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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: elon. kink. mass prod. david suba
12" Vinyl D 04.12.17
we hope you like this ep as much as we do. resolute label resolute label s tenth release. the nest ep . features the head honcho himself. elon. written and produced entirely in nest s brooklyn based studio. this ep is a collaborative project that showcases vintage gear such as the tr-808. 909. prophet 6. tb-303 and sh-101 to name a few. the ep kicks off with the title track. a stripped back number featuring arpeggiated synths. warm pads and 303 stabs. co-produced by bulgarian live maestro. kink. an industry vet who needs no introduction. on a2. elon teams up with the machine obsessed italian. mass_prod. for fractious . a techno number with swirling synths and reverberated vocal stabs that echo throughout. on the flipside. elon collaborates with techno don alexi delano aka adny to produce flirtface . a groovy 303 bassline track with resonant synth licks that keeps the mood rolling. the b2 vinyl exclusive track. meander . features a second collaboration with kink. offered as a digital exclusive and co-produced by david scuba. last call features a modulated bassline and intricate drum programming that effortlessly rolls along.
Resolute Label
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