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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: jamie clarke
12" Vinyl UK 18.11.20
incl. pablo mateo , casanova remix
Either Recordings
in stock
11.29 EUR *
3cd UK 01.12.17
house music has enjoyed an incredible year and 2018 looks set to continue to provide yet more outstanding additions to the genre. defected presents most rated 2018 celebrates the wealth and variety of house created, played and enjoyed on dancefloors worldwide, showcasing the records doing the business in clubs right now, previewing the hits of the year ahead, and reflecting on the big tracks from the past twelve months that are destined to become tomorrows classics. most rated is the series that consolidates the dj essentials and biggest records of the moment and the future, presenting them in an unmissable package of full length, unedited, unmixed tracks. with tracks and remixes from the biggest artists in house music, including jamie jones, kink, kölsch and mk featuring alongside defected friends and family melé, amine edge & dance and luke solomon. most rated 2018 features standout tracks taken from some of the biggest albums of the year by artists like folamour and honey dijon. folamours devoted to u and honeys state of confusion featuring joi cardwell are reflective of a fantastic year for both. feel-good tracks like bwi-bwis insight and dario dattis sunshine people stand alongside chart-topping hits like amine edge & dance vs blaze (kevin hedge) lovelee dae, which reached the 1 spot on the beatport house chart. the album reflects the recent resurge of disco with cuts like the shapeshifters ‘when love breaks down and mousse t.s remix of camelpha
out of stock
14.12 EUR *
cd UK 13.05.11
example, wolfgang gartner, omar und trentemøller sorgen u.a. für feinstes chill-out feeling
Ministry Of Sound
Last Copy!
19.49 EUR *
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