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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: toma kami. pablo marco. liem & eddie ness. k-lone
12" Vinyl UK 13.02.18
back in the area. banoffee pies original imprint continues with bp007. the more serious and leftfield off shoot under the labels wing this time inviting the introduction of two new label members on this 4 track va. toma kami opens the a1 with the title rivershells. a slowly erupting swirl of percussion and progressive drums. a real head turner. the a2 comes from pablo marco with his second addition to banoffee after his breakbeat power track on their black label series imprint earlier in the year. murmuring vocals and a swirling feeling with all about - sure fire dance floor reset button included. the b1. comes from liem & eddie ness. whos split ep with acs on the earlier released bp005 analog acid record was enough to invite a return appearance this time with leftfield fujiyama. and welcoming of k-lone previously known for his involvement on the powerful bristol label. wisdom teeth with a down tempo track with warm spherical sounds.
Banoffee Pies
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