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12 Inch 24.03.23
joey beltram aka code 6 drops out 4 dance floor killer on the midnight drive label- repress
Midnight Drive
in stock
12.18 EUR *
12 Inch 21.09.22
reissue - vinyl only - 1 per customer
Orange Wedge
out of stock
12.43 EUR *
12 Inch 28.07.06
tresor has the pleasure to release joey beltram s outstanding new 2-track 12inch ep >code 6< - more original and inventive material from the beltram mind. way back in 1990, he released two of his very first maxis under the alias code 6, securing his place in the techno underground. this inspiration from the past opens side a with the first track >aumento<, signalling increase: increase in his signature drive of techno beats, rich in layered sonics, splintering high-hats and vocal samples that keep the lid on the box of bouncing sub-atoms in a techno nucleus. we can certainly thank joey beltram for keeping the underground alive and rave consciousness thriving
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5.72 EUR *
2x12 Inch 07.04.23
recorded live in may 2021 at yellowhammer brewing in huntsville, alabama.
Our Lady Of The Desert
Highway Anxiety/radioactivity
Whole New Dude
I'm Gonna Live Forever (if It Kills Me)
Gone Clear
We Can't Go Home Again
Area Code 601
Last Copy!
30.24 EUR *
12 Inch 31.01.23
new york city’s tape_hiss makes his debut on darker than wax with “a linear progression”, a deep and meditative dance record born out of the pandemic’s paradigm shift.
Darker Than Wax
in stock
18.90 EUR *
Pic 12 Inch 13.06.22
1988 mix of italo-disco, house & synth-pop classics on picture vinyl.
Blanco Y Negro
Ralphi Rosario - I Want You
Raúl Orellana - Guitarra (Acid Remix)
Tatjana - Chica Cubana
Club House - I’m A Man / Yé Ké Yé Ké
MC Miker G. & DJ Sven - And The Beat Goes On (House Remix)
Fancy - Flames Of Love
Sabina M. - Exited For Love
Green Ice - A Happier Time
Code 61 - Stand By
Boytronic - Don’t Let Me Down
Leslie - You Can’t Stop The Music
The Timelords - Doctorin The Tardis
Zanga Zanga - Oh Ciolili
Boney M. - Citizen
Numarx - Girl You Know It’s True
Last Copy!
20.16 EUR *
Pic 12 Inch 13.06.22
1988 mix of italo-disco, house & synth-pop classics on picture vinyl.
Blanco Y Negro
A1: Fancy - Flames Of Love
A2: Raúl Orellana - Guitarra
A3: Code 61 - Drop The Deal
A4: Off - Electrica Salsa (PWL Remix)
A5: Sabrina - Hot Girl
A6: Bianca - Watching Me
A7: Lili & Sussie - Oh Mama
A8: Cappella - Push The Beat (Bauhaus)
A9: Azul Y Negro - Es El Colmo
A10: Daydream - Baby Baby
A11: Tina - Crazy For You
A12: M|A|R|R|S - Pump Up The Volumen
A13: Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis
A14: Star Turn on 45 Pints - Pump Up The Bitter
A15: Charly Danone - Take Me To Bed
B1: Bolero Instrumix
B2: Bolero Mix 3 (Short DJ Mix)
Last Copy!
20.16 EUR *
12 Inch 03.05.19
Kemet Music
out of stock
11.05 EUR *
12 Inch 25.11.04
taken from the tiefschwarz mix compilation - 3 really special tracks on vinyl as teaser. a side drama society 'crying hero' (tiga mix) , b1. code 6 'second chapter' , b2. max durante & keith tucker 'digital system',
Four Music
out of stock
5.72 EUR *
2CD 03.02.21
2 cd compilation! cd1 unmixed, cd2 mixed
ZYX 21208-2
Zyx Music
Into The Wormhole (Album Mix)
Mantra (Original Mix)
All The Dreams We Shared (Original Mix)
Epic Future (Extended Mix)
Illusion (Extended Mix)
Code 6 (Extended Mix)
Darkness (Cinematic Album Version)
Back To Life (Xijaro & Pitch Original
in stock
15.96 EUR *
CD 19.07.13
die mix-serie prŠsentiert raritŠten und brandneues material aus dem house- und technogenre. >kern< dringt bis zum kern des musikalischen ursprungs vor und erzŠhlt die geschichte des jeweiligen kźnstlers auf eigene, besondere art und weise. die zweite mix-cd komt von dj hell, ein deutscher techno-dj, produzent, grźnder und inhaber von international deejay gigolos. fźr >kern vol. 2< mixt dj hell eine mischung aus techno und house mit vielen underground hits - bag it!
out of stock
8.36 EUR *
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