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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: jamie trench feat. khalil anthony
12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
seb zitos seven dials imprint serves up its third offering with jamie trench & khalil anthony continuing to champion the early garage flavours that the label is fast becoming known for. what was missing transports you back to the 90s with that ukg groove, bumping sub bass goodness and kahlil s gritty vocals. the dub mix leaves only a small portion of the vocals in the mix, chopping them todd the god style and giving the shuffling garage rhythm more room to breathe. on the b side label head, seb zito, switches things into peak-time roller territory, dampening the kick whilst putting more emphasis on the hats, dubbing out vocal snippets, adding acid flurries and throwing in an epic echoed breakdown. all three mixes make a clear nod to the past, whilst firmly setting themselves in the present gold again from seven dials.
Seven Dials Records
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9.99 EUR *

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