Peter Kruder


12" Vinyl BE

Gigolo Records / GIGOLO297

Front View : Peter Kruder - DIE WIENER FESTWOCHEN - Gigolo Records / GIGOLO297
Back View : Peter Kruder - DIE WIENER FESTWOCHEN - Gigolo Records / GIGOLO297

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Best single ever! (DJ Hell)support from the likes of Ewan Pearson, Eric Duncan, Kiki, Busy P, Joris Voorn, Laurent Garnier, and Michel Cleis

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early support from:
Ewan Pearson - "Bernard Hermann house - I love Orchestral!!"
Eric Duncan (Rub-N-Tug) - "This is such a great release. Really feeling Spinnst! Akt 1-3. Will play out!"
Kiki - "Will definitely play Orchestral! Most probably on my next radio show too ?"
Pedro Winter (Busy P) - "Orchestra, what a fantastic piece!!"
Michel Cleis - "I LOVE this EP!! Every track. Full support and thank you!"
Martin Eyerer - "Love the feel and groove across this release. Will defo play these!"
Nick Warren - "Very, Very strong release. Really excellent work Peter!!"
Superpitcher - "This is a SUPER record Peter!!"
Catz 'n Dogz (Greg) - "I'm really feeling this whole release, original and fresh. Home is my favourite to play!"
Sasse - "This release is crazy good fun... Especially Spinnst! Akt 1-3!!"
Matt Walsh - "Spinnst! Akt 1-3 is totally bonkers!! I'm looking forward to playing this out tonight!"
DJ Feadz - "I AM IN LOVE WITH SPINNST!!! 100% support!"
Gregor Tresher - Orchestral is supernice Peter and this press text rules!!!"
Justin Martin - "WOW Orchestral is fucking epic! Big Big Big BIG!!!"
Laurent Garnier - "Three awesome tracks from Peter --- Been playing Orchestral for over a year now."
Maelstrom - "A surprisingly beautiful release!! Really feeling Home..."
Martin Landsky - "Spinnst! Akt 1-3 ist ÜBERCOOL Peter..... !!!! ?"
Satoshi Tomiie - "Super clever idea and production on Orchestral. Cinematic wide stereo image on those instruments."
Shadow Dancer (Al) - "Very quirky and distinctive lead track. Home has some lovely warm synths too."
ZDS (Zombie Disco Squad) - "This is WILD!! I'm in love with everything here. Also the press sheet is awesome."
Tim Paris - "It's such a pity we have to wait so long in between Peter Kruder's EP. I love his work so much and this on again is an absolute monster! Can't really pick a favourite as I like the 3 mixes. Heavy rotation from my side in any case!"
Trickski (Daniel) - "Home, what a dark beauty! Peter Kruder at his very best!!"
Adam Port - "Wow. Not bad!!! EP with some balls. I love it! Let's see if it works in my dj sets but the whole ep is very, very cool."
Maxxi Soundsystem - "Holy Shit. I need to hear Orchestral in a club NOW!!! ?"
Tom Breu - (WDR 1Live, Germany) - "Yeah, love the info / Hell quote.. but its true! Nuff said!! ?"
Diversions - (CHRY Toronto, Canada) - "Lovin' the trippy vibe of Spinnst! Akt 1-3!"
Debug Magazine, Germany - "Considering for review."
Groove Magazine, Germany - "Listening further for review purposes." [txt from ]
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