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12" Vinyl UK 10.07.18
Ähnlich wie die bunten kopfsteinpflasterstraßen und die sanften hügel seiner heimatstadt tiflis. zeigt sich die musik des georgiers gacha bakradze reichhaltig. verschiedenartig und verführerisch. mit seinen vorherigen releases auf dem legendären apollo records von pitchfork und resident advisor gelobt. ist gacha zu einem star der georgischen elektronischen szene geworden. zuvor vorgestellt durch die-anjunadeep explorations 02- aus dem jahr 2016. kehrt er nun mit seiner kommenden ep -restless- zum above & beyond label anjunabeats zurück. von seiner nuancierten beherrschung subtiler arpeggio-arrangements bis zu seiner sorgfältigen konstruktion von sinnlichen atmosphären. verkörpert diese ep gachas tiefes musikalisches wissen und produktionsfähigkeiten.
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12" Vinyl UK 10.01.18
cape town duo christian tiger school provide the 3rd part of the lissoms series. both graduates of the red bull music academy and part of the sónar line-up this summer - they’ve previously posted an lp for the mighty tommy boy & remixes for subpop. and had their work remixed by luminaries like mndsgn.
“if you want to” embodies their sound and the fervent cape town beats scene aptly - esoteric uk influences sit amongst ambient soundscapes and a cracked breakbeat. pinned on a looped bassline - growing in intensity but using the most subtle of touches.
gacha bakradze’s version posits the track somewhere between slow-burning disco and krautrock. framing the character of the original with loose jams on his array of studio gear.
finally. edmondson’s version is a minimal. 2-steppy take honed by the berlin sounds which have pricked his ears for the last couple of years.
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12" Vinyl UK 23.08.17
apollo proudly welcomes the return of gacha bakradze (now recording under his full given name) to the fold with the ‘we must be woods’ ep. five stunning tracks which represent his finest work since his debut apollo lp ‘send two sunsets’ in 2015. this has already been a great 2017 for bakradze. with stellar releases on fort romeau’s cin cin label and his own transfigured time imprint.
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12" Vinyl D 02.06.17
gacha bakradze returns to transfigured time june 2nd with a new ep. titled ‘i can still see you’. the ep includes five original tracks. photos on the cover is by a georgian photographer andro eradze.
Transfigured Time 05
Transfigured Time
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12" Vinyl UK 22.05.17
cin cin. the label from fort romeau and ali tillett is back with the labels 7th record and what a corker it is! gacha bakradze follows a pair of releases on r&s/apollo with two cuts of glorious deeptechnohouse perfect for modern dance floors the world over. on the flip knightlife blesses us with a couple of perfectly executed retrofutureravediscohouse weapons for those who long for the good old days.
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12" Vinyl D 15.04.16
with this new release best works records presents a new multi-talented dj and producer from georgia. gacha bakradze. this 4 track ep is not the typical club record but a mind stimulating piece of music. it opens with drift. a track where rhythm and beats are melting down in a pot full of warm flowing sound- scapes. then goes into more hypnotic lead sounds with the second track golshifteh. on the b-side youll find a techno infused remix from berghains resident norman nodge. elevating the original track drift to a real dancefloor bliss. the last track tiresome walk takes us on a sweet journey through playful melodies and laid-back rythmics. he delivers a majestic slow burn. crafting something that would serve well both as a stirring set opener or an emotional end.
BWR 16
Best Works Records
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12" Vinyl NL 16.01.15
celebrated ambient artist john beltran jointly release not one but two vinyl compilations on delsin records in association with his own dado label.

also available as:
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cd NL 05.12.14
celebrated ambient artist john beltran jointly release not one but two vinyl compilations on delsin records in association with his own dado label.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 12.49)
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