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12" Vinyl UK 01.10.19
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12" Vinyl UK 19.09.12
enigma dubz is consistently tearing up dancefloors worldwide, this time round he teases us with a medley of deep garage tracks. enigma dubz really steps into his own with this ep, creating a solid ambience between all 3 tracks fusing deep basslines with two-step beats. all 3 tracks are heavily influenced by ukg which all show tones of enigma dubz influences from the likes of mj cole right through to nice n ripe. while their remix of jessie ware continues to tear up the worldwide scene, disclosure entice us with two silky and lucid house cuts that don t fall anywhere short from being timeless - brilliant stuff from the youngsters du jour, once again.
dj support from: toddla t, whistla, stinkahbell, rob da bank, giles peterson, eddie temple morris, mary anne hobbs, last japan, disclosure, huxley, el b, sticky, dj q, bbc radio1, bbc 1xtra, xfm, mash (capital fm)
Four 40 Limited
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12" Vinyl UK 03.10.18
belgiums most praised dubstep label duploc has been consistently releasing two-track singles since 2015. the imprint curated by platform now announces the launch of a new 12inch vinyl release series. catalogued as duplocv001, the first ep features no one less than label resident hebbe. the dutch up-and-comer was introduced to duploc in the beginning of 2018 with duploc020, as he was signed to crucial recordings and artikal music uk short after. now he returns to the label for the first volume of the new dupplates series. watch out is one of hebbe’s most anticipated tracks as a chest-oppressive weighty sub bass rolls through a distorted landscape of cinematic samples and sinister melodies which are constantly progressing. of course resident enigma dubz has to be involved in this first instalment as he delivers an incredibly stunning remix, hitting you with pure bassweight and powerful synths. on the flip side, compatriot melle and the like-minded mr.k enthusiastically accompany hebbe to unleash both the bouncing wayside as well as the murky lemon twist, two highly overdue cuts. the dupplates vol. 1 is an essential in your record collection and marks a first much promising episode for the next to come on duplocs prestigious series.
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12" Vinyl UK 20.12.17
the independent belgian platform celebrates its 5th anniversary by releasing its debut album., one of the leading references for dubstep worldwide, put together a 15-track compilation full of exclusive content from artists they regularly have been working with. expect the typical residents such as enigma dubz, bukez finezt, requake and subfiltronik - though as usual they also included quite a few upcoming talents. in general, the album is a proper reflection of both the sound as well as the artists has been pushing, since day one they have been known for featuring a rather unconventional and uncommon side of the genre. originally launched its brand in 2012 as a promotional outlet. meanwhile they expanded to a currently 50.000-strong community with their own live events, a prestigious record label and a well-respected online magazine. by releasing this debut album, looks more determined and passionate than ever to show the listener a true and complete definition of dubstep.
out of stock
10.49 EUR *

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