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12" Vinyl D 17.10.16
for the hundreth release on boxer recordings the label owners were able to find someone very special. someone who impressed and characterized them already 20 years ago when both were working in the groove attack warehouse responsible for packing boxes mostly with kruder & dorfmeister records and cds. peter kruder - known as producer, dj and one half of the electronic super-duo kruder & dormeister - delivers the perfect soundtrack for the 100th boxer anniversary party. stylistically confident hes crossing the areas of house, techno and dub and touches even the border of dubstep on the track the sign. the release with the plainly title boxer 100 is not a knockout nor a right punch - boxer 100 is a fleetingly skipping athlete whos strength comes from his verve. just like a certain mr.martiniq 100 catalog numbers earlier.
Boxer 100
Boxer Recordings
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12" Vinyl BE 09.04.14
best single ever! (dj hell)support from the likes of ewan pearson, eric duncan, kiki, busy p, joris voorn, laurent garnier, and michel cleis
Gigolo Records
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12" Vinyl D 20.02.12
>xenomorph / vespertilio< follows up peter kruders >law of return< track, that was a highlight, both in the music world in 2009 and in macros ever brilliant catalogue - and one of the now most sought after recent vinyl collectors records. xenomorph takes off where law of return ended. 2012 couldnt start deeper: detail rich, dreamy, pushing enthusiastically forward into the new year. vespertilio then moves between the off-centre sound aesthetics of a morricone soundtrack and the intensity of hypermodern subbass droppings. this is an irresistably deep double package, exceeding even the boldest expectations. a masterpiece. no more, no less.
Macro Recordings
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after the great success of solomuns love recycled ep, 2diy4 is back with the second installment of the series. the various artists ep showcases work by fresh talents as well as proven producers. a1 >deep in the three’ by thyladomid & adriatique is a groovy beast with a chunky bass-line, playful organic percussion and feists irresistible vocal. the track has already been receiving great response on the dancefloor. on the flip >young girl< a rework by peter kruder, member of the legendary kruder&dorfmeister, has a more mysterious vibe. the haunting, stretched vocal is counter-parted by a catchy groove that maintains the drive to the song. b2 >no giggity< by the young australian producer gary todd gets the groove on. giving a r&b ultra-classic a fresh polish he creates a catchy tool for the dancefloor.
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12" Vinyl D 10.11.09
peter kruder returns to the gigolo mega-church to present two new tracks from his recent arsenal of techno and house dance-floor bombs. needless to say 2009 has been a good year for gigolo and hell with the high times being shared by peter kruder. beginning back in march when we released peter kruders first 12 inch in 7 years as part of the cd eleven release. followed swiftly by the release of dj hells acclaimed >teufelswerk< album, recorded and produced largely in peter kruders vienna based studio. so as we approach the end of 2009 it gives us great pleasure to announce the latest ep >hard to find<.
on the a-side you find the title track, which takes in influences from detroit techno circa the age of ur to north african hooks. the filter sweep towards the end, which serves as the drop/break, is a master-class in restrained modulation that is bound to ignite any dance floor. on the b-side we find >25 west 38th st.< a slightly more reserved affair opening with the sound of the ocean air, then swiftly diving into a bass driven groove, which features lush strings and a piano-led top line creating a track that is as atmospheric as it is rhythmic. the ep itself takes influence from the b-side on two levels, the most immediate being the title of the track, which is the address of the old nu groove records offices. this is peter kruders homage to a time when dance music served as a momentary escape, an opportunity to make those around happy. it also brings peters relationship with gigolo records full circle, having begun in 2004 with his >nu groove< remix of hells >listen to the hiss<.
resident advisor recently alluded to the idea that peter kruders finest solo work is coming exclusively through gigolo records. it is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility as this latest record goes a long way to proving. with such a statement in mind we invite you to listen to the latest release from peter kruder.
Gigolo Records
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12" Vinyl D 22.06.09
peter kruder is one of those emblematic names that lead a whole decade and inspire myriads of djs, producers and clubbers all over the world. while he enjoys unprecedented success with kruder & dorfmeister and crossed into the platinum range (selling 1 million copies of the k&d sessions album), he never lost track of the underground. probably his stellar career would never have happened exactly this way if there wasn’t the other kruder: the adventurous dj, the deep producer, the challenging a&r at g-stone, the producer behind dj hell’s highly acclaimed “teufelswerk” album. in 15 years peter kruder has done only 3 singles under his own name though. when you get your ears around “chordal” and “law of return” it becomes totally clear why this rare outing happens on macro. kruder meets his macro debut full on modernism - showcasing his deep, dark, dancefloor grounded side. with a crisp harmonic sequence reminiscent of tchaikovsky’s nutcracker suite, “chordal” hijacks brains on the dancefloor with its vacuum depth and sizzling details. “law of return” on the other side is a kruder signature take on deepness - solemn chords wrapped around a hypnotic groove give you tears of joy. a masterpiece!
Macro Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 04.03.09
a soundscape of dance floor dreams - soft yet progressive, a track that commands you to dance. shine kicks up the pace, balancing a heavy elasticized bottom end with some deep and dark synth action!
Gigolo Records
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12" Vinyl D 18.01.19
** phat remixe package **
Drumpoet Community
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 22.01.19
remixes from peter kruder, ken hayakawa and takamowsky on light blue / turqoise vinyl.
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12" Vinyl D 23.06.17
first ep to be taken from the album >alex and the grizzly< by prommer & barck comes up with an epic remix by viennas finest - peter kruder!
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4x12" Vinyl D 03.02.17
compost präsentiert das 13. kapitel dieser bahnbrechenden, hoch geschätzten compilation serie. das gesamtpaket auf einer doppel-cd und 4-lp mit zwei gelben, zwei schwarzen scheiben. wie immer hat compost masterind michael reinboth diese compilation mit geschmack und sensibilität für ausgefallene tracks zusammengestellt. von schlagkräftigen floorfillern, über geisterhaften tunes oder latin , funk monstern, cinematischen epen, balearic, zerfransten tools, bis bitter-süßen hybriden ist alles dabei was future jazz ausmacht. selbst die geklampfte version von maze twilight überrascht mit einem vibe, den fsoj immer ausgemacht hat. diverse magazine haben die fsoj serie als eine der besten compilation serien aller zeiten gefeiert oder gelistet. mit dem start der serie 1995 wurde das genre future jazz quasi aus der taufe gehoben.
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12" Vinyl UK 09.05.08
incl remixes by peter kruder, dave da gato, nwachukwu!! mixture between nu jazz beats, downtempo, latin flavoured minimal house, breaks and electro
Ninja Tune
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12" Vinyl D 13.02.08
christian prommer invites his friend peter kruder to reinterpret his jazzy rework of ames beautiful deephouse anthem rej. former member of fauna flash with his long time music mate roland appel, of trueby trio with roland appel and rainer trueby, as well as voom voom with roland appel and viennese legend peter kruder, christian prommer has an amazing discography on his musical cv with releases on legendary labels such as compost records, g stone and warp records amongst many others and more than 15 years of know how in music production. however he is making sensation this year with his brandnew project christian prommers drumlesson that he releases on jazzanovas sonar kollektiv.
Sonar Kollektiv
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