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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: damian lazarus & the ancient moons feat chela
12" Vinyl UK 10.04.18
damian lazarus magical live project the ancient moons returns today with their new single five moons. the band led by lazarus, is comprised of ben chetwood on drums, rob gentry on keyboards, and new vocalist j appiah. on five moons they are also joined by the australian punk sensation chela for a dubbed out, soulful excursion into the darker recesses of the dancefloor. the ancient moons first debuted in 2014 with lovers eyes, and followed that with the acclaimed album message from the other side, dubbed a a journey into technos dreamiest recesses by the fader and a psychedelic masterpiece by vice. since then the ancient moons have travelled the world with their highly immersive live show, supported roisin murphy on tour and played at glastonbury festival and melt! amongst others. last year the band resurfaced, after locking themselves away to record in the italian countryside, with i found you, which nabbed a bbc essential new tune and stunning remixes from black coffee and patrice baumel. today five moons offers another glimpse into this summers forthcoming album.
Crosstown Rebels
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