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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: sonny ism
12" lp NL 08.09.21
lush ambient house album from sonny ism. incl kasper marott remix
Northern Underground Records
in stock
14.11 EUR *
2x cd UK 29.12.11
hed kandis world series returns, visiting one of the mediterraneans most vibrant nightlife, fashion and clubbing scenes in the world. hed kandi headline djs, greg myers and sam cannon take you on a musical discovery across two mixed cds, selecting tracks that define the true party atmosphere from the catalonian dancefloor, bringing you the pure sound of one of the most iconic dance capitals of the world. from the city made famous by gaudi, dali, miro and picasso, this release brings you some of the hottest, upfront and cutting edge hits from a-list producers and modern day artists such as dj chus, david penn, copyright, jamie jones, lee foss, waifs & strays, jimpster, stefano noferini to name but a few. as is the case with the world series titles, this release is accompanied with a handy pull-out guide on hed kandiís recommended places to visit, eat, sleep and party in barcelona.
Hed Kandi
in stock
14.74 EUR *
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