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12" Vinyl D 26.11.17
nice price deal !!! texture series vol7!! as the title of franco cangelli s (head of mowar) new ep suggests, it s all about blending the raw aspect of dance-floor grooves with the deeper emotional side of the spectrum. denizen combines elegant and funky sh-101 riffs with dreamy pads and old skool 909 beats. the title track raw emotion can easily be summed up as jacking beats, larry heard bassline, deep detroit strings and dbx-like bleeps. in other words, all the essentials of machine funk! a floor filler without a doubt, both summing up the essentials of techno with a hint of oldskool. on the flipside, just before dawn is a stripped down house groove with smooth rolling beats, suggestive chords and funky goodies. who stole the soul throws raw beats and a deep bassline at you, but is mellowed down by rhodes chords and sweet melodic deep house in a glenn underground style. special rerelease of this killer release !!!
Persistencebit Records
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4.83 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.12.16
nice price deal !!! with releases on 7th sign, persistencebit and self defence to his credit, belgian dj/producer franco cangelli returns to his own mowar label for this killer four-track ep. inspired by classic techno and contemporary machinations in equal measure, cangellis palette is varied but sophisticated. >pressure< kick starts the ep in dubby mode, but the fat beats and spooky riffs are soon joined by a warm, sublime chord sequence. >frantic<, as the title suggests, picks up the pace, with a slamming, slightly off-rhythm underpinning wired analogue bleeps. thanks to cangellis smooth production touch, it manages to sound both timeless and modern. on the other hand, >fringe< and >deviate< make no secret about their influences. the latter deploys raw, crunchy beats and a shuffling groove as the basis for a sensuous chord sequence, while >fringe< is even more reverent. gently filtered bleeps and tones cascade over tight claps and an insistent, jerky rhythm that recalls stasis and derrick may. dont miss out on this future-retro gem
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4.83 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.04.13
after two searle eps, franco cangelli releases mowar 14 under his own name. the lost conversation ep is well balanced 4-tracker with plenty of warehouse energy and emotional content.
in stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.11.10
supported by: angel molina, david mothersole, dj tlr, paul woolford, simbad, jörn werner, franck roger, fabrice lig, will o brien, hakim murphy, esther duijn,.. >my electronic soul< is probably one of franco cangellis most personal tracks. slow and almost sensual 909 drums create a sonic canvas on which soulful pads and elegant melodies create a timeless electronic ballad reminiscent of early chicago deep house combined with the melancholy of detroit. as the title suggests, this track pretty much exposes francos true roots and is an ode to those long lost and almost forgotten days. >house for brunch< is another deep house offering with more detroit melodics
Self Defence
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7.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 20.10.10
materializing next is from the mind of belgian producer franco cangelli. techno tunes from oblivion transmitted into this dimension by franco. yes, expanding the palette of machining dreams sound with some banging waveforms for your enjoyment. cangelli delivers the embrace ep, a 3track deep techno release with sweet, elegant pads and chords crafted for the deeper and intenser moments on the dancefloor
Machining Dreams
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4.83 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.06.10
big with laurent garnier, elliot dodge, angel molina, andy vaz, tomaz,… self defence return with more almost perverted deepness on our 3rd release. after lopaaz, don williams and russ gabriel on the first releases, sdf now strikes back with belgiums franco cangellis superb >raw emotions< remix ep. the mixes got re-emotionalized by dan curtin and russ gabriel who both are no strangers the variable world of electronic music – one could call them pioneers and thats clearly demonstrated in the result of these outstanding tracks. deep, groovin, nicely textured detroit funk, a very round affair and dj crate must have being the result. russ gabriel of ferox fame, recorded for most of the major techno forces of the 90s: carl craigs planet-e, peacefrog records, djax-up- beats, gpr, force-inc, soma recordings, new electronica and dave clarkes magnetic north, while dan curtin walked his path in the us with his own label metamorphic recordings, and with his profile on the rise, he eventually caught the attention of peacefrog in the mid nineties…
Self Defence
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4.83 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 09.06.10
mowars 6th release is delivered by label boss franco cangelli, 2 solid deep techno cuts accompanied by an exquisite mlz treatment. >paper cut< is a smooth and hypnotizing dubbed out techno track for the deeper dancefloor moments. stripped down and most efficient, paper cuts intoxicating dreamy pad sucks you in from the start and gets you hooked on the dubby chords and an addictive bassline. simplicity and solid deepness!
>when they come< on the other hand is a darker affair with ominous pads and fierce kickdrums backed up by deep basses and funky schizoid sounds. dark detroitish techno for brainwashed dancefloors. mlz (half of pendle coven), turns paper cut into a darker cut. dark acidic basslines, a pinch of robert hood mixed with the deep dubby side of the original. very captivating until the very end of the track. another strong mowar cut!
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8.08 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.02.09
franco cangelli is back on mowar with deep and spacy techno grooves. >locked on< goes in a stripped down techno alley with basic square grooves layered with a drifting sawtooth bass sound that gradually shows its teeth and gets you down there... estroe turns this groover into a deep workout, soul music for emotional cyborgs, with strings creating a melancholic detroitish feel. >create your own space< is a techno soul track where stabbing chords and lullaby pads make sweet love to square bass melodies and off-beat rhythms. it s a deep groover in the strictest sense. glasgow s solab from seventh sign give the track a more uplifting feel retaining the original s deepness but adding an element of raw dancefloor friendliness. mowar stands for quality deep techno and this third release delivers you just that
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7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 26.06.08
three expertly crafted gems from belgiums franco cangelli.taking the next cloud, with its wonderful deep moods. influenced by steve rachmad to mr fingershouse can be heard in this great track. bside leads to a sparkling remix by sven weisemann (mojuba records).medicine man closes proceedings with a workout that has shades of symbols and instruments or eevolute perhaps. support comes from fabrice lig to jamie odell (freerange) to russ gabriel for this release. plus the continues support of garnier, mike grant, vince watson, chris duckenfield, gilles peterson, hawtin among a host of illustrious believers
Seventh Sign
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7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 23.01.08
support comes from paul mac, ben sims, reynold, fabrice lig, russ gabriel !! a solid detroitish techno ep from franco cangelli. digging deep into his roots, he delivers 3 brilliant tracks that exemplify the machine soul of techno. >highway< pulsates with deep bass kicks, slowly evolves to a rhythmic orgy of beautiful detroitish chord layers. future classic deep techno. the darker and moody >things coming together<, works the dancefloor with classic 808 sounds, a square bassline, dark strings and a nasty melody. dbx meets detroit. >presumably so< starts off on a minimal trip slowly evolving into a funky track with a moving bass string, squelchy electrifying sounds and a sweet pad to add a nice deep touch. reynold then comes along with a mind shaking remix, funky chords, electro bassline, building up to an unrelenting dancefloor experience
out of stock
7.01 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 20.09.06
aesthetik records explores the subtle interaction of minimal structures and intrusive sound particles, playfully shapeshifting between the warm funk of todays and yesterdays techno dancefloors and the hypnotic grip on the human mind. the first release comes from belgian producer franco cangelli. allready having some slick releases on sushitech and toys for boys, his third vinyl ep üplayfully shifts between old school minimalist straight forwardness and solid experimental techno...
out of stock
7.50 EUR *
5x10" Vinyl vinyl box, clear marbled vinyl D 29.11.12
a special collection of all the limited records released over the years on sushitech inside a solid carton box designed by kerry roper. the box include 5 x 10inch clear marbled records with some new and exclusive mixes! limited to 400 copies vinyl only!!
out of stock
63.36 EUR *
KAWL 1.0 / 1.1 MIXES
12" Vinyl UK 13.12.10
finest detroit infected 4 track ep incl a more minimal franco cangelli remix and orlando voorn remix
out of stock
8.37 EUR *
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