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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: stephan bazbaz & asael weiss
12" Vinyl D 18.09.19
Audionik Limited
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.07.18
moss co. continues into 2018 with stephan bazbaz & asael weisss only ep, a three tracker equipped with two original productions, complimented further via a remix from fuseís very own rossko. lead track only, a collaborative effort between bazbaz & weiss, kicks things off with decidedly a stripped back sonic palette, rich in analogue warmth. sparkling keys bounce off tripped-out atmospheres, as steady rolling beats and subs push the track onwards. the ep continues with rosskos only reinterpretation, an extremely accomplished debut remix that deftly draws from the originalís blissed out musicality, with renewed razor-sharp focus on low-end theory and percussive weight. a promising sign of things to come for this recently indoctrinated producer. bazbaz closes off the package with tagzimi, a solo endeavor that sees modulating dub chords trade blows with snappy percussion and rich pads, a beautifully constructed roller destined for long form sets during the early hours. landing in june, the only ep is set to be a staple feature in the record bags of discerning djs alike throughout the summer months and beyond.
Moss Co
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 23.11.18
in stock
9.39 EUR *

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