced synth pads and staccato melodies combine to create the perfect foil to the vocals. named to celebrate the little things in life, small great things is a label to firmly keep an eye on.
Small Great Things
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